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Formula Fusion

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Release date: Q2 2016
Game Overview

Formula Fusion Racing takes the best elements of Wipeout and F Zero X and gives the genre some real bite, taking AG Racing to the next level! The amount of speed you can gain is potentially open-ended; to the point of having an almost warp speed like quality. The game brings together experts in the fields of optimisation and performance, concept art from established film and VFX talent and a thumping soundtrack from international music artists to create a blended visceral sensation like no other!

Track Technology
Tracks are made up of superconductors that suspend the craft within a gravitational field using super-cells, cooled by liquid nitrogen. This Quantum Levitation Effect allows craft to skim along the track at incredibly high speeds whilst remaining suspended in the field through all degrees of motion. Magnetic side buffers create an invisible barrier to dampen impact at high speeds whilst holographic digital elements serve to update your HUD with visual feedback.

Weapon Technology
Along with more traditional weapons you will be able to research new technology to add them to the craft slots, which you can activate during race-time. Weapons and counter-measures in Formula Fusion are all digital. Once you use one you will need to re-charge them to reactivate them again. This will allow the player to chose to be either aggressive or defensive and as you progress through the craft stages more slots will be made available.

Handling and Features
With enhancements to the traditional way of AG craft handling we have developed our own hybrid: a mixture of physics and spline control. In addition to the craft technology we have developed, we have created a garage system that allows you to fine tune your craft to your own specification. Tracks will be designed with all the care and attention you would expect from some of the original designers artists from Wip3out and will include features you are familiar with but also some new inventions base on the many track themes we have planned and the dynamic nature of the track surface. Track features include: Corkscrews, Twists, Banking, Field Switches and Inverted jumps along with X-sections and flyovers. Lighting FX and post processing will also play a big part; trails of the craft come from plasma clouds which dissipate over time making it possible at extreme speeds to see ghosted versions as you complete a lap. We will also have slip-streaming, and a range of experimental technology you can apply from the garage - such as energy leach, cloak and time/leap.

Gameplay includes a layer of technology research and craft customization through the team garage facility, along with competitive ‘edge of your seat’ style racing in the various classes; working your way from Amateur Racing Class up to the slick FF-Hyper Sports leagues. Along with the base game modes we also aim to bring you visceral ‘in-cockpit’ F1 VR style action and synchronous eSports Racing Leagues. The game also features Ghost-mode (a zone mode variant) and collaborative F1 style team play.

The game represents not only a next generation reboot of the classic AG Racing genre, but also a drive to bring back the core tried and tested elements from the most successful and most cherished AG Racing Titles ever made including a thumping urban soundtrack produced by our very own DubFX in collaboration with CoLD SToRAGE. Music will feature heavily in the game with the ability for PC gamers to play their own music and music skins from artist contributors (other platform features will be explored).

The game is to be the first title from the newly formed R8 Games Development Studio; a company made up of dev talent including ex Wip3out, Colin McRae, AutoClub Revolution, Carmageddon and Midnight Club developers.

Game Setting

The game is set in and around NY State, 50 years after the cataclysmic events of an all-out global nuclear war rendered most areas uninhabitable. Redevelopment on a vast scale has all but papered over the cracks, with many districts almost unrecognizable. The division between rich and poor is the greatest it has ever been with Favela style slums and make-shift buildings forming poverty stricken rings around affluent commercial districts. Branding and Graphic design elements to make the world come to life will come from influential and award winning designers, The Designers Republic.

The year is 2075. 177 years since man first got behind the wheel of a car and raced against a competitor. Through the years, advances in science and technology have pushed the field of Quantum Levitation to a degree that allows modern transportation to be suspended within artificially created gravity fields above super conducted highways. Along with transportation, this technology became embedded in motor sport racing; the pomp and celebration of what was Formula 1, evolved to become FORMULA FUSION – QUANTUM RACING LEAGUES.

The racing calendar is now established as a global sporting event that brings technology and science together like never before. Because of the high level of technical competition and the huge levels of investment the race attracts - the traditional corporate backed race teams have given way to huge University based research facilities, and each team is now represented on a national level by these huge schools of excellence. These Mega-Unis are often the size of large cities with their own economies and laws.

With competition for research funding high, each race season is as much about showcasing the skills of the pilots as it is the performance of the craft. Competition to attract the best researchers and engineers to these institutions is fierce with big money headhunting common place. Craft pilots are nurtured from birth and conditioned into becoming perfect testing machines to support this drive for success.

Universities regularly publish their standings in the global research tables and this in turn allows them to achieve greater funding and expansion. Formula Fusion is a perfect testing grounds for the latest in hardware and science innovations. To support the research surrounding the event, Universities have focused their research into 4 key areas of innovation. These are represented in the Garage Tech Trees:

• Weapon Systems
• Propulsion Systems
• Craft Materials
• Quantum Physics

Game Features:

- 7 themed zones – each containing 3 tracks and a final championship track resulting in 22 variations;
- 10 National Racing Teams/ Research institutes – Each with different research specialties;
- Branding and Graphic design from The Designers Republic – A perfect marriage of style and content;
- Customisable Race Settings – Including Weather and TOD;
- New Weapon Technology – Research new technology and adapt your own style of play;
- New Game Modes and Meta Games - including an integrated Zone style mode and garage missions;
- Local Split Screen and Synchronous multiplayer aspect - with Replay Ghost;
- Team Research Garage – Craft upgrade mechanic and race analytics through the front end;
- Records, Awards and eSPORTS Racing Leagues (format to be confirmed) – through our eSports partner ESL;
- 5 unlockable Craft Classes, available at key upgrade/advance stages – including a team specific X-Technology craft;
- Potential VR Integration – for visceral cockpit action;
- A Thumping Urban Soundtrack - From DubFX and CoLD SToRAGE.

Check out news, further information and the store, here:

Thank you,
Team R8
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