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Building Xtras (200 + Buildables)
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Dec 3, 2015 @ 7:09am
Jan 7, 2016 @ 7:05pm
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Building Xtras (200 + Buildables)


mod ID: 567659264

This mod has been split up into multiple expansions to reduce download size. The mod still works the same but if you want the full mod you will need to download
all the other expansions aswell. If you already have some of these things built you will need to download the expansion for those things and install it on your server before starting it back up or these things will disappear. All these expansion mods are clean and stackable.

The Following items have been moved into there own standalone expansion mods:
Dino Houses -
Building Blocks -
Temple Things -
Garden Things -
Kibble Vending Machine -

If you want all the mods in one feel free to download it here:
Building Xtras (All In One) Ft. Game Of Thrones -

Want a mod that brings in lots of new things to build?
Tired of most mods only giving you things to build a base with but nothing to decorate the inside with?
Tired of mods only releasing like 1 item to build and promise more but it never comes or it takes allllllll day for it to release more?
want to make things like a bathroom or kitchen or living room or bedroom and have all the things to complete those rooms?
Want a mixture of primitive and modern structures to build?
Just want some new stuff to build?

If you have answered yes to any one of the questions above then this mod is for you. This mod adds TONs of new things to build. Things to decorate the inside and outside of your homes with and EVERYTHING HAS A USE.

The mod offers something for everyone and will be adding new things on the regular and i will also be taking request on new things that people wanna see.
New things range from kitchen appliances to bathroom needs to weapons to pretty much anything lol
YESS i said weapons there is a weapon shop you can build that brings 10 new weapons to the game all with different stats theres something for all types of players we got swords,axes,mace's
You also have all the things you need to build different rooms kitchens,bathrooms,living rooms and more you have all the little things you need to make it look how you want.

Hope everyone enjoys the mod and i wanna give a shout out to all the places i got the meshes from for some of the items, im a great coder i have been doing it for years but just now getting into the modelling part of things i have done some things myself but some of the models/meshes are from different websites that i downloaded and changed some things to make it work for ark
YES IT REALLY IS OVER 200 NEW THINGS TO BUILD(If you have all the expansions installed)! =)

Please feel free to support the development of this mod by donating below
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Jazzy Oct 10 @ 9:41pm 
used to really love this mod.....shame its been abandoned
ichabod the tardigrade Aug 12 @ 6:00pm 
plz update
Hirnsausen Jun 6 @ 4:38pm 
Which singled-out mod contains just the bathroom items?
Fishy Apr 3 @ 1:04pm 
Yep try the same thing crash my sever please updates
Denis Grognard Apr 2 @ 2:58pm 
EDIT: the crash appears only when i put colors in the constructor
Denis Grognard Apr 2 @ 2:38pm 
please can you update your mod, ark crash when i look into the building constructor with the new update (256)
Cassie Joe Mar 3 @ 11:50am 
Is this mod still being updated?
Sigovia Feb 13 @ 11:19am 
HardBoiled Eggs- Ive been using this mod for along time and nothing here gets destroyed. Dunno what your talking about.
Its an awsome mod and stacks with everything. If your having problems placing things it might be some of your other mods not placed in order correctly on your command line.
heatherbleather99 Feb 5 @ 1:50am 
HardBoiledEggs Jan 28 @ 4:06pm 
bad don't get it what ever i place just gets destroyed i lost half my recouses thanks to this