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Huey Pack
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Jan 6, 2015 @ 10:31am
Mar 8, 2015 @ 1:42pm
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Huey Pack

This addon contains 30+ helicopters of the huey family.

How to install and use:
- When you have subscribed to the mod you must activate it in the launcher.
- Click play and choose "open launcher".
- Click the "Mods" section and check the box next to the HueyPack (you will have to wait for it to complete downloading).
- When you are in the editor you can find the helicopters under BLUFOR.

Sometimes you might need to unsubscribe and subscribe again, before it shows up in the launcher.



Link to the Huey Pack pbo file: HueyPack[]

Helicopter descriptions moved into pictures.

Known issues:
- Copilot controls are clumsy/unfinished. Only meant to be used in case of an emergency.
- Some clipping issues with passengers.
- Occasional odd behaviours from wrecks.
- No bottom in the AH-1 gunners view.
- Smoke from guns comes from the middle of the helicopter-model.
- Gunview is not working properly in the huey's copilot seats, stay in cockpit-view to aim the guns.
- Some helicopters had their tailrotorblur-effect in a wrong position, it should now be fixed.
- UH-1C "Heavy Hog": The guns controlled by the pilot has no lightsource in their muzzleflashes.
- UH-1C "Heavy Hog": The double-mounted guns in the sideturrets only shoots one bulletstream. The double-mount is only a visual effect.
- Due to modifications, some helicopters have stretchmarks. I tried to hide them the best I could.

- If you want to remove the "United States Army" text from the hueys, add this in the helicopters init field in the editor: this setObjectTexture [3,""]

Credits & Thanks:
The helicopter models and textures used are from the datapackages released by BI.
Aplion - Config tutorial, Arma 2 US Helicopters import.
Bohemia Interactive - Arma 3
CptDavo - Additional helicopter textures.
ColonelHartigan - Additional helicopter textures, weapon-configs.
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Medium Ultility Helicopters has more helicopters not just the Huey line helicopters. I think.
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You need to look for a more evolutioned version of this mod called "Medium Utility Helicopters". Unfortunately the creator of the mod has been inactive for the last 2 years.
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Really, just bad. Too many inaccuracies. But than again, I don't blame the creator for the imperfections. At the time of the creation the people in the community just didn't have the tools or knowlege to create a more accurate helicopter pack, they instead modified the original base game models. But, in ArmA 3 standards, not that great
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Is there a way to privately contact the author of this mod I'd like to request his / her permission to do something
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