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C2 - Command & Control
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Jul 30, 2015 @ 10:56am
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C2 - Command & Control



F E A T U R E S :
  • HUD-MODE: Environment-Sensitive indicators in 3d space (as in "Full Spectrum Warrior")
  • RADIAL MENU with many overdue functions (ROE, Stances, AutoWatch, AutoCombat etc)
  • MAP PLANNING: Detailed route-planning on map with many options
  • ORDER SUPPRESSION by 3D indicator, drawing zone on screen or planning on map.
  • Dedicated planning pages for ground troops, aircraft and highcommand
  • Interactive, flexible Waypoints (move: LMB-drag, RMB context)
  • Ability to garrison buildings (Hud- and Planning-Mode)
  • Syncronization and Door Kickers style GoCodes
  • Fully autonomous maneuvers once executed
  • Units can be disbanded to a virtual reserve/HC.
  • HC waypoints can be configured with right click context menu.
  • HC-Waypoint Actions (Suppression, Ambush) inspired by VBS Tactics
  • GetTactical Grenade System, Remote grenade launch function
  • Huge AI functionality bundled into accessible macros
  • MP compatible, key included

R E Q U I R E M E N T S : C B A _ A 3

C2 is a powerful tool that provides easy access to an arsenal of AI-commands for a player led squad.

Arma 3 handles individual AI movement very well, but forces the player to micromanage as
soon as plans become a bit more detailed. C2 tackles this issue and gets the best out of your AI with ease. Use it's two modes alongside the default controls and prepare for a new experience.

Send units to the positions of 3d indicators or plan routes with a comprehensive tablet device. Adapt the shape of your environment or fortify a building in seconds. Plan a fully automated insertion or extraction, orchestrate a raid or have your driver take you for a gunning stroll - C2 is there to help until you run out of ideas.

C2 works with both infantry and vehicles and provides the additions to Arma3's movement controls that you need for an authentic experience - the idea is to give the AI acess to your very own thought process.

C2 is fully muliplayer-compatible - Server key included. It is 100% client side, meaning that you don't need to run it on the Server and not everybody needs the mod.

Roll out on an adventure with your AI that you have not experienced so far! For further information please refer to the included manual or the video tutorials.

SUPPORTS ACE3, RHS Escalation, SuperFlash grenades.

Interferences with other mods: none reported as to date


SITREP 117[]
SITREP 199[]

"C2 seeks to push squad commanding forward in terms of usability and options. Get it on Workshop now!" - BIS
"Very Impressive" - BohemiaBeck
"Not gonna lie... This is ♥♥♥♥ing amazing" - Jester814
"Wow.. this looks really powerful." - BlueDrake42

For a detailed explaination of the controls, please refer to the included Manual, which is located in the @C2 folder that you download. STEAM users need to activate 'show hidden files' in Explorer to get to the Workshop-Downloads.

Alternatively, the download link to the manual can be found here[] :

Usage of the GetTactical[] grenade system authorized by Zapat

Your help is appreciated! :)



  • due to a learning mistake of mine, you need to set your Interface Size to 'small'. I apologize.
  • please take time to look at the keybinds and adjust them to your needs, there can be clashes by default. You only have to do it once![/]
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Aug 16 @ 12:50pm
Aug 16 @ 12:03pm
Jan 12 @ 5:04pm
Servers using C2
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Mad_Cheese  [author] Aug 16 @ 7:28am 
Hi guys,

this place is not very efficient for feedback and reports. Could you please stick to the discussions and format?

I am happy to welcome ReggaemanJah to the squad, heis going to fill in the gap for you guys and is creating a system with FAQ, wiki and he will also curate the reports and requests into chunks that are easy to deal with!

TB Aug 15 @ 10:54am 
Another suggestion: Currently the flat indicators previewing units positions are very difficult to see in many situations. I would suggest using tall blocks with very clear marks showing their direction. The best units preview would be in a similar way the Men of War games do it.
TB Aug 15 @ 10:43am 
Update to my self-deleted comment: There is indeed a button to select and deselect all units in HUD mode. I am sorry for the misinformation.
TB Aug 15 @ 10:01am 
@Mad_Cheese Thanks for the info!

Would it be possible for you to add a little notification when suppression fire is "disengaged"? It is sometimes very difficult to know if player has just ordered suppression fire or canceled it after previous suppression order (if you know what I mean). That being said, more notifications for each custom C2 order would help a lot because sometimes it is very difficult to know what happens with your AI squad-mates in combination with vanilla orders. The AI just shouts "ready" etc all the time and it can get very confusing sometimes when issuing multiple orders to multiple AI mates. Something like "Unit 6 has completed WP number 1" or "Unit 6 has completed order XYZ"...
Mad_Cheese  [author] Aug 15 @ 5:51am 
@TB You can not include the horizon within drawing suppression, it's an engine issue. If that happens, the script will use the position according to your set viewdistance, but bad results are to be expected because the tool was not used correctly. It is an easy mistake to make no doubt.

The suppression indicator snaps to the environment and hence does not go through objects that have a configured surface.
Mad_Cheese  [author] Aug 15 @ 5:51am 

The 'modded' suppression is just a framework of the BIS suppression which was made after my first suppression layout. It simply uses custom invisible targets that also work on elevated positions. You can cancel the order by either just pressing T (if selected units are suppressing, they will stop instead of commence). Alternatively you can order units back into formation or tell them to 'stop'.

I will look into the DISENGAGE wp. Sounds like a combatmode issue, but all in all this is probably the least maintained feature of the addon.

please use the BUG REPORTS discussion as well.
TB Aug 14 @ 11:14pm 
Another thing... how is one supposed to correctly cancel the suppression commands (the moded ones, not the vanilla one)?
TB Aug 14 @ 10:51pm 
Also, area suppression does not work well (or at all) when trying to aim at the terrain at horizon. Also, suppression markers should not be able to go through objects, because it causes units to "aim" at stuff behind them (which often causes suppression to fail completely). A typical example is an object on horizon with no terrain behind it.
TB Aug 14 @ 10:29pm 
BUG report: Disengage WP in map mode causes twitchy, bugged movement of given units. The units shake and move and stop constantly. Looks very glitchy.
Stoner Aug 14 @ 1:26pm 
Thank you for the explanation. FYI, that waypoint marker was set using C2 in the Map, not the editor. I couldn't get rid of it.

Regardless, whatever you can do will be greatly appreciated. Is there anything you can do about that sling-cargo scenario I described? As a workaround, I can land the helo with the cargo. The helo AI is smart enough to land just to the side of the cargo. I then use C2 to RTB the helo.