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SkyUI - Frequently Asked Questions
By snakster and 1 collaborators
Answers to common questions about SkyUI.
About SkyUI 5
Where did the other category icon themes go in SkyUI 5?

They had to be removed, because they're no longer maintained by their authors and icons for the crafting menus were missing.
Can I just upgrade to SkyUI 5 from an older version?

Yes. Just install the new version over the old one. You don't have to start a new game.
Can I downgrade to the old version again or remove SkyUI completely?

Yes you can, but when you save your game with a mod, you should not remove the mod from that save later. What this means:
  • After downgrading SkyUI, go back to a savegame you saved with the old version.
  • After uninstalling SkyUI, go back to a savegame you saved without SkyUI.
About SKSE
What is SKSE and why do I need it for this mod?

The support for UI modding without SKSE is very limited. No text input, no MCM, no extended item data, no active effects icons, no new favorites menu, etc. Basically, there would be almost no features left if we made a non-SKSE version.
How do I install SKSE?

Download the installer from the SKSE homepage[] (beta build 1.7.3) and run it. In the past, some additional steps were necessary to start Skyrim with SKSE, but the newest version is now automatically loaded by Steam. So you just have to install it and you're done.
About the item panel
Where is the weight/value column that is shown in some screenshots?

It is hidden by default, but you can enable it in the column list. The column list is shown when clicking the top-right gear icon:
How can I access this column list with a gamepad?

Hold Order for one second (default: LT).
What's the meaning of the small icons after the item name?

About MCM
Where is the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM)?

In the pause menu:
Where can I learn more about using the MCM for my mods?

Check out the official documentation[].
Is there going to be a standalone version of the MCM?

No, but what you can do is use this mod called SkyUI-Away[] to override all SkyUI menu files except MCM with their default versions.
About the map menu
I'm using a gamepad and there's no location search in the map menu. A bug?

Sorry, but for technical reasons, this feature only works when using mouse and keyboard. The directional keys are used to move the map, so scrolling through the list doesn't work, which makes it useless.
About the active effects HUD
What are the icons in the top right corner of my screen?

Those icons represent the active effects on your character.
What do the icons mean?

Most of them should be self-explanatory, but here is a list for reference:
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Ozymandias Aug 23 @ 7:49am 
@ c4r0l1n3: from memory, in the favourite menu, select an item, press F then click on one of the groups below, then press E to validate. Rinse and repeat. You can configure the group hotkeys in the MCM menu (by default it uses F1 to F4 for the first groups), and whether it should unequip unused slots. Also, when you select a group in the favourite menu, you can press T (IIRC) to save the equipped weapons, so it'll remember which weapon goes in which hand.
c4r0l1n3 Aug 17 @ 2:31pm 
How do I use the groups? So i can have loadouts saved, I am very unsure, thank you :)
Andertery Aug 15 @ 5:04am 
Help! All of my saves say they are relieng on this mod but the mod isnt in the right update so I just move to the right indefinitely
Ciriuns Aug 4 @ 8:25am 
Anyone having problems with ultrawide screens?
SMPL | Parzival Jun 21 @ 1:50pm 
this mod kills my FPS :( i wish i could use it, but since my computer is a toaster i have to save every frame i can get
Y U N G B E E ニガー May 29 @ 5:40pm 
For me it takes several seconds to load up any menu like lets say I kill a bandit and i loot him it takes like 4-5 seconds to load the menu to take his stuff.Any ideas how to fix?
FeelsAmazingMan Apr 13 @ 9:12am 
Active Effects doesn't work for me.
Javid74 Apr 12 @ 7:00pm 
Shouts don't work in my game, not just the shout, but there is no menu for them in the magic menu (p) and pressing z (I have it mapped to that) does nothing. I have the mod installed, maybe it changed the key configuration and removed the menu for shouts? Any help is appreciated.
dumdum[yingiz] Feb 6 @ 10:13am 
Is there a planed version for the Special Edition?
RentalCanoe Feb 6 @ 8:34am 
@Saiph see this Youtube vid for easy instructions: