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Left 4 Dead 2

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3PS - Play in Third Person
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May 6, 2015 @ 1:36pm
Feb 23 @ 2:27pm
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3PS - Play in Third Person

Thirdperson view switcher for L4D2, get ready to rule the apocalypse from above (⌐■_■)

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  2. Download 3ps.cfg and put it in your L4D2 config folder, by default at:
    Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\cfg\

    Make sure you save 3ps.cfg as a cfg file and not txt
    Windows & Mac tutorial[www.wikihow.com]

  3. Launch L4D2, open Addons, and disable mods conflicting with this one

    Other mods that modify your keybindings will be conflicting
    You can re-enable them after step 4

  4. Go to Options > Keyboard/Mouse > Edit Keys/Buttons and rebind all the blank keys

    This mod adds handlers to your game, several keys will be blank. Put back the
    same keys you were using before. The rebinds ensure the mod stays consistent
    with your actions, in particular with scoping

    Also bind these new keys: Activate 3PS, Zoom in, Zoom out, Duck + Zoom (optional)

    If you disable 3PS, the rebinded keys will appear blank again. That is expected,
    they will be visible when you re-enable 3PS. The key rebinds are retro-compatible
    so you can still play your game with this mod disabled

  • Press "Activate 3PS" to start up the mod

  • "Zoom in" / "Zoom out" to change the view distance

  • "Duck + Zoom" to zoom when crouching

  • "Scope" to switch back to first person

  • Does this work online?
    Yes on multiplayer campaigns, survival, and realism, not versus

  • Is this a cheat?
    No, this is a completely legit mod. You can use it on all servers

  • What about 3rd person with the console?
    This mod enhances the original commands

  • I can't hear the shotgun sounds in 3rd person
    I published a workaround here: Third Person Shotgun Fix

  • I'm having problems with my flashlight/shadow
    Try lowering your effect detail setting in your game's video options

  • Nothing happens when I activate the mod
    Make sure you saved 3ps.cfg as a cfg file and not txt
    Windows & Mac tutorial[www.wikihow.com]

  • Can I use this with your vocalizer?
    Yes, follow the installation instructions

  • What are the maps in the screenshots?
    I Hate Mountains / Dark Carnival / The Bloody Moors

My other mods: c2's workshop
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Nifa Sep 23 @ 4:53am 
не понятно
[KR]WhiteMilk Sep 23 @ 4:41am 
um.. Could U also add shoulder mode?
奔跑吧!黑子 Sep 21 @ 12:50am 
it cant work now wtf! sad too. hope can fix quick plzXD
Arala Cran Sep 4 @ 2:01am 
Funny... it used to work till there was an update, now it doesn't work anymore. I am sad... :'(
花旗参 Sep 1 @ 8:45am 
can't "Zoom in" / "Zoom out" to change the view distance.have no idea...
HiroshiiPEN Aug 29 @ 6:16am 
Does this mod prevent me from getting achievements?
Sheldon Capper Aug 25 @ 12:15am 
Need some help?
梦觉大狮子 Aug 24 @ 11:08pm 
couldn't exec 3ps
Marinated Boner Aug 20 @ 6:02pm 
Thank you