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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

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Ultimate Guide to Transformed
By NoVa🌛 and 4 collaborators
Hi, and welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Transformed.
The details you will find here are tips, tricks, and a lot of other things which have to do with Transformed.
If you have any ideas or would like to help out, contact us.
Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Transformed.

The details you will find here are tips, tricks, and other things about Transformed.
If you have any ideas or would like to help out, contact us.

This guide may include tips & information from the Community. If you have a problem please let us know, otherwise we'll think it's fine.
Characters - General
Physics in general can make or break a character too. AGES can have a rough time handling Temple Trouble's U-Turn before the final water section, which other characters have an easier time.

Boat physics
This is one of the more important ones, there are characters that can go faster on water than others. Tails is considered to have one of the best boats in the game despite having lower stats regarding boost and speed.

Machine forms
Machine forms also are a factor to how good a character is. Out of the two popular 4/1/1/6 characters, AGES has the better plane, Ralph has the worse plane, and so on.

Regarding machine forms, their size is also another factor. Ralph dominates a lot of Time Attacks due to his small car shape, allowing him to take corners much more tighter than other characters. If the player can do the same in a Matchmaking race, he'll be ahead in no time.
Track specifics and such.

Dream Valley
Dark Section
Single Race: Save for a Level 3 Drift and release with the risk boost and boost ring
Time Attack: Keep using a Level 1....text missing.

Courtesy to d3adnaught for the video. Here is a video that shows how you can achieve high jumps and maintain fast speeds to stay ahead.

Burning Depths
Lap 1 Alt. Route (Super Ice Pickup) - Perforated Soul
I take my finger off the gas as soon as I drop down, and let off on it most of the straight path(where the super pickup actually is), and until around the corner.

If I'm about to hit the wall I will release the level 1 so I don't slow down as much

If I can I try to hold the drift around the corner and then release the level 2 at the end of the shortcut.

Even by slowing down a lot it's usuallly faster. Just don't drive into the wall if you have the level 1, release it and crash into wall with the level 1.

You will lose the drift charge if you hit the wall anyway, so by releasing it you won't slow down as much. Of course try to avoid the wall at all costs if you can.

There is a way to do drift right around it by hugging the edge and end up with a level 3 at the end of the shorcut; that's xenn's strat, but it's very difficult to pull off. I play it safe and just switch drift, make sure I don't end up in the water.

Check the Time Attack/Single Race Guide if you would like to see videos of the best times.
All Normal Track Intro's without the HUD (no music). Recorded by NoVa (1920x1080 60FPS).
All Arena Track Intro's without the HUD (no music). Recorded by NoVa (1920x1080 60FPS).
World Tour

[color=#cccccc]Played in:[/color]
[color=#ebdc00]S-Class Difficulty[/color]

[color=#eecd6f]Sunshine Coast[/color] [color=#00ceee]Frozen Valley[/color] [color=#be0000]Scorching Skies[/color] [color=#bb3c00]Twilight Engine[/color] [color=#002d9c]Moonlight Park[/color] [color=#004aff]Superstar Showdown[/color]
(By Paul and Chacal)


These are the weapons and utilities you can pick up in the game. They are found in two types of boxes.

The "?" boxes are the Regular Pickups. From them, you can obtain any of the 11 items shown below. They respawn after 2 seconds.

The "!" boxes are the Super Pickups. They contain a unique item, take much longer to respawn and are hidden in hard to reach places, but very worthwhile.

For detailed locations for every Pickup, see Paul's Full Super Pickup Guide:

Chacal ^^

[color=#1feb00]Time to use the items, always look for the best place where you can cause the most damage. For example, use the Blowfish after Boost Pads or blind spots of the track, use the Swarm in narrow areas to hit someone on the way up or during a boost, etc. A well placed shot can hit two opponents if they are very close.[/color]

Firework: Fast rocket that goes straight. It can bounce off walls several times before vanishing or hitting something. Be careful when using it because it can bounce off the wall and back at you. It can be fired backwards and in the air it makes a slight curve to try and hit a target.

Super Pickup - 3 Fireworks: Samba Studios, Carrier Zone, Seasonal Shrines, Rogue's Landing (lap 3), Sanctuary Falls (lap 2), Graveyard Gig (lap 3), Adder's Lair, Race of Ages (lap 1) and Egg Hangar.

Ice: Snowball that goes straight and slows the target down. Always come in packs of 3 and if you the same target 3 times, you will freeze them and bring them to a halt. It can be shot backwards.

Super Pickup - 6 Ice: Carrier Zone, Temple Trouble, Galactic Parade (lap 3), Dream Valley (lap 3), Chilly Castle (laps 2 & 3), Graffiti City (lap 3), Burning Depths (lap 1) and Race of Ages.

Drone: Homing projectile that automatically aims for the target ahead, no matter how far away you are. Sometimes it can take a while to reach them and can be destroyed, even by yourself, so be careful when shooting with other weapons. You cannot be hit by your own drone. You can avoid it by going through a portal, performing stunts or boosting when the indicator starts blinking, it will then target the next racer ahead. It can be fired backwards, but it will go straight.

Super Pickup - 3 Drones: Ocean View (lap 3), Rogue's Landing (laps 1 & 2), Dream Valley, Graffiti City (lap 3), Sanctuary Falls (lap 1), Adder's Lair, Burning Depths (lap 2), Race of Ages (lap 3), Shibuya Downtown and Outrun Bay.

Blowfish: Static trap that appears behind your car. Perfect for blocking passages or boost pads. They can be fired forwards, acting similarly to Fireworks (hold up and shoot). Be careful not to be hit by your own Blowfish. Can be destroyed by other weapons and may obtain 2 from a regular pickup.

Super Pickup - 3 Blowfish: Dragon Canyon (lap 2), Seasonal Shrines, Dream Valley (lap 2), Sanctuary Falls (lap 1), Graveyard Gig (laps 1 & 2), Burning Depths (lap 3), Race of Ages and Sunshine Tour.

Boost: Free super speed. One of the rarest items in the game. This little beauty gives you a free level 4 boost. You can obtain 2 from a regular pickup! If you have more than one and hold the fire button to use them, you will gain stronger boosts and sequences, so if you have two, you will earn 2 consecutive level 5 boosts, and if you have three, you will earn 3 consecutive level 6 boosts! It's insane!

Super Pickup - 3 Boosts: Ocean View (laps 1 & 2), Galactic Parade (laps 1 & 2), Rogue's Landing (laps 1 & 2), Dream Valley, Graffiti City (laps 1 & 2), Graveyard Gig (laps 1 & 2), Race of Ages (lap 2), Roulette Road and Outrun Bay.

Hot Rod: Offensive boost. A huge engine will appear on your car with a gauge. As time goes on, the meter fills up and the boost gets stronger. Press the fire button again to destroy the engine before the meter reaches the end and it will release a burst of fire, blasting away anyone nearby. If you do not destroy the engine, it will explode on you. Can not pick up other items while the Hot Rod is active, even super pickups.

Twister: Homing item that is almost useless against the AI, but can easily ruin someone's race. The Twister reverses the controls of whoever is affected, causing serious problems. You can fire it backwards and it will become a static trap for racers behind. It moves much faster than the Drone and can also be destroyed.

Glove: Single-use defensive item. While active, a glove will appear behind your car for 15 seconds or until something hits you. It blocks any weapon or trap on the track. If you block a weapon, you obtain that weapon for free (if you don't currently have an item), so if you block Ice, you will earn 3 Ice shots. The only items that cannot be "stolen" are the Swarm and All-Star. The Glove will still protect you against attacks while it is fading away. For some reason, if you are hit while the Glove and Hot Rod are both active, the Hot Rod will be destroyed.

Super Glove: Improved version of the Glove. It will still last 15 seconds but will block an unlimited amount of hits during that time. You will still obtain weapons normally. If you use a Glove while the Super Glove is still active, it will extend the time for it! This item is the ultimate defense against All-Stars. Your active Hot Rod will still get destroyed if you get hit while having a Super Glove active as well.

Super Pickup: Samba Studios, Dragon Canyon (lap 3), Dream Valley (lap 1) Graffiti City (laps 1 & 2), Sanctuary Falls (lap 3), Graveyard Gig (lap 3), Adder's Lair and Race of Ages.

Swarm: Also called Sky Tigers. This item creates a swarm of bees in front of first place and will slow racers down. Choose carefully where to use this item because they are useless in the air sections and you can't choose where they spawn at junctions. There is a glitch with this item: sometimes the model of the bees do not line up with their hit boxes, and you may end up going through them without being hit. You can see the Swarm coming before the bees spawn, shoot them to kill some of the bees before they appear! If you fire the Swarm backwards, the bees will immediately appear behind you. You cannot be hit by your own Swarm.

All-Star: The most desired item in the game, also called "I win". Get ready to win and lose races because of this item. It activates the special power of your character, makes you invincible, increases the stats of your character and gives you an infinite weapon. It lasts about 10 seconds. This item is the rarest in the game and is usually given as a way to reward someone who is being targeted by everyone or is far behind in the race. You cannot get this item while in first place, or pick up other items while the All-Star is active. You can sometimes get this item more than once in a race.

under development. more to come soon.

