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Industrial Thruster (Sage)
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Mod category: Block
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Sep 24, 2014 @ 7:57pm
Nov 15, 2015 @ 8:15pm
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Industrial Thruster (Sage)

No longer work in atmosphere, & their auto stopping power is now as strong as manual control.

(Has DX11)
(Has DX9) (Again)

Be warned, this apparently doesn't work with a Dedicated server, I have no idea why, but allot of people are reporting server crashes. Again, no idea why.

A new thruster I created with 3 times the power of the standard large thruster.

See more about the Large Ship version here:
See more about the Small Ship version here:

See centered Variant here:

Has build states, LOD, and is survival ready.

Has LODs, so your FPS shoudn't be murdered... too bad.

Feel free to use this thruster, just link back to this page, or to
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Midge Midge Feb 22 @ 5:44pm 
noice its butterful!
Hanar Feb 21 @ 6:22pm 
i happen to have a probleme here whit the thruster, i want to put some on my small ship, if i select it twice i see there is a small ship version (smaller thruster) but has soon has i put my cursor on my ship it switch back to big ship thruster or just dosnt show at all if i reselect while on small ship
Wither Effect Feb 2 @ 7:25pm 
it will not transfer to my game. when i go to load it says downloading mods then continues to stay there for an hour or so then crashes
theimmersion Jan 21 @ 9:03pm 
Can i please bother you again and request a nozzel only variant? Or the .fbx file and ill separate it myself? Please, need it for a ship im building but the engines are too big. :(
zeldon (warcraftrhino) Jan 15 @ 2:20am 
zeldon (warcraftrhino) Jan 15 @ 2:20am 
doe this work on planets or just in space
epicplayer2611 Jan 6 @ 7:37am 
hey Sage i've been watching your videos and 'LastStandGamers' to help figure out how to make interesting ships and other things.this industrial thruster looks exellent, along with other mods that you have placed in the workshop.
williamcenturi Jan 2 @ 1:14pm 
This engine is very useful, lots frigate to destroyer sized ships use these. Excellent job on the engines.
theimmersion Dec 31, 2016 @ 9:44am 
And please, if you could make two more variations where the frame part is just one block size. That way, the mass should decrease and finally more space to work. Less bulky ship designs just to house my favorite engines. Please. Hope i explained well enough. Sorry for any confusions. Take note of the codecats capital thrusters, they are just the nozzel. The frame is nice of course and i use it on few occasions but i also need one where i dont have a 6 block long frame to hide or store. It makes a ship 12 cubes long in all directions just placing them head to head.
theimmersion Dec 31, 2016 @ 9:44am 
This is one of those mods that are always in my games but i always end up with a few problems.
Why isnt there 2 more variations where the grey frame parts is one block deep? All my builds always end up much more bulky that it needs to be and heres the problem with that, the main issue. The engine is not enough powerful for its mass. I tested my builds with vanilla thrusters and these ones. I end up better off with vanilla ones due to size. Vanilla thrusters give less power output but are much lighter than these ones. The power on industrial thrusters are negated by its what i think like 500 tons more mass. Either, the power output should be increased or the mass decreased.