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FreeStyle2: Street Basketball
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player, Co-op
Sep 2, 2014 @ 4:14am
Mar 31 @ 9:13am

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STEAM launch: FreeStyle 2 Basketball.
Steam Launch Delayed
Release date: 2014.06.10
3 on 3 Street Basketball Match!
Try the best MMO street basketball game now!
It's Free To Play!!

Stylish all the way
- Enjoy a superior fidelity of ball control and Freestyle move
Street Basketball at its best
- Enjoy the excitement of street basketball with detailed graphic and environment

ONE Player , ONE Character
Play Micro!
- 1 Player focuses controlling his/her character.
- A deep, connected, social game that enable you to create yourself in game
Play Macro!
- At the same time, the Character is part of a team, thus teamwork is required to win.

Key Features

  • Positions: Center, Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward and Power Forward.
  • Skills: Make your own play style with over 30 of moving, shot, pass skills!
  • Tournament & Crew: Team up with your friends and Win the tournament to get great prize!
  • Customization: Customize your character with various outfits, hairstyles, shoes,accessories and so on!
  • Tutorial & Training: Exclusive tutorials show how to execute each and every skill in the game.

Other Features

  • Daily Quest and Mission
  • Achievements
  • Active Environment System: AI and environments are responding according to player’s action.
  • ASA System:it allows user to track very detailed statistics of their play style
  • Opening Scene: it allows users to show off their items and character
  • BGM: Original sound track allow users to experience the feeling of street basketball
  • Card System: Each Collecting Card boost certain attributes of character.
    Collect & Complete deck of cards to acquire greater attribute boost.

Throw away the uniform and come to the playground for some street basketball fun!
Now, experience the extreme moves of street balling! Every move is a highlight,
only available in FreeStyle2.
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Can change it to 1024x600?
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Server problems pls fix. Asia 1 and 2
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Can I restart attribute on this game?
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I already got 50 lap on Event but I didn't get 1 free character on Asia 1. How can I get it? I
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What is the File size of this? Still updating T^T
Kim's SOX Apr 10 @ 1:44am 
이야 프리스타일이 스팀에도 나왔네