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MCC Sandbox 4 - Mission Making The Easy Way
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Nov 8, 2014 @ 4:00pm
Dec 30, 2017 @ 1:31pm
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MCC Sandbox 4 - Mission Making The Easy Way

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So what is MCC Sandbox exactly?
"A powerful tool that takes control of any mission you’re running." - Rock, Paper, Shotgun - July 12TH 2013.

Under GPL3 License as described here:

MCC Sandbox with its integrated advanced AI system (GAIA) is Freedom.
You can do anything you ever dreamed of in ArmA without knowing even one script command.

Either you play PvP, Co-op or survival, It will change the way you play ArmA forever.

Inspired be VBS and it's in game real time editor we tried to create something similar that will let any player as the role of an instructor or as we call him the mission maker, to create different real life scenarios and put them to the test. Then he can alter and change the mission progress as he see fit in order to give the other players a more divert and intense experience. MCC support role/kits selection and it's build to work on dedicated servers. MCC will save the player progress and let him unlock new gear, weapons, scopes and uniforms.
You can create missions without any scripting knowladge and alter them in while in game. You can save your missions and share with friends.
MCC expends Zeus and ads more variety to it.

Support us in Make ArmA Not War:

You'll get:
Custom AI Behavior – GAIA an new AI level like no other, AI will fortify in buildings, place mines, throw smoke grenades, use empty vehicles, suppress with automatic rifles, flank, call CAS and artillery and much more.

Mission Generator – Define your game style and the amount of players and press "Generate" and MCC will generate random, suprising fully voice narrating with up to 20 different objectives.

3D editor – You can place units and object in 3D save them, load them, add some unique presets for them.

Group generator – You can create any custom made group you'll like and place on the battlefield, plus you can control any MCC's placed or preplaced AI group and give it new waypoints and behaviors.

Box Generator – Spawn a box with any items, weapons etc. you'd like.
Set time and weather – Change the mission set and atmosphere.

Client setting – Client's can adjust view distance and grass density to save some CPU load.

MCC Zones – Everything in MCC is connected to zones AI will patrol zones, attack, lay ambushes, garrison buildings and more (UPSMON behavior)

Benchmark tools and Debug tools – Check local, server and HC server FPS, open BIS debug console send some code online using the command line.

Close Air Support – Call for many different types of CAS from gun-runs, rockets runs, AT attack, AA attack etc.

Artillery support – Call for even many more artillery support as DPICM, HE, flares smoke etc.

MCC Console – Let a player control support aspects as UAV, Evac, artillery and even AC-130.

IED – Place IEDs that are only detonated by spotters or pressyre plates. Place ambush groups link it to an IED or link IED together to create a daisy chain effect. Define if an IED radio trigger can be scrambled by specific vehicles.

Armed Civilans – Place arme civilans that will suprise the players as the approch and open fire. The players can neutralize and even capture the armed civilians.

Suicide Bombers – Place Suicide bombers that will chase the players and explode once they get near.

Convoy Generator – Create custom AI convoy that will keep in formation and even spawn with HVT inside.

Unit Managment – Manage any units on the battlefield. Hijack and play as any AI, teleport the AI, make them do a HALO jump and more.

IED, Minefields, Armed Civilians and Suicide Bombers – Diverse you battlefield with advanced IED module, place an IED connect it to a spotter or make it proximity mine. Determine the time it will take disarm it, how far unit should be close to it to get it off, what kind of damage will it make, do we want to kill the players, scare them or wound them?

MCC is a tool build for MP and dedicated servers, any thing you'll do will be done on the remote server or on the Headless Client and not locally on the player client.

That way this tool can support lots of players and abuse as it doesn't strain the client.

You can restrict MCC to admin only, players or roles.

MCC supports BIS Headless Client.

Find out more and post your wishes and bug reports here:

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BruceALMIGHTYY Feb 18 @ 11:22am 
Must run on both.
Vandeiken aka PawelKPL Feb 18 @ 6:07am 
Is there a way to control access to MCC module from mission files like init or description ?
Vandeiken aka PawelKPL Feb 18 @ 5:30am 
Is it needed to be installed on server and client or only on server side ?
BruceALMIGHTYY Feb 14 @ 1:49pm 
Col.Delta Engels Feb 14 @ 12:13am 
Thats not MCC Then, It'll be another mod that you're Using. For Example using JSRS AFRF Compat But Not having the USAF Mod In there. MCC Is not the cause trust me.
TrasiWISERS Feb 13 @ 10:48pm 
By the way, if you are playing story such as: stepping stone, east wind...... and game automatically saved, when I died, I click load and it always will tell me that somthing is missing, and cannot edit/play this mission only to completly restart it, but I'm absoultley nothing's missing, so please fix this bug.
[SoM] Shadowy Sunshine Feb 13 @ 1:05am 
So, Anyone could give some help or advice how to make a MCC type esc'ed mission?
Col.Delta Engels Feb 11 @ 11:59pm 
Silent, A slight lag when entering zeus might happen on lower performance devices (AKA Stuff that You play arma on The lower spectrum of graphs with)
If this freezes, And it crashes then
A: You're mashing buttons while the game is frozen. If you always do this whenever theres a freeze then sorry to tell you but you've been doing 1 of the worst thing u can do during a freeze.
B: Your device is very weak and most of the time cant recover from a freeze. IF This is the case then I'm afraid you'll have to see if you can either change your settings, otherwise, Well. Dunno.
Geffel Feb 11 @ 5:52am 
I got a problem. Whenever I add units via MCC and they move around, small dots are appearing where they have been walking. This mean that when I have alot of units walking around it really sucks the performance out of the server.

Is this just a options I accidentaly turned on?
SilentKillJoy Feb 8 @ 6:30pm 
So I login to the MCC and then when I try to use the Eden/ Zeus editor when I hit "Y" it completely freezes and crashes my game and I cannot figure out where im going wrong with it. Anyone have any suggestions?