Homeworld Remastered Collection

Homeworld Remastered Collection

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Babylon 5: War Without End
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Aug 31, 2015 @ 10:20pm
Feb 13 @ 7:59pm
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Babylon 5: War Without End

This modification is an attempt to recreate the Babylon 5 universe using the Homeworld 2 engine. Despite the age of the Homeworld 2 engine we have recently been able to bring the graphics of this incredible game more or less graphically up to date through the Cnlpeppers amazing implementation of Parallax shader technology which has allowed the use of specular, gloss and normal mapping.
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Start-up crash help
It's ya boy, Eugene
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Reymaster Oct 28 @ 4:07pm 
it downloaded but i dont see it on my mods do you know where the file went ?
sHoTs Oct 28 @ 2:44pm 
The game won't launch:(
AssassinWarrior Oct 28 @ 11:16am 
i want to play this with the new updates but i can't cause it's outdated ;(
PaulusAugustus Oct 15 @ 5:14am 
Quick update.

Last comment by the mod author, back in February of this year, states resource collection is supposed to be automatic. You dock resource harvesters to "pads" - no clarification on what a pad is so assumption they mean a resource node such as an asteroid, and that RU injections should begin. This is because it is more B5-like.

This does not happen. NO RUs are collected in either game mode by either race.

I've also noted that the mimbari ships don't have any weapons audio.

This is a shame, the models look really good but I really have no interest if the only playable gamemode is area capture.
PaulusAugustus Oct 15 @ 4:40am 
No resrouces harvesting in game (harvesters just attach to resources but do not collect).
No resource injection option in the game setup.

Deathmatch totally unplayable in current state and no activity since feb.
Area Capture playable but you must rely on RU injection. Computer Opponent doesn't seem to understand the game mode so is very dull in skirmish.
Niteshade Sep 9 @ 7:33am 
crash on startup
GeneralJoe344 Aug 27 @ 11:59am 
For some reason, this mod loads but doesn't even make it to the main menu before it crashes
It's ya boy, Eugene Aug 10 @ 6:25pm 
ngforever1989, what seems to be your start-up issue? I might be able to help, since I solved my issue, details please :)
ngforever1989 Aug 10 @ 1:36am 
cant even start it, why do the b5 mods always die? like wtf?
jul1198 Jul 13 @ 4:41pm 
please remaster!!!!!!!!!!
this is exelent mod but have aprobleme on deathmatch battle not possible to take a ressources and in a aera mod d'ont possible to create a omega X cruiser but this is awesome