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Oct 27, 2014 @ 8:52pm
Mar 25, 2015 @ 7:51am
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BI forum thread[]

This campaign includes Deliverance Part 1 and Part 2, previously published on Steam.

Deliverance is a story-based Single player campaign, in which we try to demonstrate on the example of the republic of Altis, a small country how far racial discrimination and hate can escalate to. The player will have the chance to get to know the problems and motivation of both sides of the conflict and realize, that nothing is only black or white, that no side is absolutely right and mostly that violence doesn't solve these problems.

In the first part of the story you will get to see the world through the eyes of John Masa, a member of the AAF forces.

In the second episode of our story, you'll have the chance to see, how it is standing on the other side of the barricade in the role of the black man, Benjamin Bower, who joins the black revolution, eventhough he didn't plan on doing so at first. This part will then conclude the whole story and the player gets an overview of the situation and will maybe realise, how senseless such a conflict is and how narrowminded it is to divide people based on their skin color or anything else. You can be anxious about:

- Detailed characters

- Dialogs recorded by a professional czech dubbing group Fenix ProDabing

- Movie-like atmosphere with several cut scenes

- Unexpected turns in the story and some scenes that will maybe give you something to think about

- Added sounds and texture that will enhance the experience and make it deeper

- Translation into czech, english, german, spanish, french and russia.

- Own soundtrack by Capo Production
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SiuLongBao May 23 @ 12:24am 
This mission does not show up in my scenerio tab
Hammer Knight Apr 24 @ 9:13am 
LOL tak asi zatím nejlepší mise co sem kdy hrál,fakt pecka :D
blackadder Apr 19 @ 12:14pm 
I redownload it and revert it last night and work's fine....definetly best campaign here (great story). Thanks and i hope to see more campaigns like this
[CZ]Sarge  [author] Apr 18 @ 11:20am 
Hi Blackadder. In witch part? You can have more then 2 magazines for whole campaign. Definetley. :)
blackadder Apr 17 @ 12:29pm 
looks great campaign but veeery buggy....didn't get to part two becouse in part one after reloading weapon i can't fire from weapons anymore or switch to other weapon so it's end for me, in conclusion you have only two magazines for whole campaign. i tryed to revert mission but same thing again....
Buddha2b Apr 13 @ 1:34pm 
i passt comment on the story, and just say scripted immortal units dont belong to ArmA.
Dronnar Apr 10 @ 2:32pm 
beautifull and strong story. thank you very very much for making such a wonderfull campaign!!
Adrien [FR] Mar 29 @ 8:31am 
One of the best story in a campaign for Arma 3 ! Really like the idea of use the subject of 'Racism' in the game ! Good time playing it ! 10/10
Strichel Mar 26 @ 3:21am 
veeeeeery buggy.
Wolf Feb 14 @ 2:27pm 
My characters weapon drifts off to the right slowly after the ambush and whenever I zoom in with the scope, the sight is literally on the right edge of my screen. Is that a problem to the campaign or is that on my end?