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Gods! Version 2.1

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Gods! Mods! OP Culture / Religion / Traits / Events


Check out my other mod - FANTASY! IT ADDS ELVES, DWARVES & DRAGONS into the Game!

Gods is a minor mod that adds new cultures, religions, events and traits into the game. Making compatible with nearly anything.

Gods was completely inspired by the Elvhenan Mod, which adds Elves & Magic into the game.
That mod is created by e-l-l-i-i and can be found here:

I highly suggest you download and play it if you enjoy having something different in CK2.

Gods is slightly influenced by the Greek Gods as well, but is meant to be a stand alone basic mod to allow the player to create their own history of the Gods regardless of real life mythology.


This is my first mod and my first version. Please give me feedback if you enjoyed it on how I could change it to best fit a fun play style.

Keep in mind that this mod does throw the game out of balance for the player due to the fact that Gods are suppose to be stronger than men. The balance is brought back through some adjustments on the max levy and by creating two adversary God cultures and religions that fight each other.

Start the game by adding either "God" or "Evil God" in the Ruler Designer setup screen.

Lets get into the features.



- Adds "High God" & "Evil God"
Both have a unique building, special troops, and retinue to go with. Evil God has Dark Angels, High God has Good Angels. High God can build a "Light Source", while Evil God can build "Dark Vacuum". All have wonderful upgrades and are exclusive to God traited characters.

- Adds "Good" & "Evil"
Both can marry close relatives without risk of inbred and awful deformities (as long as you have a God trait). Unique Holy Wars between religions also.

- Adds "God", "Goddess", "Evil God", "Evil Goddess, "Demi God" and "Demi Goddess"
Each having their own "Elvhenan" inspired Young version. a Character with the Young God or Young Evil God trait will not mature or be able to have kids until the age of 16.

Gods are immune to sickness and immortal, but can die in a duel with another God or very strong and determined mortal.

Male Gods can create themselves a Goddess at the beginning of the game to marry and give birth to other Gods, so that your children may choose their own path and grow up to challenge you.

Demi Gods are created by a God or an Evil God having a child with a mortal, regardless if that parent is the mother or father.

Gods and Evil Gods are given the decision to have a "Divine Conception" with women outside of their realm to impregnate them with a strong Demi God of their own.

Goddess similarly can use "Divine Seduction".

Children of Demi Gods forever gain the bloodline of the Gods giving them an edge over their fellow mortals.

Be careful which dynasty you wish to share your divine blood with... for Demi Gods can challenge and duel other Gods.

- Adds "Angels" & "Dark Angels"
As a God or an Evil God you may create an Angel or Dark angel in your decisions and one will join your court with his own trait and abilities. Have him lead your armies of special unit Angels to victory against your Evil God brother!

- Adds two Kingdoms, "Kingdom of the Gods" & "Kingdom of the Evil Gods"
These two kingdoms can be created only by a proper God with the proper culture and religion.

You can give yourself the nickname and traits of the King of the Gods by self targetting yourself.

- Adds Special Educations & Unique Honorary Titles
At the ruler designer you may choose to give yourself a divine education, so that you may choose your God children's future education.

Once the King of the Gods or Evil Gods you may hand out Honorary Titles to your God children or siblings like:

God of Light, Goddess of the Sun, God of Darkness, Goddess of the Moon, God of Strategy, Goddess of Protection God of War, Goddess of Destruction, God of Fortune, Goddess of Harvest, God of Greed, Goddess of Decadence, God of Secrecy, Goddess of Silence, God of the Dead, Goddess of Murder, God of Knowledge, Goddess of Wisdom
God of Dark Knowledge, Goddess of Manipulation, God of Fertility, Goddess of Love, God of Adultery, Goddess of Lust, God of the Seas, Goddess of Rain, God of Earthquakes, Goddess of Fire, God of Festivals, Goddess of Wine
God of Chaos, Goddess of Hunting

- Adds Weapons & Armor
Bronze, Iron, Steel, Silver, Gold & Special God Weapons and Armor give the AI and the player more RPG elements as well as an opportunity to increase their combat rating by purchasing valuable gear. These can be purchased in the new marketplaces found in your decisions. All Armor and Weapons are passed on to your heir.

Weapons and Armor can be granted using targetted commands!

- Added Norse God Culture & Olympic God Culture
Both new cultures have less features but have their own units and buildings. Norse God gets Jotnar Norse Giants and Olympic Gods get Titans.

- Adds Unique Events to keep you on your toes
Should you be a Good God and recieve the cruel trait, you will begin to feel the darkness consume you and become an Evil God, same can apply to your children. Same goes for kind Evil Gods.

- You can become a God without using the Ruler Designer!
When you turn the age of 20, you will begin to get strange dreams. A Seer will arrive and you may choose to let him train you or banish him. The choice is yours to take the path of the Gods or not.



- Special Events to spawn a random Evil or Good God to challenge you. Using the Adventure mechanic.
- God Duel (Different from Regular Duel, Gods can duel each other all the time and from anywhere on the map, some Gods could even risk becoming mortal by losing a duel.)

- Creating Dynasty and premade God characters to play that are designed and exact to the Norse Gods (Odin, Thor, Loki etc.) Greek Gods, Roman Gods, Christian God(s), Muslim God, and Hindu Gods. These characters would have strong influence over their proper religions and would war against each other on a different extended map.


Thank you for viewing and subscribing my mod, please leave me feedback in the comments or feel free to message me.

Until next update.
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bug with gender
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WolfWhiteFire Mar 2 @ 10:17am 
After finding the answer to my previous question, I was wondering if it would be possible to have it where gods can have concubines, in mythology and the such didn't gods have children with many different women? That is the main germanic bonus I miss.
WolfWhiteFire Mar 2 @ 8:25am 
So if you get one of the god religions, do you lose all your bonuses for your original religion, or is it on top of those? In my case, the bonuses of germanic?
Bush did 9/11 Feb 13 @ 9:39am 
@babykiller same for me but I'm a hungarian christian
Babykiller Feb 12 @ 9:36am 
I just added this and I'm very much enjoying the additions, I have noticed though that the weird dream event chain seems to stop after I get student of good/evil and I don't really get any events past that if I'm germanic pagan.

Might just be bad luck but I have yet to have a germanic pagan character get any of the events past that to become a god.

tiberiusthe3rd Feb 8 @ 10:22pm 
My question is; can both God Kingdoms exist at the same time? Because as far as I can tell the only one them happens per game, and that's only if you pick it..
Big Fish Jan 27 @ 8:02am 
In the game options before you start you have to set the number of Gods to "God Party". If not, you will be the only God.
Simon Jan 26 @ 11:07pm 
Is there an era for the gods? Because I chose early medieval with a custom char as a evil god and did not find any.
:/ I didn't check. I thought this was up to date.
Big Fish Jan 22 @ 1:43pm 
This hasn't been updated for years. There's a version out called Gods! 2.4 which is being actively worked on.
I have found another thing that needs to be fixed. Arcangels aren't a thing. I assume you mean Archangels. Please fix the typo on that trait.