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NLD Units
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Apr 12, 2015 @ 5:01pm
Apr 4 @ 1:57pm
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NLD Units

Lowlands Tactical ( is proud to present a new release of NLD Units bringing it to version v2016101310.


- Added DAF 4t interior after ArmA3's last hotfix

- Fixed hitpoints on certain helmets
- Removed itemScope error during startup
- Added Woodland Helmet Camo
- Added optional TFAR Radio backpacks (4 camo's)
- Added 80's units
- Added Versatile Expeditionary Commando Tactical Off Road (or VECTOR)
- Added custom markers
- Added Group Icons
- Added flags
- Changed MINIMI and Ammo
- Added Special Forces Weapons (The APEX Expansion with this is now a dependency)
- Update SP_Pack Helmets

-Added armor values to vests and helmets

- Added Deltagamers Chinook (CH47D & CH47F) with script to randomize serialnumbers
- Added Deltagamers Apache as a temporary placeholder
(The Apache from Lowlands Warrior will be now be maintained by Criellaard while we work on our own version, as to prevent errors given to people using both our mods)
- Added custom ammocrates (medisch, munitie, wapens & explosieven)
- Added DAF-4442/DAF-2300 trucks (transport and support versions)
- Added a tan cv9035nl
- Changed MTP Uniform
- Changed vanilla Lynxes with Deltagamers Wildcats (old data remains for backwards compatibility)
- Changed Leopard 2 Revolutions have been reskinned
- Changed Fennek winter reskin
- Changed Pistols on units as AI were too fond of the G17's even at long ranges
- Fixxed multiple errors in loadout & configs
- Removed old CH-47K's from the editor/zeus (data remains for backwards compatibility)

- Added Korps Mariniers Units
- Added 2 types of MX camo
- Added 2 types of Chinooks
- Changed Textures Fenneks + other vehicle textures
- Changed Berets

- Added APC's (YPR, Buffel, CV9035NL, Cheetha PRTL, KMAR YPR, KMAR Buffel).
- Added KMAR Units.
- Changed Textures of MLRS & PzH2000.

- Updated CUP Weapons, they now support weapon-resting
- Removed group errors introduced with the last release

Changelog - v201508023:
-Added F16C (CAS and AA variants)
-Added UN infantry (Desert and Woodland variants)
-Added MLRS and PzH2000 (reskin of the M5 Sandstorm and the M4 Scorcher)
-Added Lynx helicopter (Armed and Unarmed)
-Added Dutch Aviation Emergency Services (EC135 Police and Lifeliner versions)
-Added insignias
-Removed MH65
-Changed images of gear in inventory

- @CBA_A3
- @CUP_Weapons

- We have decided to have CUP_Weapons as a dependency as our newly introduced NLD_Units_OPFOR mod also uses these weapons. Secondly it's also a lot easier for when Cup has it's own updates.
- Dutch Aviation Emergency Services can be found under Civilian
- There is a F16C CAS AI version, which can be used for Alive Combat Support. This vehicle includes all the normal weapons
- It's not needed to download the F16C model and the EC135 model as they are included in this version
- With permission we've included several mods, so If you use Aplions HAFM EC635 and NH90, Firewills F-16 stand-alone in your modpack, this might conflict with this mod.
- This mod is made to run in ArmA3 vanilla, adding mods like ACE3 or other mods can change the experience and loadout of this mod (although it shouldn't matter).

Known issues:
- Rebranded CUP weapons still show their original version in the arsenal
- The Apache gunner triggers a "MachineGun" error when switching weapons
- AA Units trigger error on spawn
- No Motorized and Mechanized groups (yet)
- NH-90 breaks the tailrotor when slingloading in some cases

Textures : Smootch, Shiftysean & Outlaw28
config.cpp : Sacha Ligthert & Smootch
Models : Bohemia Interactive
Uniforms : Craig (@SP_Pack/NED_Pack)
Uniforms : teriyaki (TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms)
NH90 + EC635 : Aplion
F16C : Firewill
CH-47F + Lynx + Apache: Deltagamer

Unless specified otherwise, this content uses the following license:
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Ligthert  [author] Nov 22 @ 9:14am 
Ik zal hier zelf geen initiatief voor nemen, maar wel mensen helpen die hier aan willen beginnen.
ok maar ik zeg gewoon of je nieuw modpack maakt maar dan NL politie autos ect
Ligthert  [author] Nov 21 @ 12:56pm 
Dit valt een beetje buiten de scope van NLD Units, dit zijn namelijk burgers ipv militairen.
Kun je NL Politie maken?
DeltaSniper Oct 25 @ 5:58am 
Prachtig. Hioer zocht ik naar
Hertog Jan Oct 4 @ 12:38pm 

YPR765 + varianten staan die op de planning? Daarnaast misschien een idee om contact te zoeken met Vilas (oude developer van Arma2 DAF) voor evt. models?
Mirnes l Sep 24 @ 6:05am 
Mooi! Ziet er echt goed uit deze mod! Alleen kan ik niet vinden waar de KMar staat? Ben je bezig met nog wat mods of blijft het voorlopig bij de NLD Units?
Ligthert  [author] Sep 24 @ 3:45am 
Yes, dit wordt van de winter als het goed is.
Mirnes l Sep 24 @ 2:51am 
Ik heb het probleem al opgelost het is niet meer nodig! Hele leuke mod! Ga je de nieuwe JSF toevoegen?
Ligthert  [author] Sep 23 @ 9:19am 
Hoi Mirnes,

Kan je mij jouw .rpt log opsturen en hoeveel units je in het veld hebt en hoeveel?