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Collisions guide
By 2dengine
Tips and tricks for the atmospheric puzzle game Collisions.
The game can be played entirely using the mouse, touchpad, touchscreen or any type of pointing device. Using the keyboard is completely optional although it does provide a few practical shortcuts.

Left / Right
Drag and move objects

P / Esc
Collisions begins with a small, star-like object appearing in the sky that grows and can eventually be recognized as a comet. There is no explicit story in the game, but events involving the comet do occur in the background. The ending can be quite surprising too, especially for players who have not been paying attention.
Collisions is a game where you advance by controlling a black ball indirectly. Here are some of the various machines and contraptions that you are expected to operate:

PlungersSpring-loaded plungers are used to propel the ball. The more you compress the plunger, the faster it will launch back up.

GatesGates are pneumatic and close automatically after a few seconds.

FlippersFlippers are electro-mechanically controlled levers that can accelerate from 0 to 1400 RPM in less than a second.

SlidersSliders are used to push things along a single axis. Drag or swipe along the toothed bar to move the slider.

GearsGears or cogwheels come in different shapes and sizes, but are all designed to transmit torque. Gears can be rotated manually by dragging or swiping in a circular motion.

DispenserDispensers are magnetic and can serve the ball with impeccable consistency.
Mini games
There are unlockable minigames that can be accessed from the level select menu.

Ants minigame
The "bugs" minigame unlocks after you find one bonus solution. This is a simple game where you click on ants. Try to clear two or more with a single click in order to get a "boost".

Raining spheres minigame
The "raining spheres" minigame unlocks after you complete all levels. This is a turn-based game where you and the computer drop spheres in the hole in the center of the screen.
You must match the same symbol or color as the previously played sphere. If you can't match the previous symbol or color, you must draw a new sphere (thus missing a turn). Whoever drops all of their spheres first wins.
Bonus solutions
Collisions contains about 20 bonus solutions. The bonus solutions are secret or alternative ways of solving a given puzzle. Please refer to the level select screen to see where the bonuses are hidden.

Let's say that you are hopelessly stumped about finding a particular bonus. First, enable the in-game hints and think about what the proverbs are suggesting.

The following section contains spoilers! If you are still reading this, you have abandoned all hope.

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Corwid Oct 19, 2015 @ 11:52am 
You should add some hotkey to replay previous level. It's a timewaste when you are trying to find bonus soultions, getting normal one and forced to quit-resume-choose level.