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Refract's Workshop Picks
Levels that we've chosen to highlight within the game. View the GIF albums below for a look at each level with a snippet of what the team liked about each!

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Rainbow Road
Created by Krispy
A re-make of the N64 Mario Kart track Rainbow Road!

Take a ride on the rainbow while enjoying holographic statues of some of the most beloved nintendo charracters!

Thank you so much everyone who helped me work on the actual track.
Trials Of MuteCity
Created by fzeroman
A SPRINT level with a healthy mix from all F-Zero MuteCities!
The main look of is inspired from F-Zero,F-Zero X,F-Zero GX and Mario Kart 8 MuteCity
Boost pads add extra speed soo be sure to hit every one for the fastest time,If you see 3 boostpads togeth...
Morning Competition
Created by Guizmodo
In this city, the competition is in the morning just in front of many obstacles including drones and lasers.
Difficulty : Normal
Game mode : Sprint - Speed And Style
Boost : Infinite
Jump : Yes
Fly : No
Rotate : Yes

UPDATE 2 : Invisible walls re...
50 Second Theory
Created by d.grieshofer
A uniquely paced challenge/sprint level which is fast and challenging but still fair.

"Super simple but well designed. Cool atmosphere and really fun to play over and over again..." - Jordan Hemenway, Distance Developer....
Anarchy Road
Created by Splaysh
Sprint / Expert

A short and fast-paced track featuring repurposed buildings. Also big posters....
The 1st Journey
Created by PPPaul
Experiment to create differend landscapes.
Try to find 3 difficult shortcuts (one is kinda obvious)....
Derelict Hyperspace Junction
Created by Skirmisher
A hyperspace terminal lies unkempt, ignored, isolated. But it's still running. In some sense of the word, anyhow. But remember: if you die in hyperspace, you die in real life.

This map is now available in Sprint! Now you can live the hyperspace experien...
Harsh Contrast
Created by Caprice
A road undergoing development, and a detour heading into something that doesn't belong.

Do note that the lights on buildings will flicker a lot in the second half of the track. If you know what's causing this, please let me know!...
Reflective Racing Distance Destruction Disco
Created by Krispy

Heavily inspired by both the visual and general level design from "Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball". I sat down and began work on how to do something like that, b...
Midnight City
Created by Darnoc703
Travel through this Midnight City! A medium-length medium-difficulty map! Enjoy!...
S&S Revival
Created by Nermanater
Speed & Style Revival is a sprint/s&s level with an emphasis on tricking to cooldown boosters. Signs help indicate which jumps you should do tricks off of. Difficulty varies between multiple pathways, follow the road for a less difficult route....
Null Void
Created by Xiooo
Something around Nothing

Fixed the terrible look of the map that happened after a certain patch....
Created by Platoonsgt1
Reach the depths of the city by taking the short route straight down....
DAC #15: Glider
Created by Qubic (SolarisJT)
You enter an unknown abandoned sector, only to immediately find out your booster has malfunctioned. Reach the end alive and excape these tranquil, but deadly, tropics.

This version of glider, as mentioned in the synopsis, has disabled boosters, as well ...
Demolition Derby 2000
Created by Apelsinsaft
You know you need it.

Reverse tag, Stunt and Freeroam

No flying...
Created by JTrevail
But once in a blue moon......
DAC #7: Dark City
Created by Ooowls
A level I have been working on where I was playing with the idea of moving through a dead city but also teleporting to a part of the city that is still alive....
Double Deck
Created by Phimeek
Here's another remake for Distance Reverse Tag from Mario Kart 64, Double Deck!

My second level, I have to yet make a sprint track....
Arrowz 'n lies
Created by Zanmatô
Boost and jump only.

(It's my first track.)...
End Of Time
Created by Guizmodo
UPDATE 1 : Remastered and available for BETA 4139.

Fighting against time is always important to finish first in the race.
Difficulty : Normal
Game mode : Sprint - Speed And Style
Boost : Infinite
Jump : Yes
Fly : Only flight area
Rotate : Yes
Paradise Lost
Created by d.grieshofer
Industrial Fury
Created by compro51
Inspired by the game's official level "Monolith", drive through a massive power plant that is infected by a deadly virus. Be able to dodge lasers, wall jump, and more through this visually-appealing and high-difficulty level.

Let me know what you think ...
Created by JnvSor
Look at me still talking while there's science to do!...
Artificial Sun
Created by Enai Siaion
Artificial Sun

A speedtech track with a length of about 1:30 and many small jumps. Should be viable in multiplayer as well....
Created by Quargzon
Welcome to Hexopolis, a massive city filled with branching paths, shortcuts, and more! Teleporters and shortcuts hidden throughout the level mean it will always be a tight race!...
Neon Skateway
Created by fzeroman
A STUNT and REVERSE TAG recreation from NITRONIC RUSH!!...
Created by JTrevail
Can you white-knuckle your way to first place?...
Created by Phimeek
Finally, after months of practice on the level editor, I was able to whip up a decent sprint track. Please leave feedback as it's my first sprint level.

