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Cities: Skylines

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Mar 13, 2015 @ 6:55am
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Mod Achievement Enabler

This mod enables achievements when other mods are running! The little trophy icon that shows you whether achievements are enabled when you load the save will still be crossed out, but when the game loads, this mod simply changes a boolean value that turns achievements back on.

Complete source code (yes, it's one line) is available at

If you don't trust this mod, feel free to build that yourself and use it! I wouldn't blame you.


"Installing this mod made Korean pop music play when I zoom in on high density residential smart houses. Thank you coolvid69, this is exactly what I needed."
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May 31 @ 1:51pm
PINNED: Can't get it working? Try this.
Nov 3 @ 9:27am
Dont work
Sep 21 @ 11:36am
Mod not compatible with 1.6.0-f (Natural Disasters, including free update)
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YABW 11 hours ago 
Is it always working?
BioDiesel112™ 14 hours ago 
funktioniert mit 1.9.0-f5 nicht leider
Magicrafter13 Gaming Nov 14 @ 4:27pm 
Doesn't show up in mod list, shows up in Steam Workshop list. How do I enable it?
exxonic Nov 12 @ 12:38am 
@SkiRich this mod simply bypasses the complete deactivation of all achievements in a savegame when any mod is enabled, shown by the crossed out trophy icon.
if there are other mods running, messing with other mechanics of the game, that is a whole different story and not an issue of this mod.
AyleidRuin Nov 2 @ 12:56pm 
@SkiRich Thanks for letting us know :)
SkiRich Oct 31 @ 8:18pm 
A bit more information. As I reported, for my game, I don't see achievements unlocked even though I get credit for them. I traced it down to a number of mods I have. So indeed this mod works but I did notice a few issues. First off not all the achievements can be unlocked by this mod if you have other mods that modify certain things. For instance I have Unlock all mods that give me all the monuments, so those achievements don't get credited. Also I have Info Panel altering mods, so no matter how many times I try to look at the info panels, I never get the Informed Achievement. Something to keep in mind while using this mod and other mods. Not perfect but better than nothing.
Kermit Oct 27 @ 11:28am 
Works fine
TheBloke Oct 26 @ 5:04am 
Just wanted to say thanks, this worked perfectly for me on the latest 1.9. I only just started playing the game, and soon after starting I added this mod plus a few others (Traffic Management: President, TLM Reborn, Extended Building Information, and a couple of others.) Achievements are working just fine. And contrary to what I read, I am seeing normal Steam notifications for them! I got three achievements since I installed these mods and all of them popped up with a usual Steam notification, and are visible in my profile. Perfect!
SkiRich Oct 24 @ 4:55pm 
Please disregard last comment from me. It turns out the mod was working, however with the latest patch and this mod running you do not get notifications that you got the achievement. It just shows up in my profile.
Synthtronic Oct 23 @ 2:08pm 
Welche alten Mods hast du entfernt?