By Chaos Epoch.

One of the things you must exceed in for you to win a race. Ironically however, the handle stat itself can be greatly turned down with several moves and tricks that can greatly increase your cornering power.

  • Chilly Castle and Burning Depths are the two biggest handle heavy maps and are great for practising on, with Burning being the best of the two. Roulette Road and Sunshine Tour are also very good but to a much lesser extent then those other maps.

  • A handle stat skill exceeding 5 can and will cause overhandling, which will quite easily cause your drifts to fail. Never go above 4 unless you're either looking for a laugh, or you're not trying to drift at all. (like in those tank battles.)

Briefly, the Handling stat affects how well your kart manoeuvres around the track without drifts, reduces the time you may want to keep your boot off the speed when going around especially tight corners so that you go faster then your competitors. And how easy it is to straight “flick” your kart before going into a drift outside of a switch drift flick. (outside of the game this is known as a Scandinavian flick. This technique sets up the initial angle for the next drift. Straight flick refers to the use of a flick without drift switching, drift flick refers to the use of it in order to do so.)

very subtle. slowed down to show it.

Straight flicks are best used if you character is currently going straight forward and is on a outside line that leads up to the cusp of a single curve or simple curve formation.

This is a optimal flick site and size for someone not using a drift flick to do so. a higher handle stat greatly reduces the time for a flick in a “inside to outside to inside” situation where the flick must be much greater then the curvature shown. A character with low handling is usually screwed in a inside outside inside occasion if they haven't yet lined things up and must sacrifice a lot of speed in order to corner, or risk crashing into a wall. Even a drift flick can't save them.

Drift flicking has the bonus of extended time which can be used for as long as you need or want it to. Along with adding an addition angle into the mix which can then allow for a greater potential output. Drift flicks are usually put to work for complex precision curves and they are also usually faster then straight flicks for slow handle characters since everyone drift switches at the same speed.

First off, most importantly,.

follow the inside outside lines when you are drifting. The faster you can go around corners is the faster you can go around the track.
think about the line, where you are in it and most importantly, where you are going next. Subconsciously or not, you will start following A line by your own accord. However, understanding where the optimal line is and what you need to do next in order to follow it will bring your game up. Always think 3 steps ahead.

drift switching.

When you are drifting, there is a very small delay in the boost release that can be exploited in order to save a boost level and not use it. This is useful for either extending the levels on you boost in the next corner. (from a 1 to a 2, or a 2 to a 3.) or to save your stored boost so you can go over boost pads without fear, since boost pads put an immediate and sometimes crippling deceleration on boosts.

However, every time you drift switch the time for the next boost upgrade is reset, which means you can miss crucial boosts if you're timing is off.

drift stunts.

As you are drifting forward and holding it while going over a jump, roll stunting forward pushes you kart forward.

This can also be done to greater effect without drifting by turning your kart to the left or right as much as possible with a drift before going over the jump, however this is usually only possible to pull off in boat form and even then can be incredibly difficult to the point of total complete improbability.

Handling and Speed.
speed is speed. The faster your speed stat is, the greater effect it has on handling. Your control on speed however, is what makes handling easy.

If you are going fast, you tend to go forward, go slow and you tend to pull inwards more. Control of speed is very useful, and you should never have a complete lead boot when playing this game,
cutting your power by but a fraction
just before you pull around a corner can put you seconds ahead of someone else who was ahead of you just moments before.

Taking your foot off
takes tighter turns, tapping the speed does the same but prolongs the speed and therefore angle.

Handling and Acceleration.

If speed is the rum to boost's coke, acceleration is the jandal for handles handle.

As you cut your speed for handling to curve more and cut seconds off, acceleration ties in with boost and helps brings you back up to where you were before much quicker. Gotta handle the jandal yo.

Handling and Boost.
Boosting causes a large amount of excess speed, on tight corners this will usually push your kart way out of the inside outside line. In short; never boost into a drift, or never boost during a drift unless you're either just about to exit it or you have a boost pickup and need the excess speed to push you forward.

If you have a major boost ready way before a turn and it's enough to push you around the corner, make sure you are inside of the inside outside line BEFORE you boost, after you boost and have judged the moment, do a heavy straight flick outwards, then heavy drift in order to counteract the forward force. This will push you right around the interior of the corner at maximum force.

Best Players in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.
The "best players" have been removed, as it isn't really needed or helpful.

Please check the TA/Single Race Guide if you would like to see videos of the best records.
Questions & Answers
Q: Does unlocking characters in World Tour take away your stars?
A: No.
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