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Provides additional gametypes, going from pro-oriented settings to silly and fun ones. The factories avoid touching server management cvars and limit themselves to gameplay modifications.

Here's the current list of factories provided by this item :

mg_ad_3w - Attack & Defend based on 3Wave's CaptureStrike
mg_ad_pql3w - Attack & Defend based on 3Wave's CaptureStrike with PQL physics

mg_ca_7lg - CA with the old weapons balance (no HMG, 7 lg damage)
mg_ca_nohmg - CA without the HMG
mg_ca_pql - PQL CA
mg_ca_pqlnohmg - PQL CA without the HMG
mg_ca_ra3 - Reconstitution of Clan Arena as it was in Rocket Arena 3
mg_ca_rockets - CA with rockets only. No splash damage
mg_ca_vampnohmg - The popular Clan Arena modification with PQL Physics and Vampiric Damage... without the HMG!
mg_ca_classic - CA with classic physics. The weapon balance remains unchanged (6dmg lg, HMG on)

mg_ctf_classic - Capture The Flag with classic settings
mg_ctf_hook - Capture The Flag with classic settings... and a grappling hook (weapon 10)!
mg_ctf_pql - Capture The Flag with the PQL ruleset
mg_ctf_pqlmines - Capture The Flag with the PQL ruleset and proximity mines
mg_ctf_rockets - CTF with rockets only
mg_ctf_runes - CTF with runes (but no hook)

mg_dom_aw - Domination with every weapon at spawn.

mg_duel_15 - Duel with a 15 minutes duration
mg_duel_pql - Duel with the PQL ruleset
mg_duel_aw - Duel with all weapons on spawn

mg_ffa_aw - FFA with a hint of CA. Spawn with all weapons, lots of ammo, no self damage
mg_ffa_classic - Classic QL FFA settings
mg_ffa_pql - Classic QL FFA settings with the PQL ruleset
mg_ffa_rockets - FFA with only rockets. No self nor splash damage, only directs (and bouncing around)
mg_ffa_ws - Classic QL FFA settings with instant weapon respawn

mg_ft_uft - Ultra Freeze Tag settings.
mg_ft_uift - Ultra insta Freeze Tag settings.
mg_ft_p4f - Clan Play For Fun's unusual iFT settings

mg_har_classic - Harvester with classic settings

mg_oneflag_classic - 1-Flag CTF with classic settings
mg_oneflag_qb - QuakeBall; Gauntlet only One-Flag CTF with fun physics and tackling
mg_oneflag_rockets - 1F-CTF with rockets only

mg_race_classic - Race with classic (Vanilla) physics.

mg_tdm_aw - TDM with a hint of CA. Spawn with all weapons, lots of ammo, no self damage nor friendly fire
mg_tdm_classic - Team Deathmatch with classic settings
mg_tdm_kami - Team Deathmatch madness with the kamikaze item
mg_tdm_pql - Team Deathmatch with the PQL ruleset
mg_tdm_rockets - TDM with rockets only, no splash damage
mg_tdm_kamiaw - Team Deathmatch with the kamikaze item and all weapons on spawn

Please note that 'PQL' stands for 'Pro Quake Live' and is what has been known as 'Turbo' since September 2014.

More factories should be added in the future. Please let me know in this item's forum if you have suggestions!
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dig1taL barbarian 16 авг в 6:24 
can some one tells me how to create my own game with PQL movement ??
Patriotis 1 фев в 1:26 
honestly. i not know where are stored info!
^6dobo ^7shire 31 янв в 8:22 
Ignore me I worked it out, thanks for this great job :)

^6dobo ^7shire 31 янв в 8:11 
Hi what is the full list of settings for mg_ad_3w - Attack & Defend based on 3Wave's CaptureStrike? If I wanted to make a separate factory for a version of this?
FlashSoul  [автор] 31 янв в 4:51 
I think the page for you should be : steamcommunity.com/id/76561198319338070/gamecards/282440
You should find some information there.
Patriotis 31 янв в 1:46 
looking what kind badges?
FlashSoul  [автор] 29 янв в 14:18 
The "Master" badge is obtained by obtaining 5 full sets of Quake Live trading cards and crafting the badges out of them.
Patriotis 28 янв в 22:10 
i understand you.
i saw on your profile. how you received the title Master the golden icon Quake live?
FlashSoul  [автор] 28 янв в 9:25 
Steam achievements are accompanied with an explanation. I'm afraid I can't add anything more to that. In my opinon if you just play normally you will get them eventually. I have no special technique to get them.
Patriotis 28 янв в 5:17 
i this know.
i mean. medal achievement in Steam and not in the game.
eg this. Pull Record 5 Shotgun frags of opponents in the air in one match. and so on.
how to get it?
honestly. i not know. at me not obtained.