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Baby Dinos Enhanced v0.13.1 (No Longer Supported)
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Aug 27, 2015 @ 6:55pm
Nov 15, 2015 @ 9:05am
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Baby Dinos Enhanced v0.13.1 (No Longer Supported)

Have you ever wanted to become a parent of your own baby dinosaur? Here’s your chance! This mod allows you to have baby dinosaurs using normal eggs and DNA.


- Ankylo Nest
- Argentavis Nest
- Beelzebufo Nest
- Bronto Nest
- Carno Nest
- Dilo Nest
- Dimorphodon Nest
- Dodo Nest
- Giganotosaurus Nest
- Pachy Nest
- Parasaur Nest
- Pterandon Nest
- Quetzal Nest
- Raptor Nest
- Rex Nest
- Sarco Nest
- Scorpion Nest
- Spino Nest
- Stego Nest
- Titanoboa Nest
- Trike Nest
- Turtle Nest
- Incubator Construction Table
- Incubator
- Bat DNA
- Bigfoot DNA
- Direwolf DNA
- Doedicurus DNA
- Dragonfly DNA
- Mammoth DNA
- Megaloceros DNA
- Monkey DNA
- Paraceratherium DNA
- Phiomia DNA
- Sabertooth DNA
- Trilobite DNA
- Beelzebufo Egg
- DNA Sequencer
- Small Cage
- Small Cage Door
- Medium Cage
- Medium Cage Door
- Large Cage
- Large Cage Door

How To Install the Mod

Go to this page to learn how to install the mod: Installation Instructions

The Baby Dinos mod should be stackable with other mods. Placing the mod first in the stack list would be optimal. If you are running other mods such as the Dragon mod or Dino Overhaul, placing the Baby Dinos mod above them will allow everything to work properly without interfering with the other mods. If a problem does occur please let me know, thanks.

The new engrams should be at the bottom of the Engram list.

The mod id is 507648142 for anyone that may need it.


It is recommended that the cages are placed on a flat surface such as a structure floor or sand. If you attempt to place them anywhere else it may cause them to break, so place them there at your own risk! If you find that the cages are to annoying or gamebreaking, each cage has its own folder of content that can be deleted and may take away certain cages (I am not responsible for anything that gets corrupted if something goes wrong).


If you are interested in learning the engram requirements, crafting requirements, hatching time and growing time please check out this document: Requirements and Times

Console Commands:

If you are interested in the console commands for the mod please check out this document: Console Commands

DISCLAMIER: This mod is a work in progress; expect to run into bugs, broken items or items I might have overlooked. I will do my best to make this mod as smooth of an experience as possible when new updates are released. Now go and experience parenthood!


• Babies can mate when adults.
• Fixed Quetzal nest engram not being in list.
• Fixed Baby Giganotosaurus not spawning.
• Reset GUID to force update servers so players don’t login with the wrong version.
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Doublee313 Sep 16 @ 4:27am 
Was a great mod. Becareful if you use it. It will break a ton of dino spawns. A ton. Since it's not updated.
이브(Eve) Aug 30 @ 7:43am 
lots of bug
Dark Aug 6 @ 11:10am 
r.morf Aug 6 @ 7:38am 
Work this for the Indominus Rex?
XoXo DEATH Jul 29 @ 3:41pm 
good idea!
Dark Jul 29 @ 5:15am 
ok to stop all the moaning kids ive asked the author to change the title to include no longer supported (i know for a fact the author will never take it down because people still use the extras he threw into it like cages ect)
Ulterior The Panzie Jul 28 @ 3:06pm 
@Zeree you'd think it'd be that obvious, but for the sake of alleviating a lot of anger and stress from people the mod should be taken down or something. I mean, there are 2k comments now lol. and I'm sure more will be made haha. So might as well change the title or something to make it even more obvious. :L
Lycanshifter Jul 28 @ 6:58am 
mod is dead and will never be updated oldschool.
[OldSchoolTM]Joaquin Jul 26 @ 10:06am 
Dragonfly DNA is bug pls fix it!
Matt_Allee Jul 25 @ 2:10pm 
Would be great if someone would make a mod of the nest and whatnots as stuctures just for look in-game.