Star Ruler 2

Star Ruler 2

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dolynick's Faction Add-On v2.0.3.021
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Jul 21, 2015 @ 7:51pm
Sep 2 @ 7:59pm
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dolynick's Faction Add-On v2.0.3.021

Adds various popular Sci-Fi factions to the game. It offers custom races, subsystems, sounds, pre-configured designs and some reworking of base game systems. There are also several shipsets available for use as well, see below.

Currently Included Factions
Those factions marked with (WotH) require the Wake of the Heralds expansion/DLC for access.
Stargate: Atlanteans (WotH), Asgard, Goa'uld (WotH), Tau'ri (WotH), Wraith
Star Wars: The Empire, Republic/Rebels
Battlestar Galactica: Colonials (WotH), Cylons (WotH)
Star Trek: The Federation (WotH), The Klingons (WotH), The Borg (WotH)

Gameplay Changes
-Planet, Star & Galaxy sizes are greatly increased. Ship scaling has also been adjusted to provide more visual disparity between Size settings.
-FTL drives have been adjusted accordingly for increased galaxy size, but sublight engines are at a greater disadvantage than in the default game.
-Shields systems have been modified and can be considerably stronger.
-Many new weapons and subsystems have been added, some generic and others faction themed.
-Additional Government types with different benefits have been added.

Optional Shipset Packs
There are a number of shipset pre-configured packs available for use in conjuction with this mod:
-DOF-Shipset-Star Wars
-DOF-Shipset-Battlestar Galactica
-DOF-Shipset-Star Trek (Partial race support only)
-DOF-Shipset-Homeworld 2 (shipset only)

Please note that if you do not use a particular shipset, pre-made designs will still function but they will default to models other than their proper respective ship. You may tailor your system load by enabling only those shipsets you require for your game session.

Foundation Mods
The following mods were used as starting points and may or may not have portions still in use.
All credit for the remaining portions goes to their respective creators.
-Astronomical Names (by wolfenray73)

Known Issues
-It is best to wait for the mod to complete loading (all icons fill in from white boxes) before attempting to start a new game. Some users may experience crashing if they do not wait.
-Some things may not work correctly upon first in-game loading of the mod. To be sure, restart the game after first enabling the mod. Starting the game with the mod already enabled should be fine.
-The high number of added shipset resources (when enabled) may cause problems for older hardware.
-Balancing: There may be any number of balancing issues with the factions. I do want some semblance of balance but it's a work in progress.

Special Thanks
-Dalo Lorn for his help in getting to know the coding aspects of the engine.
-GGLucas for having the patience to deal with my questions on how to handle and implement some things.
-The Copyright Holders of the various materials referenced in this mod for their imagination and hard work in its original creation.
-piccolo255 for coming up with a fix for system links in map generation.

Non-Steam Downloads
Non-Workshop downloads for DOF mods can be found at

Change Log
-Reduced the size of the design for the Cannonical Ancients Destiny.
-Revised the sizings of the Ancients Atlantis & Epheus designs.
-Added new Seed Ship class flagship design for Cannonical Ancients.
-Added new Kleio class flagship design for Canonical Ancients.
-Adjusted range calculation of Ancient Drones.
-Added new Tyr class destroyer design for the Asgard.
-Added new Chariot class support design for the Asgard.
-Redesigned Asgard Gunship design.
-Adjusted sizings and roles of Asgard Mjolnir and Cruiser supports.
-Destroyer, Carrier, Titan & Colossus Hull research will now auto-load new designs.
-Custom DOF support ship weapons can now be used on satellites.
-Fixed a bug that was preventing Empire and Republic designs from auto-loading when the necessary research was unlocked.
-Customized Titan Hull. It now gets some primary and secondary armor health buffs to offset hex size losses.
-Customized Colossus Hull. It now gets some build and maintenance cost reductions (similar to the Titan hull), as well as primary and secondary armor health buffs to offset hex size losses.
-Empire Super Star Destoryer hulls now also get up to 20% maintenance and cost reductions (based on size).
-The Wraith Brain Node should now be available to non-Heralds games.
-Added new targetted & prioritized research system to AI.
-Added research targets for DOF races.
-Added basic research targets for standard races.
-The Repair Bay subsystem now lowers the amount of XP reward for destroying by the % it composes of the designs (no more veterancy farming).
-Added Mk V versions of certain designs that unlock with Nanomesh.
-Added new Providence, Munificent, Mediator & Viscount class flagship designs to Rebels/Republic.
-The Rebels/Republic now has a full advanced designs roster (default hyperdrives FTL only).
-The Tau'ri no longer start with Plasma Beams unlocked and much now research it.
-Revised several Tau'ri flagship designs.
-The Tau'ri now have a full advanced designs roster (default hyperdrive FTL only).
-The Colonials now have a full advanced designs roster (default jumpdrive FTL only).
-Planets may now reach level 6 (sourced from Rising Stars).
-Estimated Strength calculation (Fleet Calc) is now displayed in design stats (sourced from Rising Stars).
-Saved games from previous versions of DOF may no longer work (particularly those containing an Asgard AI).

