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Apr 1, 2015 @ 11:58am
Apr 25 @ 3:02am
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New Health system, Clan Management and Multi-storey
Building Multi-storey houses
A popular request was the ability to create multi-storey houses, and now you can! Foundations can simply be stacked on top of each other and stairs can be added to reach higher floors.

The sky is literally the limit here.

New Health System
In older versions your health, food and water levels were displayed as a number in the bottom right corner. In the new version the health system is shown with 'status labels'.

The different health labels are: Hungry, Thirsty, Staring, Dehydrating, Bleeding, Infected and Sick.

Clan Management
When you build a house and add a door, you are the only one who can open that door, or update your structure. If you are playing with friends, you probably want to build your house together. This is what the clan system is for.

You can create a clan and then invite your friends to join that clan. Players who are in a clan can open each others doors, update each others structures and expand each others houses.
The person who founded the clan can also kick members or disband the clan.

Everything you build in Survius will decay over time. But you can stop your items from disappearing by repairing them in time.

In this version, decay is finally visible. An item that is 3 days away from totally decaying will get a lighter color and a repair option will appear. After repair the decay is reset.

Small Island
The closed bridge to the small island north of Survius has finally opened up. It looks like a civilian aircraft crashed there, which might have some good loot.

Hope to see you in game soon!
Check for more details and downloads.

0.4 is out - Build your own houses
  • [changed] Server browser now shows all servers, and needs to be refreshed manually
  • [fixed] Machete not visible in player model
  • [changed] axe and bat have slightly bigger range
  • [added] Convert logs to planks, for building
  • [added] Some zombies now drop scrap metal when you kill them (see Safes)
  • [added] Building foundations, walls and gates
  • [added] Build a safe from scrap metal. Only you can open the safe you place.
  • [added] Build storage boxes from planks to store items inside your house
  • [added] Some items can be destroyed by hitting it with an axe, like the doors of personal houses and storage boxes
  • [changed] Campfire contents are saved and synced across all players
  • [changed] Tons of other tweaks I can’t quite remember
As always you can download the new version by going to

Survius is an Open World Multiplayer Survival game that emphasizes on coop rather than killing. The game is set on an island on which you will need to survive. Scavenge your surroundings for food and water, or hunt for your survival. But be aware, you are no alone...

The game currently includes:
  • An island roughly 5kmx5km in size
  • Multiplayer (you can start your own servers, public or private)
  • Character customization (face and shirts) via player editor
  • More character customization via ingame items (hats, glasses)
  • Hunting deer
  • Cooking raw meat on campfires (you create a campfire by gathering logs)
  • Ingame text chat
  • A health system (general health, thirst and hunger)
  • All buildings can be entered
  • "random' loot spawns
  • Surrender system
  • Zombies
  • Inventory and player state save system
  • A full day and night cycle
  • A map
  • A custom themesong (created by Clemens Wenners)
  • All custom house and loot models
  • Much more..

To emphasize coop the game has some special features:
  • There is a Surrender mode, allowing you to surrender and negotiate with hostiles
  • There are no automatic weapons, nor sniper rifles

Indie studio
Survius is the first survival game by Elmar Wenners of the one-man indie studio "chaozz games". After a closed alpha of just over a week, the first open Alpha is now available for everyone. And it's free for you all to try!

The game is available on the website and is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.
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Piggy Jun 9 @ 10:10pm 
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Jogo foda pra jogar com amigos montando seu cla ficaria melhor ainda vindo pra steam
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Jogo super divertido, com amigos e melhor ainda! Altamente viciante, gameplay boa, graficamente simples e o melhor e um jogo leve e roda em praticamente todas maquinas!
monolo132 Mar 26 @ 11:54am 
muito fodaaaa
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Могу снять её
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жду выхода игры
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tem tempo que joguei e bem legalzinho vo olhar agr com os novos updates como esta mais e promissor esse jogo
What is this amazing game I'm playing. It looks like the developers... care?