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Primitive Plus
Adds a bit of diversity into traditional primitive servers. Over 100 custom objects resources and weapons making a complete collection of realistic and practical items to enhance your primitive survival experience

There are now official ARK servers for Primitive Plus! Keep in mind the mod is still a work in progress. Come by and create a new survivor (while the land is plentiful :) )

Keep your eyes on the project status:

Alos, be sure to drop by and check out the official discord chat. I'll be hanging out!

What is Primitive Plus?
Have you ever imagined would it be like if you woke up today in an environment like Ark? What if many different people with different backgrounds were joined together and forced to find a means to survive? What would be the possibilities? What skills from your present life would you bring to the table? If you only had primitive resources, what type of things would you be able to build? Imagine ARK as an experiment in which you took your current knowledge and skillet and applied it to what the land had to offer. How would diplomacy and the economy work when you mix these various specialized backgrounds? What happens when the person you are about to shoot with a musket is the farmer that happens to have a tea and coffee monopoly on the island? What happens when you actually need your neighbor.....?

I made Primitive+ in hopes to answer these questions for you. This is not a medieval mod or based in a specific era of time. Scientists have been theorizing on what a world would look like with the advancements in knowledge but only having primitive resources. What you will find inside primitive plus are primitive tools and techniques that are still being used by indegenious tribes around the world today. Some liberties have to be taken since this is a video game but everything that has been added or will be added are based on ancient survival methods. All visual elements are being styled to resemble a primitive based assembly.

It will become important to branch out and make expand your network because of individual specializations and an economy that supports supply & demand. While there will be a 'general' speciality, it won't allow you to enjoy the more advanced nature of specialization. Primitive+ is not necessarily meant for an offline or single player experience due to this fact. However, many people enjoy it in a single player experience.

Will you be a farmer who sells specialized crops vitlal to keep the economy going? Will you become a hunter and collect delicacies from the plentiful land ? Will you be a proud warrior who has spent their life prepping for intense battles? Will you become a builder and construct a town of the future? Or will you generalize and learn the basics to be a be a well rounded survivalist? The choice is up to you!

This mod is in development and will continue to be developed indefinitely. As for the stability, check out the bug thread and comments below.

Planned Specializations
Hunting - 10% movement speed buff (machete, specialized consumables for diff. tiers of taming affinity)
Building - 10% crafting speed buff (brick walls and advanced structures. Potentially a line of 'enforced' structures)
Cooking - 10% food/water decrease buff (bakers oven - advanced recipes & edibles)
Weapons - 10% melee strength buff (advanced weapons such as guns - potentially a special crafting station)
Farming - ?? Buff (advanced seeds and farming techniques)

Current Additions
In addition to the items below, Primitive+ has altered the model/style of the existing: Spear, Hatchet, Large Storage Box, Bookshelf, Bed, and Smithy to fit the current style and direction of the project!

Building - Brick, Lumber , Glass (Windows, Doors, Ceilings, Panels)
Baking - Baking Station, Bread Oven, Bread, Yeast, Dough, Cashew Milk, Honey
Crafting - Lumber Station, Blacksmith Table, Construction Table
Alcohol - Fermenting Barrel, Malt
Crops - Rice, Lettuce, Cashews, Wheat, Coffee,Tea, Sugar, Barley, Grapes, Tobacco, Latex Tree, Breadfruit Tree
Meals - Combine several consumables for a 'full' buff effect: Chicken and Rice, Prime Salad, Fish and Bread
Consumables - Chicken, Fish Fillet, Fruit Preserves, Bacon, Spare Ribs (Better than raw meat for taming!!)
Weapons - Hunting Knife, Machete, Flintlock Pistol, Musket, Metal Hammer, Wooden Club, Obsidian Spear, Obsidian Arrow, Obsidian Pickaxe, Flaming Arrow
Resources - Carbon, Steel, Glass, Firewood, Organic Oil (Animal Fat and Seeds), Rubber, Limestone, Claystone, Clay, Brick, Wooden Planks, Animal Fat, Leather, Salt, Sugar, Flour and more!
Lifestyle - Modular Tables, Arrow Sign, Mailboxes, Primitive Stone Fence, Wooden Fence (2 models), Tables, Chairs, Cabinets, Hanging Shelves, and Stairs
Preservation - Preserving Shed (bulk), Preserving Campfire (primitive), Primitive Grill
Storage - Water Tank, Firewood Holder, Weapon Rack, Metal Safebox, Wood Shed, Barrel, Miners Cart
Primitive Tools - Cauldron, Tree Crop Plot, Handmill, (Sugar Press and Tanning Rack) by luisedgm
Survival - Bee Apiary, Brazier, Bonfire, Stone Fireplace, Teepee, Water Well, Bone Meal Fertilizer
Buffs - Cup of Coffee, Cup of Tea
Adult Luxuries - Cup of Beer w/ Buff, Glass of Wine w/ Buff, Rolled Cigarette w/ Buff

