Double Action: Boogaloo

Double Action: Boogaloo

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Double Action Official Quick Start Guide
By [BS] Vino and 1 collaborators
Basic gameplay instructions and tips
Basic Controls
*Note that some of these bindings may change in future versions. You can always set them yourself in the Escape > Options > Keyboard menu.

[WASD] – Move your character
[Left Mouse Button] – Fire your weapon
[R] – Reload
[Space Bar] – Jump
[Q] – Switch to previous weapon
[CTRL] – Crouch
[# keys] or Scroll Wheel – Weapon inventory
[B] – Change your weapon loadout
Hold [V] – Use voice chat
[H] – Throw your weapon on the floor
[X] – Switch between third and first person camera view
Stunt Controls
[Right Mouse Button] (While moving) Do a dive
[Space Bar], then [Right Mouse Button] (While moving) Do a high dive
[Right Mouse Button] (While facing a wall) Do a back flip
[CTRL] + [Right Mouse Button] – Do a slide
Tap [CTRL] twice – Do a roll
Hold down [Shift](Rifles and Shotguns) Aim in for more accuracy and reduced recoil.
Hold down [WASD] (After a dive) Land rolling
Hold down [Right Mouse Button] (After a dive) Land sliding
Hold down [Space Bar] (While facing a ledge) Mantel onto the ledge
Action Controls
[Middle Mouse Button] – Attack using Brawl
[C] – Activate Slow-Motion (You earn one second of slow motion for every enemy killed while stunting)
[F] – Throw grenade
[E] – Pick up a weapon (You can pick up any weapon you see on the floor)
Gameplay Tips
Be stylish! That means doing dives, flips, slides, and rolls, aiming in, using Brawl, and using grenades. As you do stylish things you will fill your style meter on the right of your screen. When it gets full, the style skill you chose will activate, giving you a short-term bonus. When you die, you will lose some of your style meter.

You collect seconds of slow motion for killing people in stylish ways. Don’t forget to use your slow motion by pressing [C]. When you die you will lose two seconds of slow motion.

Mini-objectives are a great way to get style. Mini-objectives will appear periodically, such as Capture the Briefcase, Kill the Wanted Criminal, and Rat-Race to the Finish. Winning the objective will award you with a super style skill that’s equivalent to all the style skills combined.

Diving away from explosions is the best way to avoid them. You’ll take less damage, get style points, and you’ll get a quick boost.

Your score is based on how stylish you are. The player who wins isn’t the one who made the most kills, but the one who did the most stylish things. Dying’s not so bad in this game, especially if you take your enemy with you (super stylish.)

Don’t be afraid to fall off the edge! Some levels have high buildings you can fall from. If you fall, don’t worry, maybe your enemy will dive after you, and you’ll have a gun battle on the way to the ground. A stylish death will be rewarded in the next life.

Use the voting system. While in a server you can press escape to access the main menu, where you can call a vote to add bots, kick bots or players, change the level, and turn teamplay on or off.

Annoying players on voice chat? You can mute them by pressing escape to access the main menu, and choosing “Mute Players”
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how to do the dive kick, i've heard its the best weapon/move in the game, and are there any other special moves in brawl because when it comes to brawl, i'm an absolute noob
[BS] Vino  [author] May 14 @ 2:05pm 
Fill your style meter and have the Marksman perk.
LukePlayedIt May 13 @ 4:19pm 
how do you get gold weapons?
Bee Movie Script May 9 @ 5:37am 
what os aim in?
Cromakoth Mar 25 @ 3:07am 
Kickflip off a wall and turn sideways.
General Electric Tiger Oct 29, 2016 @ 11:30am 
In the trailer, I saw the characters doing cartwheels in air while shooting the other person. How can you do that, or is that not implemented here?
_Sinon_ Aug 1, 2016 @ 1:46pm 
always jump then dive the opponent wont expect you going that high cuz u can dive after jumping
shibbeh Mar 28, 2016 @ 9:57pm 
Awesome! I was super passionate about this game some... what ten years? ago. the amazing maps, all the different weapons, the cool power ups. The community was amazing too, tons of weapon skins and models and maps, role play severs. ahhh. the golden years.
[BS] Vino  [author] Mar 28, 2016 @ 9:37pm 
Thanks :) We're trying to keep it alive.
shibbeh Mar 27, 2016 @ 10:51am 
Im assuming this is the spiritual successor of The Specialist. I was literally in love with that game. I spent a whole summer playing it. was heavily involved in clan play and the community. I had NOOO idea this was even a thing. I am so flippin excited to see this game. I played it for a little bit an its not too bad. not a very good selection of weapons or characters but im hoping this isnt a dead mod. considering the last comment on here is literally from almost a year ago exactly.