Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Cimtographer (updated for Natural Disasters)
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Nov 7, 2015 @ 8:11am
Dec 15, 2016 @ 4:09pm
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Cimtographer (updated for Natural Disasters)

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Updated for Natural Disasters! Contains Maperitive and opens your maps automatically!

Cimtographer allows you to export your Cities maps to the OSM format. This allows you to view your city as if it was an actual map.

  • Quays
  • Canals
  • Transport routes
  • Relief maps
  • Subways
  • Bus stops
  • Bus stations
  • Train stations (including elevated and underground)
  • Tram stations
  • Taxis
  • Power stations/pylons
  • Cycle paths
  • Subway entrances
  • Tunnels
  • Docks/ferries
  • Special buildings (police/fire/hospitals and unique buildings)

  • Metro Overhaul Mod tracks
  • Traffic++ roads
  • Network extensions roads
  • Transit add-ons roads
  • MoreTrainTracks rail
  • Road Namer export

Coming soon (strikethrough means done)
  • Fix for one way roads pointing the wrong way on left hand drive cities


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Export problem
< >
nicolas-blume Dec 11 @ 9:51am 
I would really like to see this being updsated for green cities! :D
nickulodeon Dec 9 @ 3:09pm 
Few words on this awesome, but usually kinda raw thing, which, i honestly believe, is hard to maintain due to new addons.
First time i was exporting my old city long before Natural Disasters. Never played vanilla, so i had bunch of modes and assets. Hour or two i experimented with asset removing but exported only raw, corrupted map fragments. After some efforts (mainly replacing Road extension's roads with vanilla ones) i've got convertible map.
Now i've returned to play with 'new' (built half-year ago) city: hope this trick will work again, because the oly thing i get at the moment is:
'Script execution error (line 3): The file could not be loaded: Root element is missing' (BTW, i've got this at summer, so nothing changes) and so in Maperitive and falied export at all: here i have to say that only Road layer was checked.
Anyway, that's not bullying - that's sorrow. Just hope that mod will be maintained as it's the only and the coolest CS addon for map lovers at the moment.
Dwake Parkfield Dec 3 @ 7:44am 
IF EXPORT DOES NOT WORK - Uncheck "Routes" and try exporting again.
SinaCutie Nov 17 @ 3:21am 
I too would like to see this updated. <3
Alex Quanten Igel Nov 11 @ 1:26pm 
When it will be updated for green cities? Now it fails when trying to export map.
YABW(d) Oct 31 @ 5:05am 
It doesn’t work...
Is there a required mod to install?
Should we hope an update soon?
makuchluk Oct 25 @ 1:14pm 
Come on Propane Dragon, there's is only one step from making this programe a wonderful thing! Bring us those butane transport routes back!! :)
N v K Entertainment Oct 20 @ 12:01pm 
Update for new roads pls
Seboplayer98 Sep 18 @ 12:02pm 
doesnt work, any updates ?
log1 Sep 10 @ 9:36am 
Any word on updates sir?