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How to get free CS:GO skins
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In this guide I will describe how anyone can get free CS:GO skins without any risk or effort!
In this guide it will be explained how everyone can obtain free skins for CS:GO - this includes weapon skins, cases, strickers, keys and more.

Website: Free CS:GO Skins - Idle-Empire[]

Please note that this is mainly for people who want some nice looking but cheap and free skins, this method won't allow you to get super expensive skins within a short amount of time. Therefore you will be able to get cheap CS GO skins within a very short amount of time and even more expensive skins are not a problem as long as you are patient.


Surveys are now supported! Surveys allow you to collect hundreds and thousands of points in no matter of time. You can get awesome skins 100% for free in a matter of minutes!


Short video explanation:

The Method
Let's getting started with the method!

This is all about idling on CS:GO game servers, but I'm not speaking of the regular idle servers where you just idle for some CS:GO drops which are limited for every player per week.

So, how does it work?

You idle for points which you automatically earn for being on the server. Basically you do not do anything except joining the server and just wait, you can perform other tasks while you run CS:GO minimized. With those points you can then purchase CS:GO skins for free.

Additionally, you can complete surveys in order to receive tons of extra points.

Read further for detailed information...
1. Join the server
The first step is to join one of our idle servers. You can find a list of all server IP's here[]. You can directly join the servers from the website by clicking on Join.


To join the idle server do this in CS:GO:

Click View > Servers > Add a server > Enter the server IP > Add this address to favorites

After doing this, the idle server will be displayed in your favorite server tab and you can connect to it by double clicking.
2. Collect Points
Now that you have joined the server, you have to collect points which you can exchange for your free CSGO skins. Therefore you do not need to do anything but staying on the idle server. You will get 1 point every minute you stay on the server.

Note: You can have CS:GO minimized and do other things while being on the server - you will still earn points!

IMPORTANT: You can now also collect points by completing surveys, check it out here[]. This method is highly rewarding!

By typing !points in the chat you will open a menu where you can see your current points.

3. Purchase Your Skins
Once you have been on the server for some hours or as soon as you completed a survey, it's time to purchase the first skin in our shop!

First you should look which skin you want and if you have enough points to buy it.
After you have found a skin which you like, click Add to Cart.

Before you can make a purchase you have to set up your Trade URL in the User Panel[] first.

After the checkout, your free skin has been purchased!

You will receive it within 24 hours.

Please check our steam group for validation and provably fairness:

Official Idle-Empire Group

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Joshua K. 3 hours ago 
+rep can vouch for this. Already recieved a skin.
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+rep gud
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+rep knife
MonsterBoo_ Dec 3 @ 7:19am 
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+rep legit
LⓄᎶﭐȼ ✪ Nov 27 @ 2:10pm 
+rep its legit!!!!