More Information
Click for a more detailed listing of information on all items in the mod - stats, crafting, etc[]

If you are looking for a custom Primitive+ experience, check out the unrestricted Primitive+ mod.

Current Bugs/Issues
Please see bug thread below for issues

Current and Ongoing Development
For development happening now, please see the development thread

Contributors /Thanks
- Ralx (Ideas, Debugging, Brainstorming, Communication)
- luisedgm (Models, Ideas, Brainstorming)
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XquerdenkerX 1 hour ago 
eine nette mod, bin gerade dabei sie auf valhalla zu testen und es laufen auch andere mods damit, z.b. the middle age (668239751), corrected structures (536214294), ecoTrees (670764308), homing pigeon (655261420), cute hair (618916953) und stack plus (621154190).

momentan zickt die mod hier nur noch nen bisschen rum, was das überschreiben der levelexperiencepoints und levelengrampoints angeht.

@Avox geh zu g-portal. dort zicken die Mods nicht so rum und seit gestern haben die nen automatischen modupdater. :) stell die frage ansonsten dort mal ins Forum, dort ist immer jemand unterwegs, der fast auf alles eine lösung hat. kann dir wärmstens MADxHAWK empfehlen (zumindest lautet dort so sein nick). selber hatte ich noch nichts mit im zutun gehabt, aber was ich immer von ihm gelesen habe, war immer ne top hilfe für andere...meistens. :)

ich war vorher auch bei nitrado, war aber nicht wirklich mit dem support usw zufrieden.
Avox 7 hours ago 
Hallo zusammen,

ich habe einen Server bei Nitrado angemietet und würde diesen Mod gerne darauf laufen lassen.
Allerdings bekomm ich diesen Mod leider nicht zum laufen.

Habe diesen nun per FTP hochgeladen und via Webinterface. Beides erfolglos.
Habe das ganze nach diversen google Anleitungen gemacht als auch nach der Anleitung von Nitrado. Leider funktionieren beide Anleitungen nicht.

Hat jemand einen Server bei Nitrado und diesen Mod installiert?
Oder kann mir jemand sagen was genau ich machen muss damit dieser Mod auch läuft?

Bin über jede Hilfe sehr dankbar.
NebelRebell 13 hours ago

Du suchts seit langem, was wir vertreten und für Dich haben:

- Deutscher Powerserver der bleibt
- Aktiver Serversupport 24/7
- Communitybestimmte Einstellungen
- Klar verständliches PVP-Regelwerk

...egal ob Vanilla, HighLoot oder Modded; ob auf
"The Island" oder "The Center" - hartes jedoch faires PVP! 18 hours ago 
this nice TC but why loading screen so long. What is happened ?
thesteelego 22 hours ago 
How do you get the hanging shelves to be placed. I can not seem to find a place inside or outside that will accept them.
xFalir May 26 @ 7:47am 
After doing tons of searching, can anyone explain the crafting effectiveness stat? Does it reduce cost of materials? Increase the items created?
FaceFaceCrew May 25 @ 8:56pm 
TheFoxeur May 25 @ 5:11pm 
what are we supose to do with the windmill ?
Spyrho May 25 @ 4:30pm 
@HazorZ Carbon and iron ore in refining forge Carbon you get when farming obsidian
produktionshuset May 25 @ 8:48am 
Wierd, i just did a stopwatch on my pc, it took 20sec,29ms from i pressed the password on the server till i was in and it was playable - PrimitivePlus and on the Valhalla map