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Apr 13, 2012 @ 12:33pm
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Customize Your Skyrim's Music

The Wizards of the College of Winterhold have done it! They have sucessfully re-chanelled the energies emitted from a strange Dwemer construct that was discovered not long ago! But, this is strange... it seems to be emitting a strange broadcast...

Could it be...?

! *~ SKYRADIO ~* !


Dwemer Jukeboxes across the land have begun to produce beatiful music! But not just any music, music YOU choose!

Up to 100 CUSTOM tracks chosen by you! Play them at will! YOU control the musical experience! The Tracks that play play over ALL other Tracks!
No more combat music to drown out a beautiful Ambient!

The Jukeboxes can be found all across Tamriel, in dungeons! in shops! in the homes of the wealthy! Find, Purchase, Steal, collect them however YOU choose!

THAT IS NOT ALL! The Dwemer Jukebox is mechanical in nature! Pick it up and it folds into a light radio! Then place the radio back as a Jukebox!
THAT IS RIGHT! It is a furniture item too!

Place Jukeboxes in your homes! Set them to play as you enter your home! Don't like how the Jukebox was placed? Move it about via the handy MOVE menu!

You now have total control over your music! Tune in! Tune out! Decorate! Paaaartay! Relax! Fist pump to Classical! D-D-D-Dubstep! YOU choose the sound, NO ONE CAN JUDGE YOU! Except Sheogorath, he is quite Judgemental.

Future of the mod!

I am in the process of recording an actual Radio Show for the mod. It will be

1. Lore Friendly (as lore friendly as possible anyway) by using several in game voices, edited into commercials and such.
2. Track your game progress. Much like GNR of Fallout, Example: Never touch the Theives Guild? Radio host comments on how they are struggling. You in the guild helping it rebuild? He comments on that. You Guildmaster now? He comments on that.

I'm a med student so I have, like, no time to do anything anymore. I finished the mod and started recording, but I want everyone to enjoy custom music. I also realize many would probably skip that version anyway and opt for the no radio show version (I HATE YOU). So I am uploading this one first for peeps to enjoy. When the show version is done, it will be up for optional download.

I PROMISE it will be worth downloading when it is done. SO DOWNLOAD IT WHEN IT IS DONE OR I WILL HOLD KITTENS HOSTAGE.


This is NOT your average workshop mod. YOU MUST read these installation instructions.
{Here is why + a small rant :D, Skip this if you no like rants}

First, this mod allows you to add custom music! But thats that, YOU have to add it, so YOU have to read this, or else the mod DON'T work (uh, duh?). Also... yeah, the Creation Kit is Buggy. For those of you who don't mod, you are all like "PSH WHO CARES GIMME MODS" But it is annoying for people, LIKE ME :D, with good ideas hindered by technical limitations.
FYI, Archival Creation Processes are broken when manipulating Sound Track Files. The kit doesn't properly register IDs to the new tracks, IE I CANNOT UPLOAD A NORMAL TYPE OF BSA. At all. Technically, I should be able to upload this and have it work dandy.
It doesn't because of a Bethesda Bug I CANNOT FIX. So don't ask me to fix it. DON'T GET ME WRONG. The mod works flawlessly, just not through a BSA. IE you ALL have to download my loose files from the Nexus. Period.
So it is time to separate the men from the boys and women from girls, and see how many of you are capable of installing a mod from the Nexus properly :D.

Follow this guide or watch my video tutorial here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8T93e7CwURg

1. Subscribe. Favorite. Thumb Up. <- YES THOSE ARE REQUIRED ( ;) )
2. Follow Nexus Link: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=15024
3. Download the LOOSE FILES. In the LOOSE FILES section. NOT the main files.
4. Extract Loose Files to your Steam/Steamapps/Common/Skyrim/Data folder using a program like Winrar/7zip (both free, and you SHOULD have them you PC user you.)
5. Run game to install ESP and BSA.
6. Choose your tracks, 100 is the limit but less is fine.
7. Use a free music converter tool, {like this: http://media.io } to convert all your songs to .wav format. Don't worry, you will not lose your songs, copies ARE made.
8. Rename the tracks in numerical order like this:
n representing any number up to 100. The order does not matter, all songs will be played randomly from the selection of tracks provided.
9. Put your modified tracks in the Steam/Steamapps/common/Skyrim/Data/Music/skyradio Folder!
10. Load Game up and have everything work fine and be happy.

