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Traffic Report Tool 2.0
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Mar 29, 2015 @ 5:51am
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Traffic Report Tool 2.0

Having problems figuring out why traffic is backed up? Want to know why a doughnut van is in the middle of an industrial district? Maybe this is the tool for you.

Important - How to use!

To activate the tools, select the round button in the top left next to the info view button. Your cursor will switch to a magnifying glass. The tool has 3 modes depending on the sort of thing you examine:

1. Selecting a vehicle* will show its current path to its destination.
2. Selecting a stretch of road will show you the paths of all vehicles that are currently on route to pass through it.
3. Selecting a building will show you all paths of vehicles currently either going to or leaving from it. (Does not show resident/worker locations or commute routes, only active in progress paths)

We have lots of planned features coming soon so watch this space.

Any suggestions, or bug reports please raise an issue on github[]


Update 2.0

The after dark update, new UI and more options for finding your traffic problems

Update 1.6

- The locations of individual vehicles is now show as pins, so that you can quickly identify vehicles being reported on.
- Lots of improvement to path rendering, should be a lot less "spaghetti"

Update 1.5
- Directional reports: Left click to see all routes, right click to see routes passing in one direction shift+right click to see the other direction

Update 1.4
- Fixed free camera
- Toggle visibility of types of vehicle

Update 1.3

- Can now reposition tool button by holding right mouse button and dragging
- Button will be hidden when using HideUI (F11)
- Keyboard short cut '?' can be changed by editing TrafficReport.xml in the cities skyline directory
- Highlighted traffic now also has a percentage display
- Various bug fixes

Update 1.2

- Better graphics, performance improvement and you can now query pedestrians!

Please feel free to post about this mod on other forums/community sites. The only condition is that you only link to this page and not rehost the mod files themselves or try to claim credit for my work. You are free to use any of the text and images on this page.

Known Issues:

- Clicking on the trailer of a cargo truck does not work, you must select the cab
- Transition from pedestrian to bus/train arent prepresented. It draws a crazy ♥♥♥ line from the embark bus stop to the elight bus stop

Please consider sending a couple of bucks our way if you have found this mod useful[]

Source code: GitHub[]
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oiskapunk Sep 26 @ 8:55am 
I have a question. Its a struggle to see the red lines on roads with lots of traffic, so its red lines on red roads. Is there an option to change the line color? Or is it possible to toggle the traffic view while using the traffic report tool, like its shown in the pictures?

Great mod! I give you a thumb up.
Zake Sep 25 @ 7:36pm 
I have the same problem as Alundra... button doesn't show up
fernandobbalan Sep 15 @ 4:38am 
Nice mod, but i have an idea for the next update. Could you insert information about the traffic between zones, like: The number of travels betwen residencial zone 1 and comercial zone; residential zone 1 and industrial zone. Actualy this is a kiind of tool for transport engineering in real world, it´s called Origin Destination Flows.
Thank you guys
Alundra Sep 9 @ 10:23am 
This doesn't seem to be working for me at all...I'm not getting the icon.
Piro Sep 8 @ 1:47pm 
so how does it work ?
sjz13718081358 Sep 2 @ 6:05pm 
tule00 Aug 31 @ 5:56am 
Woah. I really missed this feature from SimCity 4.
fayak Aug 28 @ 10:10am 
nice mod !
Didox44 Aug 20 @ 2:44am 
Unfortunately doesn't work for me. When activated I don't have ANY info about vehicle, after clicking on vehicle nothing happens.
KittCat Aug 17 @ 1:53am 
is this mod still usable?