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Mines of Moria Revised and Expanded Vanilla Version
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Jan 30, 2015 @ 1:42pm
Mar 8, 2015 @ 6:26pm
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Mines of Moria Revised and Expanded Vanilla Version

Mines of Moria Vanilla Version
Release: V1.3VA
Original Mines of Moria Beta: Tomolyons
Revised & Expanded: Firehawk7171
Twenty-First Hall Models & Textures: Firehawk7171

Welcome! Some have dared to venture into the Mines of Moria, fewer have made it out alive. From it's deep breathtaking views from the entrance to the Twenty-First hall to the bridge of Khazad-dum. Moria is a fantastic, wonderous, and dangerous place to explore. Originally discovered by the Dwarves, and mined for its rich deposits of Quicksilver, the stories that surround the dark Mines of Moria are those of legend. The dwarves dug too greedily, too deep, and awoke an ancient evil in the dark of Khazad-dum. The dwarves of Moria were vanquished. Over the ages, orc's and goblins have taken Moria for their own. Balin, son of Fundin, has lead an expedition into the mines to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. Though, no one has heard from the expedition since.

A dark shadow wreathed in flame roams freely in Moria. The orc's and goblins avoid it. But for the brave adventurer, it's the last thing they'll ever see going into Moria.

This is the Revised & Expanded Edition of Tomolyons Mines of Moria Mod. It now includes 9 new area's to explore in addition to the original 4 for a total of 13 area's. Do not despair over the canon that you know. This mod is the author's vision based off of the LotR Mines of Moria.

The entrance to the mine is located near Heartwood Mill in the Rift. However, you can only find and access this door at night!

Cleaned with TES5Edit.


I'm effectively eliminating the two different versions of this mod in favor of a somewhat Vanilla version. The mod will still continue to use Falmer for orc's/goblins until I can find a suitable replacement. But I have found the appropriate Balrog I've wanted for this mod since I started it, and boy does it look great. I've successfully been able to add scripted cutscenes into the mod which I am very excited about. Though I have experimented a lot with this over the last few weeks, I had to reach a compromise between functionality and practicality. I'm sure many folks will as pleased with the results as I am. I want to add a few more cutscenes to some other cell's before this update's release.

I'm working solely off my original Vanilla release to avoid conflicts and errors. I decided that in theory, this would be best so there will be no more need for any of the MonsterMod versions. This mod focus's mainly on the level design, not any quest. Therefore do not expect to find a wizard, a dwarf, an elf, two men and few halflings to go on an adventure with. This mod does break from LotR canon and is solely my interpretation of the area in a Skyrim setting.

I was very excited to release to you the Revised and Expanded Mines of Moria mod, now I am just as, if not more excited to bring to you the epic update in the coming weeks. There's still plenty for me to do yet, so please be patient with me.

The version 1.4 update is massive.
The West Gate Entrance has been expanded and detailed, with scenery, effects, lighting, traps, etc.
The bridge of Khazad-dum has been updated with two new cutscenes, new lighting, effects, traps, and other eye candy.
The Waterworks area has been updated with a few new effects, and scenery.
Appropriate Balrog has been added.
The Dwarrowdelf interior cell has been changed to a World Cell, added encounters, traps, effects, and lighting.
All Navmesh's have been updated (but not tested yet).

Things left to do:

Update the Silverlode cell with more scenery, effects, traps, and encounters
Update the Mineshaft cell with more scenery, lighting, effects and encounters
Update the Twenty-First Hall Cell with more scenery, lighting, effects, update the encounters, and add a cutscene or two.
Update the Dwarrowdelf world cell with more scenery, encounters, effects, and another sub-cell or two.
Update the Khazad-dum Cravass with more scenery, lighting, and effects. Note: I may just turn this cell into one massive cutscene.


V1.4 (Coming Soon!)
See above for details


1.3 - Removed "Ripper Sword" Reference
1.3 - Removed Bamboo Arrows Mod Requirement

1.2 - Reduced texture sizes for both versions. Changed the colors of the textures to more Earthly tones. Much smaller file size now!


1.1 - There's now two version, the Monster Mod version and the Vanilla version. Only install one.
1.1 - There's now a lite textures version. I only needed to update the normals. The file size of one of the original normals was around 85MB, the new normals average size now is around 16MB. - This "should" also solve any CTD issue you may experience with all the Falmer spawning in and running/sprinting across the hall.


All DLC's Required
- Hearthfire
- Dawnguard
- Dragonborn


Explorer Dungeon Pack by Paperboat22





Known Issues & Troubleshooting:

1. Flickering Lights (Only notice this issue in The Mine Shaft).
Troubleshoot: Currently I am working on this issue.

2. Sometimes the AI gets stupid and the enemies attack each other.
Troubleshoot: This issue has been adressed.

Recommended Mods:

Climates of Tamriel By jjc71
ELFX By Anamorfus
Wearable Lanterns By Chesko

Special Thanks:

- Huge thank you goes out to Tomolyons for giving me permission to pick up on this mod where he left off.
- Thank you to Bethesda for making Skyrim, and making it so awesome.


- Skyrim
- Skyrim CK
- Autodesk 3DS Max 2014
- Adobe Photoshop CS6
- Nifskope
- TES5Edit


- Lighting levels depends on your ENB and settings. I designed this mod to be dark, but playable. You should carry a lantern, torch, magelight or candlelight spell with you. This mod is designed for ENB use, but works just as well without.
- You will not encounter any Falmer if you take the Fellowship path through Moria until you enter Balin's Tomb. However, stick to the right in the Twenty-First Hall or you may inadvertently enter the Falmer spawn triggers. However, if you stray from that path by taking a different route, you will encounter other creatures.
- I have fixed the lighting issues with this mod that brightens the lighting in other dungeons/area's. This should no longer be an issue.

Please report bugs in the Comments section.

I'd also love to see your screenshots or video's!

Thank you for downloading!

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VanillaFrosting007 Aug 12 @ 5:39pm 
Do you need any other mod to make this work?
cyle92 Apr 28, 2016 @ 5:32pm 
by the way nice mod makes me mad when people dont read what it says
cyle92 Apr 28, 2016 @ 5:31pm 
if people cant read when it says all dlc there is something wrong read it then post shit reading commints sucks read peopl read!!!!!!
Il Lupo D'Argento Jan 28, 2016 @ 1:51am 
A suggestion, if I may; to make it even more like the book/movie, what if the, should the player fall or jump off the bridge of Khadad-dum, they fall for a long period before landing in a lake, on the shores of which there is a staircase that leads to the top of a nearby mountain? I think that would be spectacular, personally.
ParadoX Nov 13, 2015 @ 9:19pm 
Bruh why make it so all the DLC's are required :'(
Jones Sep 23, 2015 @ 8:04pm 
So i have all the DLCs and when i launch the game with thim mod it will get to the main menu and crash. How do i fix this?
Stalin Madalion Aug 9, 2015 @ 9:15pm 
what is that letter mod? i like it!
GHOSTanbul May 4, 2015 @ 12:16pm 
Speak friend and enter..
Burton Guster May 3, 2015 @ 5:14am 
9 out of 10, very good mod, Nobody rates like Gaston
Thestrangehero May 2, 2015 @ 11:11am 
Oh, thanks!