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Enhanced Movement
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Oct 28, 2014 @ 3:58pm
Aug 6 @ 8:47am
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Enhanced Movement


Enhanced Movement - BETA






- use this at your own risk (obviously...)

- this update will not fix (potentially break) old broken savegames



BI forums:


- one context sensitive key to:
--> jump
--> climb on/over and step onto obstacles

- one context sensitive key to:
--> open doors/hatches and perform any close by actions
--> climb ladders
--> access the gear of any object (vehicles, ammoboxes, etc.)
--> get quickly into prioritized vehicle seats (temporarily disabled)
--> vehicle seat menu
--> access gear of group members (temporarily disabled)

additional random (optional stuff)

- daylight/non-NVG laser pointer
- NVG ping sound and post process effects


after installing the addon simply go ingame and press ESC. there will be a small menu that will allow you to bind your keys and adjust your settings. for a short demonstration see the video above.

KNOWN ISSUES (please read this before reporting things)

- some objects make you float (this has to be fixed by BI insdie the models)

- some windows or general places are not climbable (again..this has to be fixed by BI inside the models)

- clipping resulting in floating/clipping and generally unpleasing visuals


- improved animations


- various people i learned from over the years especially Einherj. the rest. you know who you are. thx!
- thx Columdrum for the action code example
- Apache7 for helping me sort some binarize problems and general rtm things
- Macser for his awesome Blender rig that inspired me to make my own in max (coming soon)
- Mikero for his great tools that simply work and do the job properly
- LordPrimate for temporary signature solution
- BI for this amazing and weird♥♥♥♥♥game series that i hate and love at the same time
- dedmen for tips, file AND line pointers of where to apply them, thx a lot man!

all beta testers and especially...

Apache (indepth MP testing)
Einherj (indepth MP testing)
Deuce (indepth SP testing)
Corporal_Lib (indepth SP testing)
SerJames (indepth mod compatibility testing)


modification of the contents of this addon requires the author's (that would be me) permission. should permission be granted the content and derivatives of it are under the APL-SA license.

the contents of this addon are not allowed for any type of commercial use. that includes derivatives of it.

that includes using this as part of game modes/servers that have donation systems that are tied to ingame content as reward for donations, even if that content is not this addon specifically. this means the use of this is only allowed in a 100% free context. that obviously excludes normal servers that accept donations without ingame content perks.

the use of contents of this addon (if permission was granted) is not allowed outside of arma games. that includes "very similar military simulators based on the RV engine".
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Capt_Ocean1 16 hours ago 
@badbenson: Good Job very well done best mod on the workshop so far as I can tell it feels like this mod was already in the game with how flawless it seems
CrimsonJupiter Aug 15 @ 10:19pm 
Yes fabian, i seem to be having the same problem here.
Fabian Aug 15 @ 11:29am 
After Sitting in a Vehicle it does not work anymore, it is not only my problem, its the problem for me and 7 mates, please Help.
Siesina Aug 15 @ 9:01am 
cant play anymore without it, should standart for arma... which soilder cant climb over a simple wall. great mod A+
Stoner Aug 12 @ 3:50pm 
In HUD mode, when I press the 4-key, it does not select all units. 5,6,7,8,9 do not select a colored team. To select all members, I have press Ctrl-F1, Ctrl-F2, etc. Even then, sometimes only one AI is affected when I try to place them.
bhoon999 Aug 12 @ 1:59pm 
nah, jump works in story mode but do you know the scenario called Recon Ops, during the missions with that downloaded scenario, jump doesn't work that's what I meant but I don't need jump at all during the play so I really appreciate for what you have done for us.
Because Viking Aug 11 @ 11:06am 
Hey Badbenson - does weight affect this at all when doing movement? Or is there any plans to make that a thing?
Teacher Aug 8 @ 11:52am 
Hello! After the latest updates, the character has stopped jumping! Also, while overcoming obstacles, the character falls into the texture well, and in a similar way, anyone experienced similar?
Mod Exile! On old versions everything works fine!
Punisher Aug 8 @ 7:49am 
Hey BadBenson for some reason the Animation of climbing is Way off. for example climbing a wall the player is teleported 15 ft back and half into the ground then does the animation. then the player is on the other side of the wall instantly. Sometimes it doesn't place player behind the wall at all. this in exile. I'm not sure how it works in Arma.
badbenson  [author] Aug 7 @ 10:33am 
@SPECFOR: nah didn't have time yet. don't worry. i'll update it very soon. you'll see if you read the changelog