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The Witcher Universe Magic

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The Witcher Universe Magic

Must watch video:

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Current version:
ALPHA 0.055c

This mod adds Witcher Universe-inspired magic to the game and introduces Witcher Universe lore to The Elder Scrolls World in a delicate way. Witcher signs, powerful mages' spells, witchers' powers etc, New Realms, Forts is what you will find here.

Witcher Signs Video:

List of added content: (v0.055c)
Added a whole new world - The Realm of Aen Elle!! (Not finished yet)
Added a witcher fortress - Kaer Gurde!
A new questline!! (test version only)!
- Witcher's Night Vision (See in the dark)
Witcher Signs:
- Aard (Targeted version and AoE version)
- Igni (Flame gout version and Flame Burst version)
- Quen (Armor enhancing magical defense spell)
- Yrden (Magical trap - rune)
- Axii (Mind Control version and Speech Enhance)
Spells for Mages:
- Alzur's Double Cross (3 Variations - CREATE POWERFUL MAGICAL CREATURES)
- Alzur's Thunder (A powerful, expert destruction spell created by legendary Alzur himself)
- Alzur's Shield (A very strong defense spell)
- Aspect of the Gods (An extremely powerful, 15 second-channeling expert Illusion spell with mega buffs and boosts)
- Blessing of Melitele (An Adept Restoration healing + buff spell)
- Cleanse Blood (Neutralizes poisoning effects)

How to test the spells - Step By Step:
1. Open up the console with the tilde key (~).
2. Type in "help" + a sign or power you wish to add.
Ex. "help aard"
3. Use the "Page Up" key to find the desired entry in console.
4. Type "player.addspell" + the ID of the spell.
Ex. "player.addspell 01010d12"
5. Have fun. Remember to use the godmode for testing or if you don't have enough magicka to cast the spell. Open up the console, type in "tgm".

Other recommended mods:
- Ultimate Witcher Expierience (I highly recommend that you don't use author's spells because they are buggy)

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Lt. Dan Taylor Oct 25 @ 7:15pm 
Do you have plans on putting this mod on the Special Edition, and how do you have both the swords on you back?
TheCornerProphet Aug 18 @ 2:05pm 
Can never have too much Witcher
KingAragorn Mar 19 @ 2:31am 
ok thanks
Anna Henrietta  [author] Mar 17 @ 11:32am 
Unlikely, I must say, this project is too big and it is already quite old. However you can still enjoy the spells and the new dungeon i added, which are the main points of the mod.
KingAragorn Mar 17 @ 6:56am 
for steam

KingAragorn Mar 17 @ 6:55am 
are you going to finesh this
Anna Henrietta  [author] Jan 29 @ 3:19am 
Use the console commands.
diegolink Jan 29 @ 2:50am 
how do i get into kaer gurde its locked pls help PLEASEEEE
Anna Henrietta  [author] Oct 30, 2016 @ 4:50am 
You can go to the fortress and use the console to unlock the door. Then you just have to find them.
MartianOnJupiter Oct 30, 2016 @ 4:22am 
How can you get the spells without using the command prompt?