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Original War

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Throwback Season VII - Never Ending War
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Nov 11, 2015 @ 8:56am
Mar 11 @ 1:20am
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Throwback Season VII - Never Ending War

Note: Only balanced version.
Current version 7.4.5

Throwback expands game Original War in a high row, from the modification of original multiplayer maps, trough the new maps to new campaing (We apologize but only 2 arabs missions and 2 rebels[MP]).

It uncovers another layers of the dust from remains of thunder past, spinning like a wind around strategic material, catalyst of cold fusion, containing an incredible amount of energy and the origin is so mysteriou, as are his abilities.

Leaders of nations are now fighting on a completely unknown places, yet entirely irrelevant. New and new branches of alternate reality break away and join another, between the space and time they fight four absolutely identical groups of people, for an ancient artefact. Soldiers are on their own and forced to go through the wild, in constant danger from enemy attack. The new base is created and the fights are in the valleys full of death and on the crossroads and rivers.

A long time ago won battles flared again and again, manytime in a single moment, with different leaders and totally different people. It is now clear, that with the battle for the primary deposit is not the end fo the pas... way of the pas are really unpredictable.

However, it is necessary to go back to beginning, to the start. Because here we´re going to watch the mysterious figures of many languages with the same goal - destruction of primary deposit.

The modification includes the Arabian campaign, new multiplayer maps for both, odd and even number of players, missions from the original campaign, playable in multiplayer and multiplayer maps casually related the story campaign. All the nations are setting new power, balacned weapons, defence of the vehicles, etc.Arrabians get better for exaple with purposeful bulldozed and Russians get more powerful diesel power plant. This balance works both in multiplayer and campaign.

Throwback Web Site[throwback.emersongames.cz]
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Jan 3 @ 2:44am
Lord SalCZa
< >
Sali  [author] Aug 21 @ 12:29am 
All changes are also valid in campaigns. Changes can not be split into MP and SP.
j2o1707 Aug 20 @ 3:52pm 
Does this mod have any modification to the single player version of the campiagn? Like the Russian diesel plant that is more powerful, is things like this included in the campaign?
Never refuse gold given. Xin Jun 26 @ 12:30am 
Yes, they are.
THE WORLD May 24 @ 4:09am 
Are there still people playing this online coop ? I'd be happy to !
ᶠᴿᴬᴺᴷᴸᴵᴺ Apr 2 @ 6:36am 
Geniální česká modifikace, s českým dabingem. Opravdu se mi líbí, jak se do toho zapojil Fénix Pro Dabing. A taky mapy, dávám palec nahoru a do oblíbených.
Sali  [author] Mar 24 @ 7:51am 
again (for the third): You must have game version but (if I know) lasted steam version is, so you need install patch from owsupport.com or original-war.net .

Please could you learn to read? It is written in the 5th line down from your comments. And I'm really tired of constantly repeated.
Siwson Mar 23 @ 4:43am 
ErrorText : Unexpected identifier BASE_WEAPON in VEHICLES WEAPONS (at line 838)
Ov-Ro-Laas Mar 21 @ 3:24pm 
Zajefajny modzik. Jak byscie kiedys grali to zapraszajcie na steamie :)
Vancer2 Mar 11 @ 12:14pm 
Keep up good work Sali!
Sali  [author] Feb 24 @ 11:07am 
On je to převážně multiplayerový mod, ale nepujde založit hra.