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Path of Shadows (Stealth Overhaul)
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Apr 13, 2012 @ 3:43pm
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This is a major Stealth overhaul, intended not only to balance it's effectiveness across all skill levels and perks, but also to improve the overall gameplay and realism of it.
You'll no longer be able to remain hidden directly in front of someone's face, or have to chase down that horse who "witnessed" your act of murder.
Stealth as a whole will require much more finesse and patience, no longer allowing you to run around like a headless chicken knocking people off with sneak attacks one after another.

~ ~Issues~ ~

As the only reasonable method to replace Light Foot, because of how the perk worked, I had to remove the perk from the game entirely and add in a brand new one to replace it rather then altering the perk itself.
What this means is that, if you use this mod with a save in which you've already purchased Light Foot, that perk point will be lost. To gain the perk that replaced it, Dodge, open up the console and type in Player.AddPerk 03010011.
To be sure that the Light Foot perk is gone from your character, you should also type Player.RemovePerk 0005820C. Otherwise there is a possibility that you will continue to see the effect of all traps being disabled.

Because of how the Creation Kit handles Actor Values, a great number of mods out there have accidental, dirty edits of Actor Values.
To replace Light Foot with Dodge inside the Sneak tree I had to alter the AVSneak, and if you load another mod after this one with a dirty edit of AVSneak my change will be reverted, causing a broken version of Light Foot to still be in the Sneak Tree in place of Dodge.
If you have Light Foot still inside the Sneak tree, try loading this mod further down in your list.

~ ~Details~ ~


--Your Sneak skill, while still important, has a less drastic impact than before.
--Sound you make, such as from moving quickly or attacking, now has a more drastic effect on your ability to remain hidden. This means that to get close to someone you'll have to start walking after getting close enough or risk being heard (This is much, much easier with a controller). You can get closer before having to walk with higher skill, but heavier armor makes this harder.
--Sneaking when outside of Line of Sight is generally easier, so even with low levels of skill you can no longer be spotted while sitting in place many yards behind a target.
--It is now significantly easier to be spotted while inside Line of Sight, so you must now be very careful to avoid wandering in front of someone and to stay behind obstructions.
--Armor weight has a more drastic effect on your ability to remain hidden while moving, and the perks to remove armor weight now only reduce it by half.
--Lighting now has a much more drastic effect on your ability to remain hidden. So not only is it far more effective to stay in the shadows, but getting close to sources of light such as torches or sunlight will make you very easy to spot. This also means that you should be able to remain hidden even within Line of Sight as long as you sit still inside a dark corner. Though you can still be spotted if they get too close.
--The angle of NPCs' Line of Sight is reduced to 140 degrees, so it is now a reasonable task to stay out of sight.


--NPCs will now continue to search for you for a very long time if you attack them or someone near them, or if they fully detect you at any point.
--When you arouse the suspicion of an NPC, it now takes roughly twice as long for that suspicion to fade.
--Originally, your current state of detection displayed took a variable amount of time to update, up to several seconds. Now it will update immediately unless there are a great number of actors nearby.

~Sneak Attacks~

--Sneak Attack multipliers have been altered to; Bows - 1.5x, Two-handers - 3x, One-handers - 4x, Unarmed - 5x, Daggers - 6x. While heavier weapons are generally much more capable weapons for Sneak Attacks than before, they still have the penalty of being harder to sneak with due to their weight, and attack more slowly.
--Bows no longer auto-aim on targets. This not only causes them to require more personal skill to use, but also allows you to snipe targets from very large distances.
--The Sneak Attack line of perks have been altered such that you no longer have to get perks that are useless to you just so you can reach higher ones, such as having to take Deadly Aim (which is only for bows) to reach Backstab (which is only for one-handers). I've also worked to make them more interesting than the simple Sneak Attack modifier bonuses previously had, and to affect a wider range of weapons.


--The distance from which a witness to a crime can report the crime to a guard has been cut in half.
--NPCs that did not make sense as witnesses to crimes, such as creatures and bandits, can no longer be witnesses.