May 28, 2017
-Fixed issues with the default designs for the Cylon Gate and Borg Starbase.
-Save games from previous versions of the mod are not compatible with this version.
-The Cylon faction now works with all stock shipsets, but still do not work with other custom shipsets (cause unknown yet).
-Modified game scripts to better allow default designs for supports, stations and satellites to load using shipsets other than the custom one.
-Added a script exception to handle the occassional Remnant Fleet generation error.
-Modified game scripting to attempt optimizing game performance.
-Fixed a bunch of save file scripting issues that could potentially cause data inconsistencies.
-Implemented a new custom AI for the Asgard.
-Revised default designs for Asgard (all FTL types).
-Added new weapon type: Phased Antimatter Cannon.
-Added Valhalla Station hull for Asgard.
-Fixed AI empires to properly retrofit old Repair Stations.
-Weasel AI is now capable of tracking Stations and should no longer spam Repair Stations unecessarily.
-Added in a missing Repair Station design for the Devout lifestyle.
-Implemented fix for system links in map generation (thanks piccolo255).
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dolynick  [author] Oct 22 @ 10:35pm 

Given the nature of the L5 bonus and the means of leveling it up, I can't think of any reason why it should suddenly stop working. DOF does not modify the attitude itself in any way. DOF doesn't modify the basics of Influence either. Influence generation and distribution itself is a bit complicated though, so I can't say for certain if it's something mod specific or not. What you're describing is not typical of games that I have played. It can be quite difficult sometimes to meaningly move the Influence balance in the later game without a long, extended effort though (which is normal).
DeepInvader Oct 22 @ 3:52pm 
So I just hit up Lvl 5 in generosity attitude and from that point onwards, I am not able to gain any influence points at all...
Even if i reaserch something wich should give me reasearch points or if I put 5mill leftovers into influence generation, it stays at 0/min

Do you know if this has to do something with your mod?

I am only using DLC+ DOF
dolynick  [author] Oct 20 @ 8:09am 

All weapon ranges are doubled in DOF and all weapon speeds are increased as well.

I'm not sure if your complaint is about ship designs using "fighter" movement of if it's in regards to the general balance of movement vs range. The former is easy for the player to address, the latter is a bit more complicated to explain in a comment.
DeepInvader Oct 18 @ 3:12pm 
So i really enjoy this mod, well done,
but one thing boggles me pretty much ...

I understand that you scalled the weapon range down to short range combat basicaly, but why do ships have to fly around in lightspeed durring combat and miss 85% of their shots because the fleets move on the other side of the solar system?
Or is this just the case with "smal" ships? I really hope to get the awsome feeling of 2 large fleets coliding and battleing it out and not dong short driveby all the time
Dalo Lorn Sep 7 @ 1:44am 
Also, as Mystic pointed out, Flux - while largely implemented within the base game itself - is not normally enabled. For now, I think only RS lets people use it, and I'm fairly sure it doesn't have AI support..
dolynick  [author] Sep 6 @ 10:39pm 

Due too the sheer number of added models and textures, if you do want to use them all at the same time, you either need to run them at lower texture settings or have a large amount of system memory to run at high or Ultra. At max settings, DOF with all 4 primary shipsets will use a little over 20 GB of memory. Adjust your settings accordingly, or use the shipsets selectively.

You're basically getting shipsets on par or better than all the major mods out for Sins for those for universes, all at once. It's unreasonable to not expect that to come with certain techinical requirements. Also, a few people have had issues with the DOF shipsets at anything over medium for unknown reasons (possibly an ATI issue).
MysticVoid7x9 Sep 6 @ 8:15pm 
More like it doesn't enable it. It isn't normally a useable FTL option.
brigadon Sep 6 @ 8:11pm 
For some reason, this mod disables the flux field FTL option.
MysticVoid7x9 Sep 6 @ 7:13pm 
When using the shipsets its best to only use a few and don't try to use them all at once.
brigadon Sep 6 @ 7:03pm 
If you actually add the shipsets as reccomended, it will bog and crash even a relatively beefy computer.

I tend to avoid adding the star trek sets, as those seem to be the worst offenders.