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Cooking Extras
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Cooking Extras

Pantry - Storage
Sprinkler - Irrigation
Kitchen Sink - Water Source
Advanced Plumbing Part - Plumbing System
Water Pump - Plumbing System
Wood Cook Stove - Cooking Item
Camp Stove - Cooking Item
Methane - Fuel Resource
Trailmix - Consumable Food
Canning Jar - Pantry Item
Canned Vegetables - Preserving Method
Standing Oil Lantern - Light Source



Available at level 20 and has 100 inventory slots. Put 10 of the same type canned vegetables into the pantry to make a case of canned vegetables. Also makes Trail Mix, spoils meat faster and stores - Recipes, Narcotics, Stimulants, Bug Repelant, Canned Veg, Oil, Spoiled Meat, Water Containers, Seeds, Methane, Mushrooms, Flowers and Spark Powder.

Provides crop irrigation. Needs an Advanced Plumbing Part attached to it, and in range of water pump to supply water.

Water Pump
Snap a water pump onto a working water pipe to pump water to supported stcructures and avoid all those ugly pipes.

Advanced Plumbing Part
The Advanced Plumbing Part works with the water pump to supply water to the Sprinkler and the Kitchen Sink. First, pipe water close to your base. Attach a water pump to the pipe. Then place your kitchen sink or sprinkler in you desired location. Next attach an Advanced Plumbing Part to the Sink or Sprinkler.

Kitchen Sink
Available at level 45. Must have a working Water Pump in the area and an Advanced Plumbing Part attached to the sink for the it to produce water. No need for plumbing. The kitchen sink also has a counter top large enough to place a mortar and pestle on.

Standing Oil Lantern
Available at level 35. Fueled by oil or methane. Burns for 30 min per oil and 15 min per methane.

Wood Cook Stove
Available at level 35. Combines the powers of a grill and a cooking pot into one. Fueled by wood only. Due to the enclosed fire and ash trap, wood burns twice as long and does not produce charcoal.

Available at level 30. The Stove is fueled by oil or methane and will burn for 90sec per oil or 30sec per methane added. It has 4 inventory slots and is half the weight of the campfire. And once you are done cooking you can pick it up and take it with you!

Made in the cookstove with: 1 poop, 5 charcoal, and 1 water.

Trail Mix
Made in the Pantry with: 1 Amarberry seed, 1 Azulberry seed, 1 Tintoberry seed, and 10 Mejoberries. Makes 10 and takes 30 min. 1 trail mix adds 4 hunger and 2 health.

Canning Jar
Available at lvl 30

Canned vegetables
Place 5 of the same type vegetable (Savoroot,Longrass,Citronal,Rockarrot), a canning jar, and water in the wood cook stove. This will make a canned vegetable of that type. Each time you use the canned vegetable you will receive 1 fresh vegetable of that type until you have all 5. You also get the jar back for reuse!

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< >
Alexandria Aug 12 @ 4:55pm 
Will you have config settings to allow the sprinkler to be built on platforms?

I'm using Flying Rafts mod, and just ran into the problem "Can't Place Sprinkler: This Structure can not be placed on a platform!"

It's only of only a handful of things that I've run into so far.

Back to meh looking leaking water tap until a better solution shows up.

Great mod, still use the rest of it like mad (where I can).
offkilterkitty Jul 26 @ 2:18pm 

The pump is well within 6 foundations of the sink. Water is flowing through the pipe as other things are working. We do not have your sprinklers set up as of yet. The sink is showing as unpowered, there is not a way to turn it on. Watter botles placed in the inventory are not filling.
Drink is not part of the menu that we have seen, even when it worked.

I hope you get the dev kit and create more good things soon.

Thank you.
DoctorDiscord  [author] Jul 25 @ 4:01pm 
@offkilterkitty - Going off of memory (unable to update dev kit atm) but the distance was set at twice that of electical.. think its 6 foundations for the sink - Last checked (which was a long time ago) you were able to drink from the sink, just had to select it in the radial menu. As far as the water issue I have had the emmiter not show water come from the tap but the sink still functioned. Sorry for the frustration. I have never been happy with the sink/sprinkler system. Currently I am waiting for Ark to get closer to release before I Jump back into modding and push another update.
offkilterkitty Jul 24 @ 5:56pm 
An issue, and a question.
First the question, how far from the pump can the sink be in order to get water from it? One foundation? Two? Three?
My issue is that yesterday I set up the sink, the pump, the flange, and I was getting water. Today, I am not. Nothing has changed in the system. I made a new pump, reset the sink, replaced the flange, nothing.
And finally a suggestion. Truly you should be able to DRINK from the sink. Please add this feature.
Thank you.
Blueagle246 Jul 12 @ 1:30am 
@DoctorDiscord- Yep, thanks for the reply. That was it.
DoctorDiscord  [author] Jul 12 @ 1:10am 
@Blueagle246 - Could be a mod updated and didn't update the ID(check the rest of your mods for updates), the server needs a restart, or it was a faild install of the mod.
Blueagle246 Jul 11 @ 7:59pm 
Can not seem to place the Wood Stove?
DoctorDiscord  [author] Jul 11 @ 6:15pm 
@Haliganaxe - Put full water containers in it for now
Haliganaxe Jul 11 @ 5:31pm 
how do i get water to the wood cook stove?
PsySauce Jul 3 @ 6:29am 
Is this mod still alive and being updated?