--The Stealth perks now increase sneak effectiveness smoothly with each rank, rather than giving a large amount on the first rank and far smaller amounts with each subsequent rank.
--Silent Roll and Light Foot have switched places, and Light Foot has been replaced by Dodge, which allows your Silent Roll to dodge attacks by causing them to pass harmlessly by you. The old Light Foot perk was hated by many for removing a lot of the fun from dungeon crawling.
--The Shadow Warrior perk has been replaced by Evasion, which momentarily slows time when you crouch so you can easily utilize Dodge to avoid an attack. Not only did the old invisible effect allow free use of Sneak Attacks in combat, but dual-wielding characters, which most stealth-types are, lacked an effective means of active defense.
--The Silence perk was completely broken originally, removing all sound made while sneaking so that it was all but impossible to be spotted outside direct Line of Sight. For this reason I've moved it down to the position previously held by Muffled Movement and replaced it's effect with a variation of Quiet Casting that reduces the sound of both spells and shouts by 75%, but only while sneaking.
--As I mentioned above I've basically made Quiet Casting into a Sneak perk. The reason for this is that it never made sense as an Illusion perk. Not only did it affect all spells, but it was also only useful while sneaking and did not fit the theme of any of the perks around it. As compensation, Illusion now has the Vital Mage perk which increases the duration of Illusion spells cast against humans and animals by 50%.
--The Muffled Movement perk was overpowered before, being in reality just a weaker version of Silence. For this reason, as I've said it's been replaced by the new Silence perk. But in Silence's old position I've added the new perk Obscurity, which makes you half as easy to spot visually while sitting still with your weapon sheathed.
--Deadly Aim has been replaced by Deadly Strike, which doubles all Sneak Attack multipliers.
--Backstab has been replaced by Assassination, which causes your sneak attacks to ignore armor.
--Assassin's Strike has been replaced with Exsanguination, which causes all attacks dealt to a living target from outside their line of sight with a bladed weapon to inflict a bleeding wound, gradually draining their health. This damage scales with your Sneak skill.


--All instances of the Muffle enchantment effect have been replaced by a bonus to Sneak, for the same reason that the Muffled Movement perk was replaced; they broke sneaking detection.
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I like it. You actually have to use your brain! I always felt something was wrong with the sneak system. 1 of the most overpowered mechanics.
loathingwalrus Mar 8 @ 7:53pm 
Decided to get the newest version on Nexus. I am enjoying it so far.
Grimwolf  [author] Mar 8 @ 10:57am 
Sneaking into melee range of a group SHOULD be impossible, unless you have plenty of cover along the way. As a stealth-focused character, you'll have to either use a bow and keep your distance, use Illusion magic/potions, or just avoid them.
An assassin needs to pick off stragglers; you can't just jump into a crowd of people unnoticed.
loathingwalrus Mar 8 @ 12:50am 
Honestly, this is an amazing mod, everything is great. But what ruined this for me was how hard it really is. Being 50 yards away, night time, and stealthing, if I walk infront of someone, they will see me automatically. This mod makes it almost impossible to sneak towards a group of anything. Its just not worth it.
BarrySteakFry Feb 13 @ 11:22pm 
good stealth
Raven Oct 24, 2013 @ 5:01pm 
Ah, the burdens of sneaking stupidity have been lifted from my shoulders. Enter the assassin. :D The *only* thing I would change now is adding x1.25 for Destruction. Because, let's face it, even though it's harder to hit a vital spot, one should still be able to do more damage due to the simple fact that their target is just standing there wondering "Which way did the rabbits go, George?"
isX_foE Sep 16, 2013 @ 1:06am 
This is a drastic change, but i like all of it, especially getting rid of the fact that animals can witness crimes which always annoyed me.
Tropical Doodlebob Aug 27, 2013 @ 3:38pm 
this is good for hardcore players of stealth :D
Tycer Aug 26, 2013 @ 12:11am 
you should make it so you can knock people out
Grimwolf  [author] Aug 22, 2013 @ 5:01pm 
Skyrimnexus is newer. I stopped uploading to the Workshop because everything about it is inferior, both updloading mods and installing them.