Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

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Nov 12, 2014 @ 10:44pm
Sep 21, 2016 @ 2:16pm
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** Supports BE and BE:RT **

*An in-game editor to alter the map and many other things on the fly *
- Edit or paint terrain, features, resources, improvements, etc.
- Change cities' population, buildings, culture, etc.
- Spawn new units, remove other ones, for any sponsor.
- Modify players' energy, culture, relations.
- Grant or remove techs or virtues.
- Etc....

Differences from IGE Civ5 / things to note:
- Affinity level upgrades are permanent! No reset or downgrade. *When unlocking AI affinities the popups will all show up once you switch back to your player*
- Modifying AI player techs/affinity/virtues/culture/energy is working now. The top panel (where energy/science/turns/etc is displayed) does not show the real values for AI players while switching between them.
- Units created for other sponsors will not show up untill IGE is exited.
- Some terrain and other editing (adding miasma over other features) will not show up untill the game is saved and reloaded. (this is still a Civ issue, there is no fix).
- Minimap will stay revealed after glancing at the map (Civ issue, save & reload save to fix)
- Right click on tech icons to unlock / lock.
- Expand borders on a city will happen on next turn.
- Orbital, Trade Convoy/Vessel, and Tacjets need to be created in cities.
- Alien civ cannot be taken over.
- Ctrl + i to open/close IGE.
- Ctrl + Z to undo, ctrl + Y to redo. Works for terrain edition and painting.
- Ctrl + F5 to save and reload automatically (update terrains graphics and minimap fog).
- Right-click *IGE* to show an options panel.
- If screen becomes unresponsive/blurred, press Escape to exit IGE.

- Many thanks to the original Civ5 InGameEditor author: DonQuiche
- Also recognize the translators of the original InGame Editor:
- Al Qamar for the German translation.
- Emerald Viper for the Spanish translation.
- Error404 for the Italian translation.
- Zodiak69 for the Russian translation
- Yche2990 for the Chinese translation updates.
- CJ_GOROH for the Japanese translation.

- Dropbox Download
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Clayton Aug 7 @ 8:25am 
Hi, I have a game with 22 civs in it and when I open the IGE and go to change the active player, I can only select the first 15 as they list of of the screen to the right. Is there some way you could make them list down so its scrollable like the rest of the menus?
Simoni Arthur Jul 1 @ 8:47am 
how to load the chinese version?
colin.d.brown Jun 26 @ 11:01am 
Could you fix the problem with "Expand Borders"? Because it does nothing.
caerwyn8889 Jun 1 @ 11:16am 
неработает. шляпный мод.
Leon "Cheesecake" Coretz May 12 @ 11:39am 
Am badly missing the ability to spawn aliens that belong to the Alien faction. Also can't figure out how to spawn found cities--such as forcing an AI to have a city on a particular plot without dropping a colonist on it first.


Sometimes, the resources section will overlay the improvements section, making it extremely hard to select an option in either one (same as silverpanther's problem).

Reveal Map does not seem to reveal changes the AI has made to tiles--eg, does not see farms unless directly seen by Player.

Attempting to control another civ doesn't seem to work--can't select other units, can't move 'em, can't control city production, etc.
WARRIOR Apr 6 @ 6:26am 
неработает незнаю как исправить помогите люди
[HA-GA] Looping morningstar Mar 27 @ 9:56am 
Crash the two first try but at the third and now it work fine WITH THE DLC BE:RT; thx for the update.
JazzHands Mar 23 @ 8:32am 
I know if this mod ever gets fixed, I'll be buying BE:RT and spending countless hours on it =)
nawapol5268 Mar 22 @ 2:52am 
ShadowLightningWolf Jan 25 @ 9:56pm 
Dead mod, only some of the features may work.