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Advanced Vehicle Options (AVO)
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May 13, 2015 @ 11:27am
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Advanced Vehicle Options (AVO)

Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.7.0-f3 (Mass Transit)

This mod let you customize various options about vehicles.
To access those options simply click on the vehicle icon at the bottom right of your screen (next to the policy icon).

Mod options
- Hide the user interface: Lets you hide the UI completely if you feel like you are done with it and want to save the little bit of memory it takes. Everything will still be functional.

Vehicle options
- Max Speed: Lets you change the maximum speed of the vehicle. Please note that due how the game simulate the traffic, vehicles may not reach their maximum speed (ie. road speed limits).
- Acceleration/Brake: Lets you change how fast the vehicle accelerate/brake.
- Colors: Lets you change the color scheme for that particular vehicle type. When a vehicle spawn a random color is chosen between those 4 colors.
- Allow this vehicle to spawn: Pretty self explanatory. Be careful, disabling all vehicles of a particular service will prevent it to work as no vehicle will be able to spawn. Make sure you have at least one vehicle available for each category.
- Replace last car with engine: Allows you to make the last car of a train be an engine. The engine is automatically reversed. Now automatically applied to existing trains.
- Capacity: Lets you change the capacity of the vehicle. Note: bigger cargo/garbage capacity is not necessarily better. Cargo/Garbage collection needs to be dispatched across the map so the more vehicles you have the better, as long as the road network can handle the load. You don't want the capacity too low either as it will generate a lot more vehicles. Try to stay close to default vehicle values.

- Reload: Restore the backup configuration file created when loading the game or using the Save button.
- Save: Save a backup of the current configuration.
- Remove vehicles: All existing vehicle instances of that type, driving or parked, will be removed. Hold Shift key to remove ALL vehicle types.

You might also want to check out my guide:
How to Replace default vehicles with custom ones

Configuration file
The configuration file can be found at
If you wish, it is possible to open and edit the file with a text editor (ie. notepad).

Other mods like Improved Public Transport, Transport Line Manager or Service Vehicle Selector can still spawn disabled vehicles. This is intended behavior because they offer greater spawning control. Use them to configure which vehicles you want to spawn instead.
Does not alter game save files in any way.
Can be disabled/removed at any time.

Known issues

Source Code

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THIS MOD IS NO LONGER WORKED ON. Asking for improvements/fixes/compatibility issues is pointless. I'll however make an effort to keep the mod working, if possible, with major updates of the game (I don't own any of the DLCs).
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kingmar8.msu Oct 12 @ 4:28pm 

As an FYI to you, I have a ton of assets and mods, so it is very possible there could be more to this than what "I believe" to be the issue, but so far, all fingers point to the combination of nursing home mod and the custom stadium asset causing issues with AVO and visitor capacity of stadiums and concert venues. Hopefully this helps, or leads to clarity on the source of this issue if something else IS behind it.

(end of response)
kingmar8.msu Oct 12 @ 4:27pm 

I had only used nursing homes in one of my saves (the one mentioned in my other post), but once AVO was impacted in that save, I was having issues with AVO in all my other saves. Since disabling the nursing home mod and resetting AVO, I havent had capacity issues in any of my other save games aside from the one mentioned in my other post. I experimented with placing the asset before placing a nursing home in some of my other saves, and everything seems to work fine if done that way (I can even disable the nursing home mod and still play all my other save games).

(continued - part 2)
kingmar8.msu Oct 12 @ 4:22pm 
@Lolindir: I have been meaning to update my previous post, as it seems that the asset i referred to works fine with AVO as long as the Nursing Home mod is disabled. As far as I can tell, the asset and mod together seem to cause the boarding issue, particularly when a nursing home has actually been placed in-game prior to adding the asset (One of my saves of my 420k+ city was permanently altered and will not allow me to play the save without the nursing home mod active, even if all nursing homes have been removed from the game and the asset removed also; This save will also keep the concert venue and the asset at a visitor capacity of zero, in addition to the public transit boarding issues).

The asset I was referring to is:

Growlithe16 Oct 11 @ 8:47pm 
One of the best mods I have come across. Its such a helpful and useful mod for editing and making the game better.

Thanks so much for making this!
Lolindir Oct 10 @ 9:43am 
I have the same issue mentioned by Kingmar8.msu. Which was the asset that made you the boarding problem? I'm trying to remove and unscribing my asset with events (like stadium, concert hall etc.) but for now without success.
kingmar8.msu Sep 10 @ 7:40am 
As an update, in case anyone else has had the issues mentioned in my previous post, there was a stadium asset that was conflicting with this mod (a modder-made game-day stadium) as well as conflicting with the Concerts & Match Day DLCs. Specifically, the asset was causing the concert venue and other match day stadiums to have a visitor capacity of zero if they were plopped after placing the asset in game, and causing the concert goers to disappear instead of visibly stay at the concert.

After removing the asset in-game and completely unsubscribing from it , I had to clear all vehicles to get the capacity numbers back, and delete the concert venue and any other match day stadiums & place them again to get the visitor capacity back and stop the disappearing concert goers.
I wish we could add cars with this mod
benzoll Aug 25 @ 3:26pm 
v 1.8: mod working.
kingmar8.msu Aug 24 @ 4:12pm 
Is anyone aware of any mod or asset that would cause multiple public transport vehicles not to load passengers at all? I've had a problem over the last few weeks where most vehicles do not respond to capacity changes I make in AVO (some keep loading at default values, while others will not load at all, while a small number load at the capacity i have set in AVO; all vehicles display AVO capacity regardless of whether they actually load at that capacity or not; issue happens across all public transit types & lines with no clear pattern). Ive noticed a flicker in the passenger number when vehicles try to load, as if the mod is trying to work but being blocked or reset to zero.

I've tested most of my mods (all have run perfectly for months to years with AVO without issue), so Im mostly convined that there is a bad asset causing this? If anyone has experienced this or has a solution, please share. I'll keep testing mods & recent assets & update if I find the issue.
Kenneth Aug 24 @ 2:34am 
Calm down mate. Many vehicles cannot be recolored