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Many New Items

MANY NEW ITEMS - WITH DINO-ARMORS NEW GUNS AND STRUCTURES (With stackable, sticky dung-balls to throw;})
New items for classic servers + 'medieval' and '16th century' tech expansion-sets for primitives!
(MOD id=511168000) ; The path for advanced summoning commands: "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/century/ ".

All items and features in this mod are additional. It stacks with other mods well. Doesn't require a clean save file.

MOD BUFFS LOOT CRATES- ESPECIALLY THE CAVE-ONES, so You can get all my items and all cool items from the devs, even the most recent!:] +no crappy loot in caves!

A donation link- to support work on my mods; every help appreciated!:


(added to the loot crates also!)
<>ADVANCED SMITHY' - base structure for my items. Can be placed on the bare ground.
<>Small vault- is much less resistant and much smaller, cheaper (its production way is so to make it fit to a 'medieval/16th century' mod).
<>Metal bow -is the cheaper, a bit less effective in shooting but better for melee version of the compound one;
<>Metal javelin - It's very sharp but has very light construction... that makes it useless for jobs of crushing structures or harvesting but- it has great penetrating ability, and so it can make critical hits like projectiles do.
<>Impacto grenades - detonate at hitting something and are slightly more devastating;
<>Centurion's helmet: not much different from a normal metal hat... but how cool it looks!;]
<>Katana sword - top-notch melee weapon that will force oponents to respect You... because it can score critical hits ad penetrate even a metal armour. 2 different attacks to choose! LMB= swing: fast aand able to hit several targets; RMB= thrust: slower and requiring precision but with better damage and penetration; You can also use shield with it now;
<>Chitin-Camo armour set - useful stuff for PvP; have about 25% camo-effect against NPC too; comes with an improved version of chitin helmet.
<>Dung-ball - crafter from a random poop unusual, sticky projectile (throwable like grenades and stackable);
<>Eye-patch attachment - addition to all helmets, even skins and to bare head (to use it for hat-skins drag it into your gloves or shirt). A pirate or Nick Fury - whatever You like..;}
<>War-Hammer - powerful weapon able to KO an oponnent very fast; but requires a lot of stamina.
<>Shades: provide You a stylish look - whatever armour (or skin for it) You're using.:]
<>SABER-ARMOUR - advanced protection for Your favoured kitty!;]
<>MAMMOTH-ARMOUR - War elephants in hardcore version.
<>SPINO-ARMOUR: the end of rex' domination!:}
<>CAL.0.50 Rifle - 'anti-tank' power in a supreme big-gun; very-expensive though.
No armor can stop this bullet, and only the toughest dinos can survive several such rounds...
<>FABRICATOR MK2 - allows to produce top notch tech gear, like 0.50 caliber gun and ammo (more coming).
<>ASSAULT RIFLE MK II - slightly slower rate of fire but better precision and damage- gives You better effect with less ammo used! Its also much more durable.
<>Flashlight attachment MK II- wider and brighter, blue beam; (goes with most of old guns + new rifle and pistol)
<>Mercenary Suit: provides moderate protection, some camo (against NPCs too) and thermal isolation and superb durablity; and oh, the professional look of course...
<>WOLF ARMOR: get Your own war-hound! (requires edited version of wolf that can use saddles- avaible in few mods, including my TC "New Creatures" mod).
<>Paracer Armoured Platform: march Your armored colossus when Your Empire Strikes Back..:}
<>Laser MK2 attachment - much better visiblity and better range than the standard beam have. (goes with most of old guns + new rifle and pistol)
<>Machined Pistol MK II - Shoots slightly slower but with much better fire power and better precission & durablity.
<>Anti-Tank Missile Launcher - very heavy and cumbersome to carry... but can destroy almost instantly almost every enemy and non-metal structure. Goes with 'A-tank Missile' ammo.
<>Flamethrower (+Flamable Gas tanks ammo) - all that You can expect from a flamethrower;] Very good for swarming around small enemies; moderate against the bigger ones. Its fuel is an efficient ammo.
<>Stun Grenades - An effective way of KO-ing smaller dinos and people; or damaging Your own hear.;}
<>Machined Shotgun MK2 - based on Muldoon's SPAS version, with slightly buffed all stats.
<>SLUG ammo for shotguns - finally there! And powerful really, doing well against armors, with big stopping power and some bleeding effect on poor victims. Better than buckshot for bigger dinos and precision.
<>Shotgun Ammo Setter Tool - the game makes You unable to put buckshot again to Your gun after using SLUGs - unless You use some attachment, or this little tool; so no worries, You can choose all the time;]
<>TRANQUILIZER RIFLE - professional gear for Jurassic Parks' rangers.
<>Machined Grenade Launcher - an expensive way to get the demolition evolved.
<>TRIKE ARMOUR - makes a perfect tank!:] (best armor value of all my armors)
-HARPOON GUN (to avoid some issues with its looks: use my second mod ['New creatures and realism tweak'] also);
-ALIEN HUNTER'S HELMET: mysterious item to find in caves; provides very good protection, is ultra-durable; and they say that it can boost human regeneration speed to some incredible point...
-TORPEDO LAUNCHER: an underwater version of a rocket launcher; can equip it only in water;
-ANIMAL-MEDICINE: an effective way to cure wounds and ease bleeding of Your dinos; Use it on Yourself only as a last resort...;}
-BATTLE AXE: can do more damage than a sword but it requires a lot of stamina;
-LAND MINE: Careful where You place them cause they wont know if its enemy or You who steps on it... And to get rid of it You'll need to shoot it from a distance or put a foundation on it; And don't put it under Your or somebody's legs! (thanks to (OzSF)-B.Cheers, who helped to make the triggering system working!);
-TASER MINE: a trap that works like an E-prod;
-AUTO-TURRET MK II: better range, precission, rotation rate, HP; New looks;
-DINO-attachable flashLIGHTS! You can turn it on & off, replace it; can be broken by damage! on dedis You cant put them on anything smaller than raptors- except the monkey;
-DINO-TORCH- a primitive version of the tool above;
-ARCHETY-TARGET for archery contests;
-powerful ELEPHANT GUN;
-EMP Gun- like from Primeval series!
-Adv. (Combat) Flaregun;
+ starry 'CAPTAIN'S SHIELD', 'IRONY MAN'S HELMET' and 3 other items that cant be produced - but wait in the loot crates!