See? It wasn't so bad. And the result? Awesome custom music for you to enjoy at the press of a button!


Why (;__;)?

Well fine. IF you must know...

1. DON'T be tuned into the radio before you uninstall. Go place the radio someplace and go in another cell away from it or any other radios/jukeboxes.
2. Make a NEW (MANUAL) save game.
3. Exit Game, remove mod from load order
4. Enter game and make another NEW save
5. Die a little on the inside

Here is the deal. The mod works great, you just have to install it properly. Once installed you should have 0 issues whatsoever. If you do have an issue, put "I read your description" In your post. Otherwise I will assume you didn't and that is your fault.

If you DO have issues (you shouldn't)

1. Try loading this FIRST in your Load Order. Go to the Data section in the game launcher and move the file up as far as it can go.
2. Try making sure none of your audio files are above 72-75 MBs in size. You can lower the size by lowering the quality of the conversion, or changing the bit-rate.
3. Pray to Talos.
Why doesn't the music fade out over distance when placed someplace?

That is because it is still working through Music Tracks, not a Sound Marker. The difference? Music Tracks can't fade out, sound tracks can. Then why didn't I do just that? Because sounds are a lot buggier. Firstly there is a slight track limit of about 30 songs. It also made the game a slight bit more crash prone when entering and leaving the cell the sound was playing in. So I opted for the Music Track instead. More music and no crashy.

Why is it food?

Because I said so. That not good enough? Alright ~_~;

Because it is the best way to implement something like this. Misc Items script functions break when you remove items AS they are running scripts, so that was not possible. Equipment is another story, we won't go there for the time being.

Also, food item menu is usually the least cluttered I find, easier access. So there.


Ur dumb.

The Radeeo floats wut?

Don't drop it?

Credit must go to born2bkilled for the awesome Radio model. Two thumbs up!

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youseenothin Apr 10 @ 4:57pm 
Works great :)
I'm sorry to be rude but... ITS BROKEN! i did EVERYTHING RIGHT AND IT BROKE MY SKYRIM!!!! But i really wanted it to work too :'(
TemerLaGargola Mar 23 @ 3:14am 
Violently slaughtering bandits to the sounds of smooth jazz does sound rather tempting... I'll have to give this a try!
AlienxReturn Mar 10 @ 3:10pm 
Do i have to make my own music and skyradio folder? or should it already be there?
brandonb621 Mar 1 @ 9:38pm 
whats that song called in the first video?
NinjaWalrus Feb 24 @ 12:11am 
You said food is less cluttered, but for me its the most cluttered ahhahahahah.... I like to steal food, okay?
Anyways, great mod! I've really enjoyed playing aroung with this, it's like, 75% better then having to turn of the music in Skyrim and play it through itunes 'cause that just gets fidly.
ProlongedxEyexContact Feb 4 @ 7:23pm 
Read the description. sounds like a great mod and idea but whenever i subscribe and place it first in my load order and get rid of all the other sound mods it still causes my skyrim to not load past the startup emblem
jacobwarren333 Jan 23 @ 8:35pm 
I am very confused, what type of files do I need to convert my music to?
And can someone give me a link to a converter that will convert my files to said format?
The Legend of Lonk Jan 4 @ 6:56pm 
Is it fixed so all i have to do is subscribe?
Darkash Jan 4 @ 6:53pm 
Well I would have got It but Im having Troble With nexus Right now so sorry looks really awsome though.