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The Arcane Relics™
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Sep 12, 2015 @ 3:47pm
Jul 16, 2016 @ 9:42am
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TAR 1st Public Demo Release!
  • Dalwood

    The preliminary forest, down river from the Town, makes an appearance. Of course, the full forest will encompass a lot larger area than what will be playable in the first public demo.
  • Town Graveyard

    This scene, you’ve been dying to see, is accessed from the Town as well.

  • New Herbs & Ingredients

    (First pass of these herbs and seeds. Includes: parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds.)
    Destroying pumpkins or sunflowers, will drop their corresponding seeds.

    (Other ingredients, all WIP.)
  • Item Improvements

    Clothes items are now folded up, instead of being solid upright sitting t-poses or standing pants, like the following:
    (Those be some stiff pants!)
    (The shields have been retextured for the Public Demo.)

Treasure chests throughout Terradim can now be locked and/or trapped!

Previously, Jon had setup a simple trap in the Playground scene, but has since come up with a better solution for randomizing traps/locks everywhere.


  • Pressing ‘forward’ causes the horse to accelerate. The horse will maintain its current speed even when ‘forward’ is released, ‘back’ slows the horse down.
    ‘left/right’ steers the horse, which is more effective at slower speeds.
  • Holding ‘back’ while stationary will make the horse step backwards.
  • If you attack, you will attack on the side your camera is facing relative to the horse.
Also horses now stop on scene-load/start, to prevent the immediate galloping into another portal/warp.

  • UI inventory spotlight & reflection probe: you can now see your inventory items when in the dark and/or at nighttime.
    (Before they were as dark as the background.)
  • You can no longer jump into other players’ select panels in the Player Setup scene, fixing bug.
  • There's now a countdown in the player setup scene if all players are ready. Game will begin after countdown, if no player cancels their ready status.

  • Cave dwellers/Ruffians in the cave, now carry light sources (such as torches).
  • Newly created player characters now start with clothes… It’s about time! :)
  • New pedestals found in the Water Cave hint at its secrets.
  • Doors can now be locked or unlocked by interacting with their locks.
  • Ragdolling in water improvements:
    • Ragdolls now update their drag, in addition to gravity when entering water.
    • Ragdolls can now repeatedly enter and exit water. Previously being blown out of the water, a ragdolling character would retain the “space-like gravity event” through the air, until the failsafe timer was met (as you could never be grounded).
    • Ragdolls are no longer sucked to the ground when recovering in water.
  • Birches

    (WIP) Especially the bark.
    At the moment, it is not climbable like the maples or cone. We’ll have to improve our climbing system, adding support for curved/angular trunks, to allow this to happen.



We hope you enjoy the demo. :)

New Year Update 2017
You can now attempt to pick locks on doors or containers if you possess a lockpick. To lockpick, equip a lockpick and simply hold the ‘attack button’ while looking at the locked object. The radial meter will fill on your cursor and once full you will either succeed (picking the lock) or fail (breaking your pick).

Lockpicking experience points will be rewarded whether you succeed or not, however failing will reward less. Dexterity increases the speed the radial meter fills but your Lockpick skill determines your chances of succeeding. So you can be a very slow but skilled picker, or vice versa.

Jon worked on numerous improvements to NPC characters – primarily a more flexible goal system. Some notables so far:
  • NPC pushing now works correctly! Previously, pushing an NPC would cause them to play an animation, however they would not actually move…
  • Made a more flexible system for determining what an NPC says in dialog. We began by adding a condition check for whether the player is wearing pants. Right now, it’s a simple check for pants, which doesn’t account for robes or other items that would cover enough.

NPCs are now using a system referred to as Goal-Oriented Action Planning (GOAP). As opposed to a State Machine, where transitions must be clearly defined between all states, GOAP allows more flexibility. In GOAP, you define actions and conditions for them that the planner uses to find a most cost-effective path towards the desired goal. Since, eventually, we want to have many variations in AI behaviors, this system makes more sense. However, it takes quite a bit longer to setup.