-NEW FEATURE: dead mercenaries that can spawn as a source of high-tier equipment (required manual put into spawning using "soldier_character_BP_C" file to get this in game; dedicated for SP gaming).
-check also the thread about 'Hunter Stuff' special crate (to insta-get random sets of advanced gear);

IF You want to REMOVE MORE items than just retro-guns: check the thread about it.
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Boxman61 Mar 13 @ 6:25pm 
tranq Rifle glitched. Loaded tranq reseters and it will not load them then tried to put in normal tanqs and it wouldn't take them and the gun is now useless. ay ideas
Demon-Dog Mar 9 @ 1:01pm 
i want to use your TC but my server/players have big issues with all TCs seem to take way to long to load or crash while loading :( shame i can still have the items though
milokamilo  [author] Mar 9 @ 12:02pm 
this is alll about items; TC is about realism and dinos.
There's a thread about items' names for commands and settings.
Demon-Dog Mar 8 @ 1:35pm 
does this work seperate from your TC? and does the TC include these items/creatures?
El Salvadore Mar 8 @ 12:26pm 
Hello, how can I hide the Katana as Engram? Bzw I need the ID to enter it into the Game.ini!
THE 1ST GHOST TEMPLAR Mar 6 @ 10:39am 
@milokamilo can u make armor saddle for the wyverns from the scorched earth dlc plz
(-; д_0_б_Р_я_к ;-) Feb 21 @ 4:48am 
game was crashed when i entered the server with this mod
techguard0 Feb 19 @ 7:11pm 
whats the difference between your longneck rifle and the base longneck rifle?
Mr.Moustachio Feb 13 @ 5:48pm 
mercenary chest piece is untextured
anitachall Feb 13 @ 4:59pm 
Since I see you have the PC:E AR model, would you perhaps add a bolt action rifle? One which looks like an actual hunting rifle? I think that'd be a nice addition, since I see no other mod on the workshop that does that.