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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Russian
Players: Single-player
Jan 12, 2015 @ 5:55pm
Apr 16, 2015 @ 12:49pm
Release date: When Its Done
"Regulator" - an action/platformer in the style of metroidvania. The player searches through an underground base for world's most dangerous terrorist leader, and its definitely not to reward him with candies and hugs.

In the near future - 2115 AD - military forces have developed a new way to deal with distant threats - a programme called 'Regulator'.
Using advanced tech - super strength flesh is grown on cyber skeletons to create super soldiers. Cyber bases possess the ability to go into 'overdrive' - making them temporarily travel almost at the speed of light. Unfortunately, the ability can trigger dangerous side effects. As a result it cannot be used too often and needs a lot of training to use it well.
Welcome our hero, she goes by the code name 'Haku'. An agent who was born just to deal with underground terrorist bases in distant lands. Secretively.

The whole game is one big level – (which some call - 'Metroidvania') a Metroid-like level design.
The underground base is divided into smaller, yet significant segments. Each segment is a ‘level’, with its own boss or secrets.
In order to open a new segment – ‘Haku’ needs to find a certain switch or discover a special ability or perform a new overdrive attack.
In general – the game is less focused on puzzles and more on hack&slash gameplay. However, everything is inside a metro-maze.

As a main weapon ‘Haku’ will use a plasma blade. It’s like a light-saber™, but more devastating. And instead of a laser it utilizes plasma – so cutting is not a problem at the right angle.
Plasma can be in different states, thus Haku`s sword can be too. In a ‘cold’ state – Haku can freeze enemies, or she can become a fiery ninja – burning through enemies like they are butter.
Or she can just set them on fire by pointing the sword at them.

Her exoskeleton also grants her the ability to use overdrive in different ways. That is not only a fun and spectacular way to disintegrate enemies, but also to crush her way through the base.
At some point – even reinforced concrete will be a not a problem for her anymore!
Destructive abilities – such as ‘Power Shot’ or ‘Dash’ – can be used to kill enemies at a distance as well as at close distances and slash them faster, or to get behind them. Dash is also a good way to avoid damage.

What’s already in the game:
‘Haku’ is ready, 5/8 of her skills are working.
All art assets for underground base are rendered too.
Whole base are consist of 500 rooms, in 5 different tile-sets.
All tile-sets are ready, 40% of rooms are done.
Extect 5 bosses, 1/5 is already coded and in game.

- more enemies,
- more bosses,
- more underground bases.
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Hmm… I'm annoyed: that's the kind of entry for which my opinion is: it looks like a good game, which deserves to be on Steam, but it doesn't seem very thrilling either, and I don't think I'd buy it.
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отличная игра 5+
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"It’s like a light-saber™" You could use 'It's like a laser sword' instead.
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отличная игра.