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Sep 15, 2014 @ 3:00am
Feb 16, 2015 @ 2:54am
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2015, February 16th: bCombat UPDATED to v0.18 FINAL. See CHANGELOG.

bCombat is an all-in-one Single Player infantry AI mod.
It aims to achieve both a more aware and human-alike infantry AI. It features an unique ecosystem, including an event-driven AI morale / skill system as well as many optional AI enhancements.
Everything is pre-configured and ready to go, while it can be tweaked at will via configuration file (see "MORE INFO" below).

  • Morale system driving dynamically AI behavour and skills.
  • Reduced (excessive) AI firing accuracy.
  • AI behaviour is affected by many environmental events (spotted enemies, explosions, bullets whizzling by, ricochets, wounds, casualties, ...).
  • AI units proactively lay suppressive fire and suffer sensible morale / skill penalty when suppressed.
  • Increased AI survivability: better use of cover, movement and suppressive fire lead to longer firefights.
  • More Tactical options: firing from higher ground, flank or back causes bigger morale hit to enemy
  • AI units use smoke grenades
  • AI units use handgrenades more efficiently
  • AI units hear nearby gunfire / explosions
  • AI machinegunners lay suppressive fire in order to cover group movement
  • AI groups move more cautiously in urban environment (e.g. less individual engaging)
  • Player led AI units require far less micro-management on the battlefield.
  • A lot more ...

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RisingViking1 May 24 @ 10:52am 
Heyyyyyyyyy i didnt know Garrus is here! lol
Ah yes, "Reapers" May 14 @ 9:47am 
For anyone having trouble with the enemy cock-stomping you in every engagement, what I suggest is using the editor to make a small firefight to calibrate (where my mass effect fans at?) your game's difficulty. Just put one squad of soldiers against another and keep fiddling with difficulty until it seems fair.

I've found that at 40% skill and 15% percision, the side that starts with its troops in good fighting positions usually takes out the enemy squad with no strings attached, but if niether side prepares, both get fucked up bad, and whichever side has better weapons, numbers, and armor will come out on top.
Ah yes, "Reapers" May 14 @ 8:59am 
Why doesn't the steam version have a config file?
SGT.FreemⒶn May 13 @ 6:28pm 
I have no idea how to bet rid of the two free grenades.
twelvestones92 May 12 @ 8:26am 
@jdingo there is a line in the bcombat configuration file that tells it to add the two grenades to the inventory of everybody.
jdingo May 8 @ 10:39am 
every time my mission starts every unit including me gets 2 grenades added to their inventory even though i made sure in the editor no one has grenades. does anyone know how to fix this?
VooDooChowl May 3 @ 9:11pm 
I love the mod but wondering why the little bubble is not over their heads like in the videos?
SUP BRO! Apr 26 @ 9:48pm 
"Reduced (excessive) AI firing accuracy." NOPE. THEY STILL EAGLE-EYE EVEN BEHIND THE SMOKE.
Slugga17 Apr 22 @ 11:49pm 
If you guys want stamina back, go into the cfg for this and change it. It was removed on purpose
Gripen Apr 3 @ 10:36am 
Hey, amazing work on this mod. But i noticed quite noticable bug :D when i plays as zeus and make AI go in combat, there is some sort of bug log (black square white text) on top left of screen .. looks like bug report. Not sure what it mean and it is not always the same text ... any idea how to get it gone ? :D