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Combine Suits 2.0
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Nov 29, 2015 @ 10:11am
Feb 19, 2016 @ 3:55pm
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Combine Suits 2.0


If you'll keep being hurt randomly or shooted by combine (and rebels) wearing a suit, that means you have colliding/incompatible addon/s.
Invisible flamethrower flame fix:

What is this
Basically, redone version of old Combine Suits. I've coded again 75% of the old code blah blah... But you don't care about that, don't you? What may interest you is the fact that there are fewer ways that something may ♥♥♥♥ up. I've also added new Mod Menu "suits_menu" available only for admins. You can change many things by this menu. Also now you can take off the suit by pressing ||CTRL + E + R|| instead of using command. Suit will drop by front of you and you can use him agin.

- Civil Protection Suit - Mannhack Deploying (You can arrest enemies) - Video demonstration of this ability.
- Combine Soldier Suit - Motion Detector (Can detect near enemies in 400Hu)
- Elite Soldier Suit - Backup Caller (Call your own soldier)
- Shotgun Soldier Suit - Armor Regen
- Prison Guard Suit - Shock Field (Everything that touch you, will get shocked. 20 sec cooldown)
- Prison Guard Shotgunner Suit - Armor Regen
- Combine Medic Suit - Health Regen (3hp/s)
- Combine Grenadier Suit - AirStrike Caller (After use, it drops 8 deadly bombs at the target spot. Cooldown 120 sec)
- Overwatch Sniper Suit - Sniper Rifle
- Overwatch Engineer Suit - Turrets/Energy Conduits Deploying
- Combine Lock - Like in HL2
- Combine Mortar - You can use it.
- Combine Binoculars - Same like in HL2.
- Combine Sterilizer (Guy with flamethrower),
- Combine Commander - Health regen (+1/3 hp each 0.8 sec) + x2.5 Damage bonus.
- Combine Juggernaut - 50% resistance + Minigun (Weapon).
- Combine Assassin Suit - Sword + Dual Berettas + Better Movement.
- Flame Thrower Fuel
- Minigun Ammo Box

You can find those suits here ||Q --> Entities --> Combine Suits||.

Spawn one of them and press E.

Open mod menu by typing in console "suits_menu"

All weapons have instruction in HUD.

To take off the suit, press and hold ||CTRL + E + R||

Now in menu, you can chose weapons sets that you want in suits. Just open Mod Menu and set option "Weapons" to (0 - Vanilla sandbox / stuff that you currently have, 1 - Coded in weapons sets, 2 - No Weapons / Add your own equipment.)

When you're wearing a Suit, open chat and type "/SM message here". All the soldiers will be able to read it (Players in a Suits).

1. Added Assassin Suit:
> Sword - For every hit your opponent, you'll get +5 hp.
> Dual Berettas - Dual Pistols
> Better Movement - Higher Speed/Jumps + No fall damage.
2. Player Model Detection:
> When enabled:
If you have Dr.Breen or Stripped Combine player model. Combine Forces will not attack you. You can turn it off in Mod Menu.
1. The mod has been properly optimized.
2. Added Custom Weapons Support. (More info in "How To Use")
1. Added new world models for:
> Assassin Suit,
> Civil Protection Suit,
> Commander Suit,
> Juggernaut Suit,
> Medic Suit,
2. Added new model for Assassin Suit.
3. Added new Sniper Rifle for Sniper Suit:

NecrosVideos - Well Done Showcase :),
Me - Coding (poor coding),
Me - Icons (kden),
The Citizen Team - Overlays (Metro/Elite) ,
Hentai Tentacle[] - Vests Models,
[CHN]琉璃之鸟 - Turret View Model,
Unknown[] - Assassin Model,
Volvo - Steam (hehe)

PRESS ME \/ -- Item Donation.
If you feel that my shi**y job is worth something.
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