Portal 2

Portal 2

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INTO THE MULTIVERSE (an incomplete adventure)
The enrichment centre has worked hard to build the first ever Multiverse Device. However, you are but a mere test subject and are not privy to its sensitive machinery. So it was only natural that when you walked past security and pressed a few buttons when the device was not complete that it GO CATASTROPHICALY WRONG!!! Half of the lab is torn asunder and you are propelled violently through the cosmos to God knows where and no way of coming back home.

This story arc details your journey to unknown worlds far beyond your own reality. Venture deep into strange territory with new technology and insidious beings. Make unlikely friends and enemies the likes of which you never thought possible. Through thick and thin, you strive to find a way to return home to your own world. No matter how unlikely your goal may be, you must keep walking forward, before THEY get you!!
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Into The Multiverse Part 1
Aperture Science Industries has enlisted the help of turrets to work together on creating the Gyroscopic Multiverse Portal. This is here is the prelude of the enrichment centre's new Prepetual Testing Initiative. However the turret's work is sloppy at best...
Into The Multiverse Part 2
After being hurled across space and all over the multiverse, you finally crash down on a planet. You discover that in this world the Aperture Facility has actually bought out Black Mesa and are going by the name Blappeture Mesa. This is a world too strange...
Into The Multiverse Part 3
After breaking into Blappeture Mesa, you find yourself stuck in a waste deposit room. Your hear the creaking of metal and the slurping of ooze all around you. But among the stench of filth resides a broken turret. The poor thing pleads for help as the inco...
Into The Multiverse Part 4
As you continue your descent into Blappeture, You find the place to be eerily empty. Not a single test volunteer or emplyee in sight. Strange considering the facility was half renovated and yet still falling apart. The facility creaks and shifts as you att...
Into The Multiverse Part 5
As you have delve deeper into the strange facility known as Blappeture Mesa, you come to an isolated part of the underground complex. In the stone wall is written ...Lambda Labs? You remember hearing about something in the news. Some disaster that happened...
Into The Multiverse Part 6
You venture onward as you reunite with the rusty turret, going upward and onward towards the surface. You find yourself at a deadend between a train station and a giant sealed door. One way or another you are getting out of this place and that sealed door ...
Into The Multiverse Part 7
You have narrowly avoided death once again only to find yourself at Research & Developement for Glados's various mechanized death machines. Luckily the majority of them only know how to kill themselves. However, that won't stop Glados from trying to kill y...
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May 30 @ 12:08am
Chell Easter Eggs
< >
benpoketrainer Jul 17 @ 7:07am 
Part 1 and 2 are having problems!
Tbones12342 Jul 16 @ 5:15pm 
this game was creepy and awesome at the same time. i loved it cant wait for the next level i will be downloading that
kasialojszczyk Jul 10 @ 1:03pm 
Tynnyri Jun 30 @ 11:21am 
I know right? There is no reason for that NOT to happen. It's basically cannon now.
Blappeture Executive NO.1  [author] Jun 30 @ 9:57am 
I dont even know how to respond to that
Tynnyri Jun 30 @ 5:21am 
why cant jar jar binks and wario have a baby in episode 8?
xSonicPlayMCx Jun 29 @ 3:49pm 
Also, no offense
xSonicPlayMCx Jun 29 @ 3:49pm 
Oh. But, it WOULD be cool to have Anomolous Materials, since we have the Lambda Complex, AND it would be nice to get some lore. Just saying :P
Blappeture Executive NO.1  [author] Jun 29 @ 3:33pm 
I already have a storyline and a plot set up. If you want your ideas to be a reality, then you can download the tools you need and make it happen.

not to be disrespectful, but I get tons of people coming up to me and offering "ideas" every day, but none of these people realize that they are talking to someone with a plan of their own

telling me what to put in my work would be like an mlp fanfiction writer asking george lucas to put their oc into the next star wars movie.

xSonicPlayMCx Jun 29 @ 1:55pm 
I did my Part 8 idea already but I re-did it. After the door opens, you see it leads into a more abandoned part of the facility, called Anomolous Materials. A blood trail leads farther in the lab. You & your turret goes through the facility,until you get to the control room of a test chamber. You press a button,activating a portal inside. You turn around to the way you came from because the other door was locked. But The Chell's right there & locked that door & the other unlocks. With no choice, you go into the test chamber and go through the portal. You see you're back in the trainyard. You're spectating a past event. Scientists & engineers are writing reports and observing the crates. One of the crates bulge a bit. The door blows opens and hits a wall. The Chell walks out, going on a massive killing spree. The only thing left behind,a broken turret,thrown into a chute. That turret is the one that's been with you. You go back into reality and there's a hole in the wall. You enter it