Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation

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Alien: Isolation - Settings Mod
By AngelGraves13
Full Level of Detail / 4K Shadow Map Resolution / Horizontal FOV / Alternate Planar Reflections
The modded file will enable support for full Level of Detail, 4K shadow map resolution, Horizontal FOV, and add alternate Planar Reflections. A modded file is available to download for your convenience.
UPDATED: 05/20/2016

Alien: Isolation - Modded Settings[]
Alien: Isolation - Original Settings[]

Alien: Isolation default ENGINE_SETTINGS.XML location:

SteamApps\common\Alien Isolation\DATA
- LOD value of 6.0 is Ultra. Previous 1.0 value is High.
- 3072 and 4096 values added to Shadow Resolution as Very High and Ultra.
- Alternate Planar Reflections added that ignore the values found in the reflection map. Not enabled by default. To enable, change from On setting to Alternate.
- Streaming Texture Heap Size raised to 1024 for better texture resolution and streaming performance
- Streaming Model Heap Size raised to 512 for better model resolution and streaming performance
- Field of View values changed to horizontal FOV
Level of Detail (LOD)
Alien: Isolation uses Level of Detail (LOD) to reduce detail once objects are a certain distance from view, and while this method works well it does cause objects to pop in and out of detail.

Below are two images, one taken with the previous Ultra value and one taken with the new Ultra value.

LOD (1.0) Ultra LOD (6.0) Ultra
Shadow Map Resolution
Shadow Map Resolution is limited to 2048 in Alien: Isolation by default. 4096 shadow map resolution can be accessed in-game with the modded file for better shadows with the Ultra preset.

2K (2048) Standard Shadows 4K (4096) Standard Shadows
Horizontal Field of View (FOV)
Alien: Isolation uses Vertical FOV instead of Horizontal FOV. The values have been renamed to avoid confusion and converted to horizontal values in-game. 85 is the recommended value.
Alternate Planar Reflections
Alternate Planar Reflections can be enabled in-game. This setting will ignore the reflection values found in the map files.

Standard Alternate
Anisotropic Filtering
Force 16X Anisotropic Filtering in your videocard's control panel for high quality AF.
Recommended Mods
Here you'll find a list of mods I highly recommend that will enhance your gameplay experience in Alien: Isolation.

* Alias Isolation[]
A fantastic mod that adds TAA (Temporal Anti-aliasing) which eliminates all aliasing in the game. Highly recommended. There may be visual anomalies when depth of field effects are used. The mod is constantly being updated, so it it likely that the issues will be eliminated in the future.
* Unpredictable Alien
A great mod that makes the alien more unpredictable by giving it more freedom to roam the ship instead of constantly stalking you. The mod affects all difficulty levels and modifies the alien's leash to the player and time spent in vents.
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AngelGraves13  [author] Oct 9 @ 12:47pm 
You can't....the engine doesn't render past 4K.
T.w² | Elementz Oct 9 @ 7:48am 
How can i get 8k shadows?
AngelGraves13  [author] Sep 22 @ 1:59pm 
Yeah, that was probably my earlier edit for the file.
Ahmlet Sep 22 @ 1:59pm 
Great, right now I only edit gRadiosityEmissiveSurfaceScale to 16.0. But others values I really dont know what they do
AngelGraves13  [author] Sep 21 @ 9:41pm 
I have done some editing of the radiosity. I'll post an update here.
Ahmlet Sep 20 @ 9:49pm 
Hi, there was a guide similar to yours that was taken down. In which it was also edited the radiosity settings. Did you try them out? I got the settings from long ago, but it cause one of the levels to go black.
Don Pablo Juan Sep 18 @ 7:41am 
@AngelGraves13 I'd love to try the TAA mod but it requires motion blur to be enabled. I hate motion blur.
Warchest Sep 16 @ 5:10am 
I see, I'll check that out, thanks.
Karaage Jun 30 @ 11:11pm 
Ok thanks! Appreciate the reply!
AngelGraves13  [author] Jun 30 @ 11:08pm 
They won't appear as new options. Only the FOV and Planar Reflections will look different. I kept the naming the same.