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CSL Stats Panel
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Apr 7, 2015 @ 9:57am
Aug 5, 2016 @ 3:28pm
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CSL Stats Panel

Adds a move-able, re-sizable stats window to Cities Skylines.

  • Provide any statistic a player might want to see, but manage the layout and configuration in such a way as to never obstruct more play area than desired.
  • Eliminate need to cycle through all the service panels to see % usage, and toggling between budget and service windows to fine-tune.
  • Provide an easy to see early warning for soon-to-be deficient services.

Re-size: use the blue bar at the bottom of the panel to resize (click and hold anywhere on it)

Move: click anywhere and hold to move the panel (except on resize bar)

Scale Text: use mouse wheel to zoom/unzoom text

Configure: use the config menu to set refresh interval (default 3 sec) and toggle which categories and stats display. Just click a stat on the config screen to enable/disable it, or toggle the category by clicking the category name.

Mini-Mode: Sparta! Optional mini-mode gives you just the essentials. Toggle "Labels In Mini-Mode" off via the config screen for a cool SC-style resource bar. Don't forget - zoom in/out with the mouse wheel works in both modes.

Saved Preferences: no matter which mode you prefer or where you put the stats panel - it will remember what you like. Mini-mode size, position, and zoomlevel are stored seperate from the normal expanded view, making for easy toggle back and forth.

  • 2015 Mar 24 Now with colors and toggle button!
  • 2015 Mar 25 Added configuration menu
  • 2015 Mar 26 Mini-mode is here!! still some work to do it though to make it "SC-style".
  • 2015 Mar 26 Update 2 Service icons are showing now :) Mini-mode can be setup with or without labels. Window size/position and text size save better now for both modes, some economy numbers were off and were fixed..
  • 2015 Mar 27 various bug fixes and tweaks -- see the change notes
  • 2015 Mar 28 added transparent background, toggle this on/off in the config screen. various layout tweaks
  • 2015 Mar 31 various stability improvements, some stat label tweaks -- see change notes for detail
  • 2015 Apr 01 more fixes, added some vehicle numbers
  • 2015 Apr 02 added Death Services: Waiting number (# of bodies waiting to be picked up), remember if you don't like some of the stats I've been adding, you can disable them on the config screen.
  • 2015 Apr 03 added Traffic stats, see change notes for detail
  • 2015 Apr 05 excluded vehicles from garbage / death stats when building is full or emptying. New category "Unemployment" - let me know what you think
  • 2015 Apr 07 fixed some vehicle used/total numbers to better reflect Emptying/Full facilities
  • 2015 Apr 16 added new category "Trade" shows some import / export figures. made button font a little smaller on config screen to fit everything (config screen also scrolls with mouse wheel if you size it smaller)
  • 2016 Aug 05 added passenger tram, maintenance and snow trucks. All stats are now loaded based on a customizable XML config. Advanced users can modify the xml to add or remove stats -- reflection is used against game objects: "ImmaterialResourceManager.Resource" and "StatisticType", so anything in those objects is avilable to add in the xml, along with tons of custom stats I've already added. The XML config can also be used to customize the colors used in the mod: the background color and the red, yellow, green statuses..

Future State
More stats?
Add XML reflection to the collections: districts, buildings, vehicles, etc. and logic to iterate and summarize them uniformly, allowing users to add their own stats for anything in those arrays

Other Notes
  • To clarify - Most of the "Summary %" numbers showing are % of capacity. For power and water that's intuitive. But for Education - 99%, means you're at 99% of capacity (not 99% educated).
  • Color coding - Some services like "Fire" have a target it's comparing to, for Fire, it considers you green if you're under 30% hazard (or about there I think); health turns green at around 80%. And still others like "Citizens" use an internal calc to determine green/yellow/red status - Citizens turns red if more people are leaving/dying than moving in/having babies. Hope to allow user to configure those values eventually.
  • Some stats don't have "Summary %" numbers, as they wouldn't make sense. The first displayed stat is what is used in mini mode -- ie: if your "Citizens" category has count disabled, it will show the next stat in line.
  • there's a small delay in refreshing stats/layout when you change a configuration setting, hope to fix this soon, but immediately updating causes Unity errors (apparently can't destroy and recreate the same controls on the same frame update)
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benzoll Jan 16 @ 5:33pm 
Mod work in v 1.9.1 + "GC"
-Small bug: "expenses" mark something of less quantity.
Weaver Jun 29, 2017 @ 8:14am 
Hmm, one thing i'm missing so far from any stats report I know of is a count of open jobs with a list of education levels desired open, and a count of jobs held by overeducated workers (possibly further broken down by number of levels over target or education level of overeduated person).
Weaver Jun 29, 2017 @ 1:05am 
I'm having one oddity in which going back to the main menu (usually to fuss with the mod list) and then reloading the game usually seems to remove all the bubbles / info thingies from the CSL Stats window; i can still do config and resize the empty box but the content ends up MIA. I haven't noticed any actual errors when this happens, and restarting the entire game fixes it.
Weaver Jun 29, 2017 @ 1:04am 
@Tesseract The only particuarly good way i've found to keep the thing on screen at all tiems is to switch it to mini mode, turn off text labels, arrange it into one coulmn, and shove the container almost off the right side of the screen. The end result is this: -- you can still get a lot more detail just by hovering a button

@xxx78 That's what the 'CSL Stats Panel' button in the lower right of the toolbar thing does, you can see it in all the screenshots.
gravage Jun 16, 2017 @ 11:06am 
@makuchluk: Maybe this is what you are looking for. I've not used these but I know of them.

City Web Server
CityWebServer : Mr Slurp's Extension
makuchluk Jun 15, 2017 @ 1:36am 
Sounds great. Would love to export all such info to an external file such as Excel, for more analysis. Is there any mod doing so?
xxx78 Feb 19, 2017 @ 1:02pm 
Nice mod :)
is it possible to hide when not using?
NLX78 Feb 11, 2017 @ 2:32am 
@cammillotto You can better subscribe to Improved Public Transport to see those details:
cammillotto Feb 8, 2017 @ 10:59am 
hey, this looks interesting. does it also show income from bus lines? that's what I need at the moment :-)
Tesseract Jan 21, 2017 @ 12:34pm 
I love this mod, and I'd struggle to live without it, however it has a habit of geting 'in the way'. I put the graphs in the bottom left corner above the region view button, and every time I click on a menu button and move up (to select, lets say, a road), the CSL panel is highlighted. Clicking and dragging on this hidden handle expands/reduces the graph window. Moving the mouse wheel increases/decreases the size of the graphs. So there is something which stretches across the screen which is being seen by the game. Can you please advise on a fix?