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Open Your Mind/Open your Eyes
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Apr 13, 2012 @ 2:28pm
Apr 24, 2012 @ 2:43pm
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To everyone, read before you post.
Please do not tell me this is the 5th, or the 15th, or the 3000th Valve on the Workshop. I know. If you tell me that, you would be the 5th, or the 15th, or 3000th fell who told me.

Having said that, I will say that I came up with this idea independently, and I DID NOT NAB it off anyone. I'm fine with people calling me unimaginitive, or droll, but I will not stand for people accusing me of thievery.

Another thing. Due to the popular demand amongst all the people who are not yelling at me at its unimaginitiveness, I will go on improving this once more, despite my innate unhappiness at some of these changes.


After all the wait, it's here!

Presumably, that links to the site where you can download Open Your Mind, and install it on your TF2. It comes in two flavours, Party Hat or Manniversary Paper Hat. I figured almost evverybody should have at least one of those. You can choose to replace none, one, or both of them with Open Your Mind!

Once you reach the Google Docs page, you should find a button on the top left saying 'File". Click that, and press Download. That should be it.

Thanks for all your support people! And for those who didn't give me any support, thanks anyway for telling me off for using discarded ideas! Furthermore, thanks very much if you decide to download this and show me how much you like/hate it!

Thanks! :) Again. I can't say it enough.


Last of all, welcome to my dilapidated blog:
Despite the dilapidation, I will start updating it as soon as I put stuff up on the WorkShop, or just generally angry about something.