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Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE3)

ACE3 is the collaborative efforts of the former AGM and CSE teams, along with many of the developers from Arma 2's ACE2 project.

This mod is entirely open-source (we are hosted on GitHub[]), and everyone is free to propose changes or maintain their own, customized version as long as they make their changes open to the public in accordance with the GNU General Public License.

ACE3 is built modularly, thus a team can maintain its own tailored version, excluding a select number of components that they don't like, or which conflict with other addons. Larger components themselves, like the medical system and other core features also include various customization options, allowing mission designers and communities to tweak the overall experience.

The ACE Team

Core Features
  • Completely new 3D Interaction/Action System
  • Performance and reliability framework
  • Focus on modularity and customization
  • New flexible client and server settings & configuration
  • Improved medical system with various levels (Basic/Advanced) focus on gameplay/realism
  • Proper & consistent network synced weather
  • Wind and Weather Advanced Ballistics
  • Captivity System
  • Explosives System including different trigger types
  • Map screen improvements, marker placement and map tools
  • Advanced missile guidance and laser designation

Additional Features
  • Carrying and dragging
  • Realistic names for vehicles and weapons
  • Realistic ballistics/FCS calculated in C/C++ extensions
  • Backblast and overpressure simulation
  • A fire control system for armored vehicles and helicopters
  • Disposable launchers
  • Realistic G-forces
  • Vehicle Locking
  • Name tags
  • Laserpointers
  • Realistic Night and Thermal vision modes
  • Magazine repacking
  • Realistic weapon heating
  • Combat deafness simulation
  • Improved Ragdoll Physics
  • Improved interactions for AARs and ammo bearers
  • Adjustable sniper scopes
  • No Idle Animation with lowered weapon
  • No talking player Avatar
  • Jumping over obstacles, climbing over walls and cutting down fences
  • Vector, MicroDAGR, Kestrel and ATrag devices
... and much more

Documentation for our features, modules, usage and for developers is available on our Since this is our first release, not all documentation is available yet but will come soon. If you are interested in helping out with writing documentation the source is available on our repository[].

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< >
I dont have ACE Options in the top left corner, help plz
♛Jakob|Billie Eilish™ Feb 16 @ 11:22pm 
@machinegun precher drop it on the floor and arm it
calliberjoe Feb 16 @ 6:45pm 
For some reason i dont have the ace options in the top left corner
Skyguy142 Feb 16 @ 5:23pm 
How do I get my primary to be able to reload?
груви гринснак Feb 15 @ 5:15am 
How would I edit the weapons config in ace smallarms so that the mk 18 abr has full auto again?
Machinegun Preacher Feb 14 @ 7:36am 
Stupid question but how do i place explosives? its not in the menu anymore
Dedmen Miller Feb 14 @ 5:02am 
@Chaplain Kharos, @Vandeiken aka PawelKPL. People who can read have a clear advantage over people that can't.
Instead of the official wiki you could've also just read: The changelog, The couple twitter posts by ACE team telling everyone about it, Any of the issue reports on ACE Github from people that also couldn't read....
Vandeiken aka PawelKPL Feb 14 @ 4:24am 
@Chaplain Kharos , After a few hours of testing, googling , finally I found the solution, It looks like ace_server.pbo is not needed anymore and ace server side settings are integarted into cba settings. Why it is not clearly written in readme text IDK. What you need is just "cba_settings.sqf" file in the "ARMA3\userconfig" folder. Just copy your ace settings from serverconfig.hpp file and paste it to newly created "cba_settings.sqf" file. It wokrs for me and I hope it will work for you. Just check your server rpt file, you should have line like this:

[CBA] (settings) INFO: Userconfig: File [userconfig\cba_settings.sqf] loaded successfully.

pawel kocon
Vandeiken aka PawelKPL Feb 14 @ 12:21am 
@Chaplain Kharos, same here ! I can't find server.pbo !
Varakh Feb 13 @ 4:50pm 
Me and a friend get mismatches for ace despite both of us using this workshop file. Anyone know what might be the cause? So far the only fix has been replacing the whole mod filder content with the github version.