(Guess I shouldn’t have dropped that Quarterstaff over there…)
He’s setup some goals that NPCs will attempt to fulfill such as arming and healing themselves. If there’s a nearby weapon, and they are unarmed, they will go grab one as shown above. Also, they will consume healing items when their health is low. In addition, NPCs can actually use ranged weapons now, although not very effectively in many cases – it’s still a WIP. Anyway, it’s coming along and definitely makes interaction with NPCs more enjoyable.

  • New consumables: blueberries, strawberries, and acorns. As well as the new strawberry and blueberry plants. Oak trees, which have already been present for a while, will now drop acorns.

    We wanted to get in some more ingredients that can be used for alchemy and we plan to make a few more before the public demo.
  • Revive Potion:

    (I forgive you.)
    There’s now a quicker way to resuscitate your friends, the revive potion! Simply whip one at the cadaver or, if you’re the corpse, open up your inventory and guzzle it down. They are quite expensive at the moment, but can be found as treasures throughout Terradim.

  • Chicken (Keeper’s) House:

  • Inn: This is the last building for the public demo!

    The building includes:
    • 3 floors above ground, 1 below (basement)
    • Dining room (shown), kitchen, balcony (outside), & many rooms to rent*
    * Not yet coded :(


We got a lot of feedback about how the previous hurt frame was obstructive, which came way into the center view. We came to find it annoying ourselves, especially when you had low health – as the opacity increases and remains – but we still wanted to keep the additional feedback for when damaged or being close to death. Therefore, we changed it to the simple smaller outer frame as shown above and saved some texture memory in the process.

The audio overhaul continues! There’s now layered music tracks: basic, weather (rain), interrupt (battle), & musical accent. Thus:
  • Musical accents (such as leveling up) cause all other music tracks to duck and to fade back in, after they have finished.
  • Rain overrides the basic music. That cheery town music didn’t seem to set the right mood when it rained.
  • The different layers can change, even if they’re not playing. This fixes some bugs in resuming wrong music clips (thus returning the track to rain instead of the town tune after a battle).


We thought it was a bit cheesy having only primitive cubes & spheres for acquiring abilities in the public demo, so we made some quick scrolls to solve this. And now they appear on these diagonal shelves.

The Homestead has been spruced up quite a bit since a year ago. Previously, it consisted of a nearly empty house with only a goody chest for storing items. Now, there’s quite a number of props. Also, the windows and doors are now operable.

The town has seen the most improvements. There are now actual buildings that can be entered such as: the General Shoppe, Smithy, Tavern, Apothecary & some residential buildings.

(NOTE: some buildings above aren’t in these screenshots…)

Some magical abilities shown in this video (besides “incandesce weapon”):
  • Force
  • Fireball
  • Teleroll, a tentative title: where you seemingly warp a short distance and avoid nearly all damage (besides bomb blasts/etc).

We’ll keep you posted on the public demo. It’s getting closer, but it’s not quite where we want it yet. Anyway, here’s to a good year ahead.

In The Arcane Relics™, you are cast into the land of Terradim – a land full of wonder, mystery, & great danger. Assume the role of any type of character you wish in this wacky fantasy-medieval sandbox experience, featuring 4-player split-screen mayhem!

  • Local/Couch Co-op (with up to 4 local players)
  • Strategic combat: directional attacks (chop, thrust, overhead, & backhand), landing attacks on specific limbs and crippling them (hindering opponent), blocking, and dodging (rolling/crouching).
  • Equip armor pieces to protect your individual limbs from harm, weighing protection vs. mobility.
  • Create your own character: choosing your hairstyle, gender, starting attributes, and even your dominant hand! Lefties rejoice!
  • Inventory system: equip weapons/apparel, consume potions, and take/store items inside containers.
  • Ridable mounts: horses and people! Ride into battle on your friend’s shoulders!
  • A selection of items to choose from, including: a Hood with liripipe, bombs, Great helm, Potion of Greatness, Claymore, & more!
  • Interactivity: Pickup and throw crates & barrels, sit in chairs, lay in bed, place or take torches from wall mounts, and more!
  • In development, more to come!

The end goal of this project is to make a dynamic fantasy sandbox with hand-crafted environments and an emphasis on cooperative multiplayer. The game is currently in a pre-alpha state.

Feel free to give us some feedback and even some suggestions to ideas you'd like to see in The Arcane Relics™!
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