There is a super secret shortcut! Can you find it?...
Created by Zonr_0
Race your way through the city as the reactors powering the city go supercritical and everything falls apart around you. A collaborative track from some of Distance’s top track makers and community members from the closed beta. Please note that this is a r...
Created by Plasmawario
Drive through a city created by the Expison empire, under attack by a leaking virus!...
*fixed* Dark Rainbow Museum (update 3)
Created by Bakoniz0r
Be sure to read Update 2 and 3 notes below.


A simple and very colorful level, meant to have you speed by lots of interesting and colorful things, facing various simple challenges along the way.

I tried to do a few things I haven't seen people ...
Created by Ashamael
A playground of bits and bytes.

Digital is a fast-paced track that features polished and challenging gameplay, a variety of track transitions and obstacles, and a new and unique visual style. Race past alien buildings and towers as you enjoy the flow an...
Interstellar Sprint
Created by Crafted
My second map. Lot's of time and hard work into this one and hope it is more of a challenge. Currently a huge update released, making the level very visual as well as very challenging in terms of the "Diamond Medal".

Main updates are finished and all t...
Lost Fortress
Created by Ferreus
A hidden skip and a hidden teleporter may or may not be found here. The default route is meant to be pretty easy.

This is my first level. Feedback welcome....
Created by DeepFriedZombie
Bright colours in the dark sky...
Digital Fabrication
Created by Nekres ☕
How distance cars are made, shipped and delivered....
Created by Backgrounds'
Enter the torn throat of the molten forge....
Created by Ashamael
Check out my latest map, Refuge!

Some things don't mix.

Repulsion was made as a collaborative project by Ashamael, JTrevail, Snowstate, and Skirmisher. Each person made a section of the...
Created by Krispy
This level was made in 4 hours.

2 hours where given to the participating community members to make a segment (15 seconds worth of level)
I then had 2 hours to piece all of it togheter and polish it as much as i possibly could before the deadline.

Created by Backgrounds'
Speed threw the cold caverns of the Liver....
Candles of Hekate
Created by Enai Siaion
Mar 24, 2043: Perhaps building the track on top of that old druid sanctuary was a bad idea after all. Evacuation is complete, but the streamers demand a race and threaten to downvote. There is no time to fix the track, so let's hope and pray no one has ...
End Of Time 2
Created by Guizmodo
UPDATE 2 : Available for BETA 4139.

Fighting against time is always important to finish first in the race except this time, tunnels began to be seriously damaged.
Difficulty : Advanced
Game mode : Sprint - Speed And Style
Boost : Infinite
Jump :...
Created by Plasmawario
Remnants of an unfortunate city...

>Thanks to FZeroman using some small amount of his Nitronic items in my track<...
Created by Lrsamways
Difficulty: Advanced
Gold: 1:10.00
Silver: 1:20.00
Bronze: 1:30.00...
Created by Backgrounds'
The Skin hides the truth....
Summer Time
Created by Guizmodo
It's the holidays and the sun shines. Your parcour is to brave the traffic jams, cross the beach without creating disorder, cross dock shipments which is in disorder and boarding the ship "Distance Cruise" to complete your journey. I wish you good race.
Normal Force
Created by snowstate
No obstacles, tough transfers...
Created by Wunder_Blunder
My third level. I really should make more....
Created by Ashamael
Check out my latest map, Refuge!

Erit lux lunae tranquillitas.

Moonlight is a medium-length, medium difficulty track with well-crafted visuals and flow-focused gameplay....
Created by Krümelmonster
A Medium long race through the city .

I hope youll like it :)

please tell me if you find any bugs....
Created by K_4_Kira -Manniac-
In the darkness I saw a flash of something beautiful ............................................................................................................................................................

Hello and welcome to my seventh custom trac...
Created by K_4_Kira -Manniac-
//Local time: 1:34 am
/Date: Error:Error:Error

//Location: City 45, East gate

//Nitrogen bomb detonated beneath city
/Alliance terrorist cell suspected

/Road surface and structures damaged in explosion...
Created by Phimeek
NOTE: Credit to Fzeroman for the Nitronic Rush posters!

Inpsired by Refract's Destination Unknown, Throwback is all about relieving memories from Extreme-G for the N64 & Nitronic Rush. I had to release this level before I go on vacation for 4 days. My s...
Chinatown one
Created by KAPMAH
An awesome community level...
The Coast
Created by Backgrounds'
Ride along the coast with the abstract sky to your side. Take each turn as tight as possible to refresh your boosters. Remember that if you use your left and right rotators wilst turning you'll turn sharper. This is a casual map for new comers, yet challen...
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