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River City Ransom: Underground
Aug 22, 2015 @ 12:08pm
Sep 3, 2015 @ 9:52am
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RCRU development video series
RCRU is content complete
Release date: Q3 2016
River City Ransom: Underground is a free roaming multi-player fighting action RPG set in a hand-drawn pixel universe.

Lead the Flock through the streets of River City, hunting down evil bosses, shopping for the latest gear, and training hard in the dojo. It's an old-fashioned, jet-fuelled frame-up! You'll join Alex, Ryan, and a whole cast of new characters in your struggle to bring Slick to justice and clear your name. But be careful: nothing is as it seems.

River City Ransom: Underground Features:
  • Over 100 hand-drawn levels
  • 8+ Heroes, each with dozens of unique fighting moves
  • An open world where you fight, shop, and upgrade your characters' abilities
  • 10 tenacious and varied enemy gangs to conquer
  • Local or online multiplayer co-op campaign story
  • Local or online multiplayer arena fighting mode
  • Super-responsive peer-to-peer (P2P) networking technology

This highly anticipated sequel to the original retro classic made a splash on Kickstarter, and is now making its way to your PC, with your help and support.

Early Press

"Oh man oh man oh man this is going to be awesome." - Ian Birnbaum, PC Gamer

"The art direction stays true to the original, but the animation is phenomenally smooth... add in a soundtrack by Rich "Disasterpeace" Vreeland, it's hard to imagine that this won't be a winner." - Jonathan Holmes, Destructoid

"Those seriously have to be some of the silkiest smooth moving pixels in recent memory. Though the updated combat system sounds equally enticing." - Matt Hawkins, MTV Multiplayer

"More than any other Kickstarter project I’ve seen, the team's intense reverence for the original really comes through here." - Ewan Miller, VG247
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14 hours ago
Q and A
Sep 24 @ 7:48pm
Place your bets here on the next dealy
The Bro Stump
14 hours ago
release date
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考拉的爱 5 hours ago 
why??????why?why?why?why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

What your writing for???? please release
They said "No release date has been set this time." what are we waiting for ?
考拉的爱 10 hours ago 
The Bro Stump 15 hours ago 
i've Checked the Kickstarter and Facebook page and nothing new on the updates. :(
考拉的爱 Sep 28 @ 10:54pm 
还有多久我才能 玩到游戏?????真的要这么绝情???
Pegasus98 Sep 28 @ 4:30pm 
Another KS scam?
liquidmetalrob Sep 28 @ 3:08pm 
Just admit it's not coming out in Q3.
支那豚を殺し尽くせ Sep 28 @ 3:14am 
lol 233333
Goff7blc Sep 26 @ 12:56pm 
Please Get this game out soon!!!!!! I cann't wait i'm a huge fan of the nes verison played it alot woth family and friends on the nes back in the day and emu and rom even always a awesome game and good replay. I have the Biggest smile on my face waiting for the greatest fighting game to come out best of luck and Happy Programming :)
考拉的爱 Sep 25 @ 9:29pm