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S - Modular Thruster - DX11
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Feb 7, 2015 @ 8:31am
Jun 12, 2016 @ 8:01am
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S - Modular Thruster - DX11

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S - Modular Thruster

DX11 - DX9

You can create a long thruster :)

Build Progress Models I will improve.

----------> Atmospheric Modular Thruster <----------

----------> Hydrogen Modular Thruster <----------

ForceMagnitude - 3800000

MaxPowerConsumption 9

"SteelPlate" Count="100"
"Construction" Count="70"
"LargeTube" Count="50"
"Thrust" Count="600"
"Construction" Count="30"
"SteelPlate" Count="50"

ForceMagnitude - 144000

MaxPowerConsumption 0.2

"LargeTube" Count="1"
"Thrust" Count="10"
"Construction" Count="1"
"SteelPlate" Count="1"

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< >
kris220b Aug 11 @ 1:14am 

You dont, these are ion thrusters.
Infamous|Ozzay Aug 10 @ 1:29pm 
how to get fuel to them?
!Master_Conquest! Aug 4 @ 8:53pm 
well all is not lost "to ear is human" and I like these Metal Ass fuck thrusters just the way they are.
kris220b Jul 23 @ 2:47am 
@Antrophy has a good point here.

1 large vanilla ion thruster is 150 steel plates, 100 construction components, 960 thruster components, and 40 large steel tubes, while outputting 3,600,000 newtons, using 33,6 MW of power, and taking up 24 blocks.

Meanwhile, just 1 of these modded thrusters, 150 steel plates, 100 construction components, 50 large steel tubes, and 600 thruster components, while outputting 3,800,000 newtons, using 9 MW of power, and taking up 2 blocks.

This is in not a single way balanced for space engineers, either the build cost, power consumption, output, or just all of it, needs to be changed.
Atrophy Jul 22 @ 5:33pm 
Just took this for a test run, the engine sizes and thrust are TOTALLY not balanced to the vanilla game... large grid, large ion in the space of a large grid small ion for 9 MW is insane... they do look pretty though.
Valkyrie Jul 20 @ 5:16pm 
Yea love the look of the thruster and it works great. Though i can't use them due to them sounding like a whale trying to give birth in front of a giant fan. TONE DOWN THE SOUND. (or at least change the sound.)
(RUS)redu9267 Jul 10 @ 6:45am 
you here?
(RUS)redu9267 Jul 10 @ 5:16am 
(translate)У меня проблема при достежение скорости 250 ускорители поварачивают карабль БЕЗ участия гироскопов
Shudderfly Jul 6 @ 3:22am 
They're too loud
Aidan Jun 24 @ 2:50pm 
After using them i noticed the engines develope random movements after time making them un-useable, hope you can fix this as its one of my favourite mods.