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Battle Realms
Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Sep 8, 2014 @ 4:16pm
Sep 17, 2014 @ 1:10pm
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Ugh. More Delays...
Battle Realms in Final Testing !!!!!
Release date: FALL 2014
Every warrior has a name and they are all willing to die for you.

Experience one of the most beloved real-time strategy games of all time! Liquid Entertainment and Ed Del Castillo's (producer of Command & Conquer) proudly present the return of their masterpiece: Battle Realms. Critically acclaimed and enjoyed by fans worldwide, Battle Realms is packed with innovation, deep strategy, and an immersive world filled with meaningful detail.

Kenji returns from his time away to find his father's kingdom in shambles. He must stake his claim in a chaotic world warred over by the Serpent, Wolf and Lotus Clans. Shall he subjugate the land under a campaign of malevolence, or restore the war-torn realm to the former glory of the ancient Dragon Clan? Enter Battle Realms and the path is yours to make in a gripping single player campaign with multiple paths and endings. Then, test your skills against other players in epic multiplayer matches!

What's Cool:
  • Train Your Warriors: Experience one of the most unique troop creation systems in RTS. Peasants train into soldiers, which in turn, can follow multiple training paths like Samurai, Cannoneers, Bandits, Berserkers, and many other mythical warriors.
  • Live or Die by the Land: Seize tactical advantages in a living world teeming with life - birds fly when startled, wolves attack troops, higher ground offers increased power to ranged attacks, and when it rains, fires are put out and crops grow faster.
  • Command the Power of Zen: Your Zen Masters wield fantastic powers in the heat of battle - heroic feats inspire your people, granting almost magical powers and opening up new strategies.
  • Blood Spilled Is Power Gained: Lead warriors to victory and earn Yin & Yang points to acquire destructive new weapons and magic. The more you do, the more powerful you become.
  • A War for the Masses: Stage epic battles with up to 8 players. Dozens of multiplayer maps and a deeply customizable PVP skirmish mode.
  • Complete: Includes the original Battle Realms and its Winter of the Wolf expansion that focuses on the Wolf clan and serves as a prequel to the original campaign.
  • New and Improved: dual-monitor support, online multiplayer, and more!

What They Said:
  • The game exudes style, polish, and quality from every pixel... From gorgeous visuals to immersive gameplay, Battle Realms never ceases to amaze. 100% - Adrenaline Vault
  • It has refreshingly little in common with other games of its kind. Besides which, its great presentation, genuinely likable units, replayable campaign, and flexible skirmish and multiplayer modes are easily enough to recommend it. - GameSpot
  • A remarkably well-produced and intimate game that is the perfect answer for all of those "more is more" strategy games. - IGN
  • Playing Battle Realms is simply a joy. It's a real-time strategy title that doesn't bog you down in its details, it doesn't carry the ponderous weight of less refined titles, and leaves you with that genuinely satisfied feeling you get from playing a superbly crafted and balanced title. - Yahoo! Games
  • Battle Realms screams quality. - GameSpy

If you missed it the first time, now is your chance to experience one of the most innovative RTS's in the genre. Even though the original Battle Realms came out more than a decade ago, many of it's features have yet to be copied in other games. If you are a Real Time Strategy fan this is one that you should not miss.
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What's going on whit this game?
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ded gem
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For The Clan
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please !! release this game on steam !!! im begging you !
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report abandoned
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Ed: Omae wa mou shindeiru
Battle Realms: Nani!?
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What's now?
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game is dead. GGWP