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The Slaughtering Grounds
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Aug 29 @ 7:22pm
Nov 3 @ 10:11am

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The Slaughtering Grounds Has Been GreenLit!
Development Update
The Slaughtering Grounds

The Slaughtering Grounds is a FPS combined with Horror aspects. You collect cash and xp from the single/multiplayer slaughtering grounds and can use the money to purchase new characters and upgrades that can be used any time. Play with friends and slaughter undead together or slaughter each other in 64 man FFA scenarios, the decision is yours!

  • Large variety of weapons and bombs to rampage the slaughtering grounds.
  • First person perspective to get up close and personal with the undead hordes.
  • Build up your characters and weapons in single-player and use them in multi-player!

  • Play with friends and decimate the slaughtering grounds!
  • Large variety of weapons and bombs to rampage the slaughtering grounds.
  • First person perspective to get up close and personal with the undead hordes or your online adversaries!
  • Set traps to catch the unwary passerby, and enjoy the fireworks as they are blasted into the sky.
  • earn cash and unlock new characters and weapons with 15 upgrades each.

Recently Added Features
  • Tons of guns m16, ak47, 9mm, revolver, shotgun, famas and more to come!
  • Cargo Plane drops frequently to stock up on cash and ammo!
  • 3 different scenarios with different bosses!
  • Frenzy zombie mode! Beware there will be blood!
  • Boss encounters in both single and multiplayer environments

The Slaughtering Grounds is combining single-player and multi-player into one by allowing you to earn upgrades and use them in both play styles, and then smearing it with a hefty coat of zombie gore and guts, why? because its just fun stuff!!!!! We thank you for your support and look forward to you joining the Slaughter!

Be sure to watch the trailer in high definition for some splendid zombie carnage!
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Cry4Ever Dec 21 @ 5:38pm 
I can't believe people actually voted for this bullsh*t.
Ninja Gaijin Dec 21 @ 8:45am 
just grass simulator again, no
TheCrow Dec 20 @ 10:36am 
nice game.
christiaan kostwinder Dec 20 @ 8:07am 
i did vote
Neo Dec 20 @ 7:55am 
Steelseries Dec 20 @ 7:02am 
Voted really nice game !
Gwynhbleidd Dec 20 @ 7:01am 
voted while ago, nice to see that got greenlight :)
Game Explorer Dec 19 @ 10:14am 
voted for game..... leave a group cause i didn't get a key. can you invite me... please*
◄VG►MrTimtomnaru Dec 18 @ 5:27pm 
voted. can't wait.
sry but I am just now posting.
osteburger Oct 31 @ 2:52am