ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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No Collision Check v1.3a
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Oct 11, 2015 @ 5:23pm
Oct 19, 2015 @ 1:52am
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No Collision Check v1.3a

Mod ID: 533828549

Please note due to a lack of time I cannot keep updating this mod. I do hope to come back to Ark in the future but for now I will leave this up as it seems to work for the majority of people, if you are having problems a few people have suggested using this mod by ChiBlaaa:

Shout out to ChiBlaaa ;)

Thank you for all your support and comments

### This mod has been tested and works with other mods but remember you use this at your own risk ###

Version 1.3a
--Vertical Metal Pipe Fixed

Version 1.3
--Stone and Metal Pipes

Version 1.2
--Engram points removed, you now only need to have unlocked the original item and the NC version will be free
-- Updated Title and Description to avoid confusion

Version 1.1
--Added Ramps
--Minor Tweaks

Version 1.0
--Initial release

Its best to advise players to only use these items where normal structures cannot be placed, if they are used for a complete wall/base and the server removed the mod the structures will be removed with it
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Spotter.AxG eSports
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Dragon of Desire Jul 11 @ 11:11pm 
Edu💤 Jul 4 @ 7:33pm 
Leutian Kane Jul 1 @ 11:50pm 
ok so out of curiosity why do trolls feel the need to state the obvious and be douchebags about a mod that's CLEARLY not supported anymore? it even says in the description. Don't be assholes.
LuBu79 Jun 15 @ 6:38pm 
This mod is garbage compaired to Structures Plus (S+). Wouldn't waste my time trying to get this to work on your servers.
Hirnsausen Jun 5 @ 11:57am 
I know this mod is no longer supported, but at least the SPAWN CODES would be helpful.
Juan17G Jun 2 @ 6:46pm 
Hi could you tell me what the line would be like to limit the metal?
Trigga Jun 1 @ 5:03pm 
-Trigg And Jeth RP Season 1-
Now taking applications. Server is whitelist
All info needed listed on the website.
Come join us in the Ultimate ARK RP Experience
YouKnow May 26 @ 3:10pm 
>>>> PC <<<<

ATTENTION new Server IP and Name - Better Performance! :)


EU Speed PvP Fun All x100 ScorchedCenter 2.0

-Server Start 1.05.17
-Old Flyer adjustments ;)
-Map: The Center -> with Scorched Earth Island!!
-All Scorched Earth Engramms possible to craft
-Some usefull Mods
-XP + Harvest = 100x
-Really nice stuff in Beacons, Caves & Water Crates
-Tek Stuff without Boss Fights
-many building sites still free
-No Laggs
-Well visited Server

-Dont build in Caves with Artefacts
-No Turret Quetzals
-ORP2 activ (oflline Structures HP 20x)
-Auto Mod Updates.
-11 AM & 11 PM Server Restarts.
-Max wild Dino: 300.
-Max Player: 105
-7 Player Tribes.
-Allis: O.K.
-No Wipes planned so far & no Admin abuse!
-No Laggs! Tested by Players ;)
-24/7 online
-Slots: 100
BadCompany May 2 @ 4:09pm 
Red Devil Gaming 10x All Ext Mod Fresh Server

Fresh server coming up with this mod and many other including
Extinction Mod pack
Egg n` Poop Collector/Incubator
Meat Spoiler
Kilrath`s Refridgerated Feeding Trough
No Collision Checks v1.3a
Util Custom Stacks Size
Capitalism Mod

FirelFox Apr 8 @ 12:35pm 
this is outdated...